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$10 USD minimum account balance required. Rewards processing completed within 72 hours of request.

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TGM Panel is an online research panel where panelists can transform their opinions into money. TGM Research specializes in mobile market research and online panels and can access billions of users worldwide through their network of mobile apps, ad networks and websites.

Payment and Rewards

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Easy Surveys

With TGM Panel, you can take paid surveys every day without any limits. No surveys are over 30 minutes and survey inventory is high, meaning you'll have plenty of studies to choose from.

Earn Great Rewards

You can choose one of four methods to cash out your earnings with TGM. These are:

  • PayPal payments - Receive a PayPal payment for $2.00 USD with just 2 points in your account. Or, earn a cash balance of $12.50 to request a payment to your PayPal account. Your PayPal e-mail address must be the same as the one you use to register with TGM.
  • GCodes® Rewards - With just $10.00 USD in earnings, you can request a GCode, which is a code that can be used to request a gift card from many different retailers.
  • Amazon e-vouchers - With just $10.00 USD in survey earnings, you can request an Amazon e-gift code.
  • Virtual Visa Debit cards - With $10.00 USD in earnings, you may request a virtual visa debit card (USA members only)

Fast Reward Processing Times

Rewards processing times are super quick! After submitting your rewards request, receive your reward within 72 hours. To submit your request, log into your account, click the 'Rewards' link at the top of the screen, and then select the prize you'd like to receive (PayPal payment, Amazon gift card, etc.). You will then receive an e-mail containing your reward information.

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Survey Taking Experience

cash rewards on tgm panel

Cash for Every Survey Completion

Earn cash for every online survey you complete; when you have taken enough surveys or completed enough tasks to request a reward, you can simply redeem your cash balance for a cash reward or a gift card.

Earn Points, Even if you Get Disqualified

If you attempt to complete a survey but are unable to finish it because you got disqualified, TGM will still compensate you for your time and will credit points to your account, just for attempting the survey (something most survey sites don't do). These points can add up and can help you reach a payment sooner. Typical disqualifications award 0.03 points (equivalent to $0.03).

Tip! TGM Panel pays 0.03 points ($0.03) per survey disqualification. These add up over time! $$$

Mobile Surveys and More

TGM's surveys are mobile-optimized so that taking surveys on your phone is simple and seamless. Surveys are designed to be quick and fun, making survey taking on the go, easy. The platform itself and surveys are available in a variety of different languages. Other activities such as mystery shopping, online focus groups and mobile app testing are also available.

Score Surveys to Help Improve Future Studies

After you've completed a survey, you can score the survey and share your feedback about it. TGM uses this information to actively conduct quality checks on survey suppliers, so as to decrease the chances of you encountering technical errors, late screen outs, and closed projects on future surveys.

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Community Features

tgm panel referral program

Generous Referral Program

TGM Panel offers a referral program where you can earn up to 20% of earnings (referral amounts vary by country) made by your friends and others you recruit to the website. Simply log in to your account to copy your unique referral code, which you can then share on social media, or in an email or text message to your friends.

To check how much you have earned from your referrals, simply click the 'Refer & Earn' link in your account. You will then see a list of your referrals, their registration date and the number of points you have earned from their survey completions.

Is TGM Panel Legit or Scam?

tgm panel legit or scam

Is TGM Panel Legit?

Although TGM Panel is a relatively new survey website, they genuinely provide paid online survey opportunities. TGM is not a scam, though as with any survey program, your experience and success with the site may vary - especially if you are from a country where few survey opportunities are available. The site does not sell information to third parties and is a safe and legit website.

TGM specializes in providing paid survey opportunities to people all over the world, but survey takers from outside western nations may be pleasantly surprised to receive regular surveys. If you're from: South Africa, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Poland, Serbia, or Ireland, you may find TGM to be especially worthwhile.

Eligibility: TGM Panel is available in 80+ countries.

TGM Panel Reviews (315)

5 Star Reviews (226) 71.7
4 Star Reviews (34) 10.8
3 Star Reviews (12) 3.8
2 Star Reviews (12) 3.8
1 Star Reviews (31) 9.8

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No surveys available

June 15, 2021 by Zelda from Argentina

I signed up and there are 0 surveys available to do. This site is completely empty. No way to make money or surveys or nothing.

Waste of time

October 1, 2020 by Leisa from United States

Cashed out 9/3 and still have not received. The tricky verbiage you may have missed, like I did, amounts to “TGM only pays out points directly and we have no problems with that”. The questionable part comes in when you find that “Cint is responsible for paying out the USD”-you know the actual incentive that you are doing this for. I laughed: I did, when I saw how they got me with this. When I think of the screen outs, actual survey time and how long it took to get to $12.50, it immediately makes me angry again. On top of this, with TGM announcement, they stated they were adding the money back to accounts so we could choose a new reward. You know, because they are the only company in the world that PayPal isn’t working for. Guess what ALSO hasn’t happened? Got some snappy yet indifferent replies from customer service that amounted to nothing. My recommendation is to stay away or ditch this one.

TGM Panel reply logo

TGM Panel responded to this review on October 2, 2020

We have explained what the problem was. It was a PayPal error and it affected thousands of businesses around the world. The problem is fixed now, and we cash out normally with PayPal. We inform EACH time we got the info from Cint or Paypal on, so you were aware of our work to fix it.

I do see that you cashed out on 2020-09-11 20:46 and got 10 USD via GCodes, immediately after we rolled out back PayPal payments.

TGM Panel

Please be aware!!!

August 4, 2020 by danielle from United States

The site is okay, but never told me it would take ten days to get the money. Sent them an email and some lady told me that cint told them just yesterday that first time users would receive payment only after 10 days. I wonder why other panels using cint pays instantly....

Update: they are paying same day however, I have been trying to make a dollar to withdraw and I am sure never to work on it again. Its like when you get near cashout, you never qualify for surveys. i have been trying two weeks. Too many disqualifications.. hell no.. not more slavery work bye bye

TGM Panel reply logo

TGM Panel responded to this review on August 4, 2020

Hi Danielle,

Thank you for your review. Although it is not very helpful, if you would give a shout to Cint, you would know it's their new Policy to avoid fraud. We were not aware of that until last week. This is only for new panel members (for the very first payment), as the next payments are done normally. Sorry for this, but it is not our fault. There are plenty of fraudulent users lately, and we understand that Cint has to take those measures.

Also please contact us on support. We do not have anyone with name Danielle from US. So we cannot check what is a problem. For US the minimum payment is 10 USD for money amount and 3 points (3 points = 3 USD) from the point balance.

TGM Panel
Waste of time

May 18, 2020 by jack from United States

Ive been doing online surveys since 2014 and I was hopeful about this site, but it quickly turned out to be a waste of time. From the start, it serves up long tedious surveys and allows you to complete them, thanks you then tells you sorry, you were unable to complete the survey. NO THANKS!

TGM Panel reply logo

TGM Panel responded to this review on May 19, 2020

Hi Jack,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I didn't find any ticket from you, we were not aware of this problem. We are currently serving 90% Cint surveys, and as you should know - Cint serves different surveys, long and short. Also please remember, we make money only when your survey are completed, so it's enough to get in touch with us to clarify the situation.

Kind regards,
Very unhelpful Panel

January 1, 2024 by George from United States

I joined this panel over a year ago and so far, I have not received very many surveys. The earning potential is very low here and have not reached the minimum payment to redeem my reward. When I logged in a couple of weeks ago, I noticed my account was disabled. I just found out that CINT is a survey provider for this panel. They banned me for no reason. I contacted support and they gave me a nasty response and did not do me any good. Support from TGM did not do me any good either. They simply told me I violated the terms of service, and they won't help. I also do not understand why this panel gets high remarks and gets some many five stars since CINT has very poor customer support that does not seem to treat their panelists properly. I do not recommend any survey panel that uses CINT as a survey provider for them. I do not recommend a TGM panel. There are better ones I would recommend. Just not TGM.