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Univox Community

103-3015 Dunes West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466 US
Tel: 1-866-344-7832   Contact: http://univoxcommunity.com/Page/ContactUs
Operated by: Market Cube

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards Reward Link Prepaid debit or credit cards
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Mobile app Refer-a-friend program
Redeeming Rewards: Minimum account balance of 2500 points ($25) required to request rewards.
Similar Panels: Opini, Tellwut

Univox Community

Payment and Rewards

Join and Get $2

By joining Univox Community, your account will automatically be credited with points worth $2 as a welcome to the community.

Choose From 4 Great Reward Options

Every time you complete a survey, you will earn reward points. Every 100 points equates to $1.00. With 2500 points in your account, you will be eligible to request a $25.00 cash payment or e-gift card. Univox currently offers its members three ways to request their earnings:

  • PayPal - receive a $25 cash Paypal payment directly to your account
  • Amazon e-gift card - opt to receive a $25 Amazon.com e-gift card
  • Virtual Mastercard - request a virtual Mastercard rewards card which is accepted at any online merchant who accepts Mastercard payments.
  • Reward Links - receive a Reward Link e-gift card, which can then be turned into a gift card from dozens of your favorite stores.
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Survey Taking Experience

Get Rewarded, Even When You're Disqualified!

If you attempt to complete a survey but are unable to (i.e. you get disqualified), your account will still be credited with 2 points if you've been disqualified because of SC drop out, the client is over quota, or the client has terminated the survey (after 10 survey attempts). In order to reduce the number of times you may be disqualified from a survey, community members are invited to participate in surveys based on their basic profile information.

Great Loyalty Program for Regular Participation

Univox has four different levels of users, each with their own point minimums for point redemptions:

  • Ambassador users - Redemption button is activated once 1000 points ($10) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Premium users - Redemption button is activated once 1500 points ($15) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Verified users - Redemption button is activated once 2000 points ($20) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
  • Basic users - Redemption button is activated once 2500 points ($25) is accumulated, and redemptions start at a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) with a maximum of 10,000 points ($100).
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Community Features

A Large Community, and Growing!

Univox Community currently has over 3 million members, and is growing every day. The site also features an online forum which features community news, regular contest announcements, and more. Via the online forum, members can participate in group discussions. Members can also chat with other members and with customer support via Shoutmix, a live chat system.

Refer Friends and Family and Earn Additional Points

Each time you refer someone to Univox Community, you will earn 100 points ($1.00) per signup once they've made 10 survey attempts or have fully completed their first survey. You may refer up to 5 friends.

Download the App!

Univox is now mobile! Download their app, available on iOS and Android, and take surveys on the go. Allow for push notifications and you'll know when the latest survey arrives!

Eligibility: Worldwide, 18+

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December 28, 2013 by Robert from United Kingdom

Almost every survey is a screen out. Extreme number for "IT Professionals" but then other for "Everyone" still result in screen out.

Cannot recommend as I have been a member for over a year and only qualified for a couple of surveys.

I agree it's a joke!

December 12, 2013 by sady from United Kingdom

There are 4 surveys on there at the moment and they all say "survey for consumers" and it comes up with "your profile does not match" when I click on all of them and it says right above them that they are specifically tailored to my profile.
And the last few surveys I've completed (and I've only ever completed about 5) I was taken to an error page at the end and didn't get the points for it. I've contacted them A LOT of times when this happens and they have never replied. Not even an automated email. No matter what I say - even if I say I'll report them for not being real they still don't!!
In some of the surveys I can't even answer anything because it's in Spanish (seriously) or asking me which state in Canada or America I live and there is no option to say I live in the UK.

it is a cruel joke

December 7, 2013 by Dana from United States

I guess this company does not comprehend English...A SURVEY FOR ALL means just that FOR ALL even though I am in Executive Management their surveys for decision makers always kick me out...do not waste your time...many great sites out there they just scammed me out of 500 points AGAIN

Not sure about this one

November 19, 2013 by Nancy from United States

I rarely get logged in and when I do, it is through another survey company.

Good panel

October 21, 2013 by Cortney from United States

I got my Amazon code today, one week after requested. I have been a long time member of this community. It is a good panel to be a part of. I have never had any issues with them. Timely payouts just as promised.