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711 3rd Avenue, 19th Flr, New York, New York  10017 United States
Tel:   Contact: https://www.yourword.com/#/help/general-info
Operated by: Hall and Partners USA LLC

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Green checkboxHome Depot gift cards
Green checkboxiTunes gift cards
Green checkboxTango gift cards
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
Green checkboxRestaurant gift cards
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£5 minimum balance required to request gift codes. Receive your code within 72 hours of request.

Your Word General Information

Note: YourWord USA closed its doors on December 31, 2016. YourWord UK closed on March 31, 2017.

Your WordShare ideas, build brands and earn rewards on YourWord. Join this online community to put your own stamp on the products and services you use every day. Earn rewards for sharing your thoughts and time. Then, redeem your rewards for gift cards to some of your favorite retailers. Get your digital gift cards within 72 hours of requesting them!

Get Paid, Even When You're Disqualified!
YourWord is very unique in that they will still credit 10p for each survey you attempt to take but are unable to complete.

Redeeming Rewards
YourWord awards electronic gift cards quickly; it typically takes less than 72 hours to receive your gift card from when requested.

Gift card retailers include: M&S, John Lewis, Amazon.co.uk, iTunes, Pizza Express. Gift cards range in value from £5 - £25.

Survey Frequency
As a member, the number of surveys you receive will fluctuate monthly, but you can expect to be contacted between 1-2 times weekly.

Look for Earning on Opportunities on Social Media
YourWord periodically holds small contests on their Facebook and Twitter pages where by creating captions, retweeting something, etc., you can win gift cards.

Mobile App Available
Some members of YourWord will receive an invitation to download their mobile app. Use the app to take surveys on your smartphone, upload pictures of ads, videos, etc. and earn the same great rewards as you would using their website.

Eligibility: UK residents 16+ only

"Like them on the overall"
January 27, 2017 by Leo from United Kingdom

I’m sorry they are closing down (UK too). Hall & P. ‘Askia’ surveys taken from other panels can be a pain in the neck, longer than stated, long screening, feeling they may still gathering info even if you dnq etc. However, I found that it was a better experience being a panellist directly with them.

At times, I may have lost my patience with the long ‘routing’ to find that survey I was invited to, or that the invitation I did just receive had no survey, or the survey statement that always seemed a mess…

But it was nice the 10p if you dnq, and because of the low redemption threshold, I was able to cash often enough to make it worthwhile.

Must add that c-s was pretty good on the overall, very accommodating when survey problems occurred. I will miss them.

"Site is Closing Today"
January 01, 2017 by Michelle from United States

For those who are members of Your Word, the site is closing today (12/31/16). I was 55 cents shy of the $5 needed to redeem. I contacted them at [email protected] and they credited my account the 55 cents so I could redeem for $5.

"very good"
October 12, 2016 by Tony from United Kingdom

I get a a lot of survey invites and they reward you even if you're screened out from a survey. The low cashout amount is great and can quickly mount up with no delays near or even after redemption, but not much choice of rewards.

"Used to be good"
July 16, 2016 by Michele from United States

This used to be such a great site, you would get paid for surveys you didn't qualify for, now you just get the run around, seems a waste of time now...shame really.

"Don't waste your time on their (RO1) surveys"
July 02, 2016 by Joyce from United States

These surveys send you around in circles for almost an hour. You rarely qualify. Then they won't send you back to the main page for credit whether you qualified & finished the survey or not.It a shame because otherwise they would be a good survey site.




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