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343 4th Ave, Suite 201, San Diego, CA   92101 US
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Operated by: Branded Research Inc.

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards Best Buy gift cards iTunes gift cards Starbucks gift cards Target gift cards Walmart gift cards Cash paid via bank transfer Prepaid debit or credit cards Movie vouchers Restaurant gift cards
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Daily surveys Teen surveys Refer-a-friend program
Redeeming Rewards: Once you have earned a minimum of 1,000 points, you will have the option to redeem your points for cash or gift cards. You can choose any amount over $10.00 and gift cards are sent out in $10.00 increments. Branded Surveys also works with PayPal to securely handle payouts. All earnings are processed between 1-2 business days.

As of November 2017, MintVine rebranded itself as Branded Surveys. The company has been running online surveys since 2012.

Payment and Rewards

Get 100 Points for Completing the Profile Survey

Take your first Profile Survey on Branded Surveys to instantly receive 100 points credited to your account.

Join and Earn a Payout in as Little as One Week!

Surveys range in value and can run as high as 300 points! If you are not the best fit for a survey, you will still be rewarded with points for answering even a couple of questions. Registration is quick – use your social account or email to sign up.


When your account reaches 1000 approved points, you may redeem your points for cash via PayPal or gift cards in increments of $10.00. Upon approval, redemptions take approximately 1-2 business days to process. A valid phone number may be required to cash out your rewards.

Survey Taking Experience

Earn Points for Survey Disqualifications

If you are disqualified from completing a survey, you will be credited with additional points for your attempt which will be based on the points value of the survey.

Survey Lengths

The average survey takes 11 minutes to complete. The estimated completion time will always be listed on the survey invitation.

Daily Polls

Log into your account daily to receive 5 points for taking the quick poll available on your Branded Surveys Dashboard. You may complete one poll every 24 hours.

Earn Extra Points

Local Deals are provided by businesses and offer additional opportunities to earn points with Branded Surveys. These opportunities are also listed in your Branded Surveys dashboard. The more points you earn, the more qualified you will be for additional opportunities.

How to Redeem Points

When you complete a survey, you will be rewarded points and your survey answers are sent directly to Branded Survey’s market research clients. Once you have earned a minimum of 1000 approved points, a redemption button will become active in the "My Points" section of your account.

Click the redemption button and choose from a variety of rewards; PayPal cash payments, Amazon gift cards, pre-paid virtual credit cards, and many more.

Branded Elite Program

Branded Elite

Branded Elite recognizes and awards members for their consistent participation in surveys. There are three status levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. These tiers allow for earning points and offering referrals to friends who earn you points when they join. Branded Surveys will also award the top 100 active Branded Surveys members with an additional 100-point incentive at the end of the month.

Branded Elite Leaderboard

Increase your daily payout by getting on the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard tracks the Daily Top 50, Weekly Top 50 and Monthly Top 20 performers and rewards members for their survey completions.

  • Daily Top 50 leaders = 50 points
  • Weekly Top 50 leaders = 200 points
  • Monthly Top 20 leaders = 300 points

Community Features

Bonus Points for Consecutive Survey Completions

Earn additional points for completing surveys consecutively:

  • Complete 12 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional 5% of the total number of approved points in your account as a Bronze badge holder, 10% as a Silver and 15% as a Gold badge holder.
  • Complete 20 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional 7% of the total number of approved points in your account as a Bronze badge holder, 12% as a Silver and 17% as a Gold badge holder.
  • Complete 30 surveys in 7 days and earn an additional 9% of the total number of approved points in your account as a Bronze badge holder, 14% as a Silver and 19% as a Gold badge holder.

Re-qualify to Keep Your Badge Status

To maintain your badge color, members are encouraged to keep participating. Note that badges are subject to change on the first of each month if there was minimal participation for the duration of the month.

Remain Active to Win Daily, Weekly & Monthly Prizes

Remember that for every survey you complete, you will get submitted into daily, weekly and monthly random prize drawing. Win up to 50 extra points in a daily drawing, 500 points in the weekly drawing and 1000 points for the monthly drawing. The more you participate the greater number of entries you will receive for the drawings.

Referral Program

Receive 50 points as a gold or silver badge holder whenever your friends and family reach the silver badge status.

Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada residents 13 years of age and older

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Not Worth The Time

January 19, 2020 by Tonya from United States

Although the minimum payout for this site is only $10.00 it's not worth the time it takes to reach that payout. You "don't qualify" for survey after survey.

Branded Surveys responded to this review on January 23, 2020

Hi Tonya,

If you are deemed NQ from a survey, you should be routed to the next available match! We also encourage you to check out our Partner Surveys page for additional earning opportunities. Thank you!
very poor

January 19, 2020 by phil from United Kingdom

Since the above site changed from mintvine it has gone downhill fast, they used to give 10 points (now 5 for daily poll,started marking you bronze,silver or gold badge.on the dashboard, rejecting surveys saying you are rushing them. If you are on pc when survey comes in 90% of the time you cannot do it. Also when it was mintvine you used to get 30 points fairly regularly if you could not do certain surveys. Not worth the time and effort.

Branded Surveys responded to this review on January 23, 2020

Hi Phil,

We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a great experience. We did make some changes, both the elite action chart and leaderboard focus on rewarding members who are engaged and involved. We hope you can take advantage of this!
Points taken

January 17, 2020 by Diana from Canada

Yeah I completed a crap ton of surveys and played games to receive points was at almost 5000 points then 4000 of them taken away I did complete them and Was APPROVED for completing them then bam gone, and the excuse I'll get is oh well the partner survey didnt like the answers so they took the points. That dont matter if are approved then we are entitled to the points . We take the time to honestly answer the surveys so we are entitled to the points.

Branded Surveys responded to this review on January 17, 2020

Hello Diana,

We are so sorry to hear about this mix up.
We recently discovered that one of our partner’s has been erroneously approving survey completes more than once.

Rest assured, we have corrected your account balance to reflect the actual number of times which you participated in our surveys and offers.
Lots of Surveys

January 16, 2020 by Elaine from United Kingdom

Great site, I have been paid a number of times, it goes into paypal quickly and there are lots of surveys.

Branded Surveys responded to this review on January 17, 2020

Hello Elaine,

Thank you for sharing your experience! We're so glad to hear that you enjoy being a Branded community member!
Used to be a good earning site.

January 14, 2020 by Donna from United States

Not anymore. Has really gone down hill in the last few months. Not sure what's happening but it takes a lot longer to hit $10 than it used to. Survey offers are usually around 20-30 cents, underpaid. Really sad to see what used to be a good site turn bad. Seems to be happening a lot lately.

Branded Surveys responded to this review on January 15, 2020

Hello Donna,

Thank you for the feedback. Please check out our Partner Surveys page for additional reward opportunities! You can also update your profile information, but retaking your bonus profile survey - this ensures that we have as much information about you as possible so we can match you to more surveys!