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Payment checks are typically issued 3-4 days after surveys are completed

Engage In Depth General Information

Who is Engage Studies?
Engage In Depth or "Engage Studies" is a premier market research firm which specializes in worldwide recruiting and field management. This panel is looking for highly qualified individuals to participate in their unique studies!

Two Interesting Panels to Join!
Engage Studies has two separate panels. The first is a consumer and business professional panel where participants give their insights on TV viewing, ad effectiveness, automobiles or anything consumer/business related. The second panel is geared towards physicians and medical professionals to share their experiences within the medical/healthcare community. If you qualify, members can join both!

Qualification Process
Join Engage Studies by answering a series of questions to identify projects that you may qualify for. The larger amount of questions you answer and details you provide, the more likely you will be offered opportunities that fit your profile and interests! All information collected is kept private.

Types of Projects
Engage Studies offers many opportunities to keep their panel members engaged, take part in focus groups, online discussions, website usability, online surveys and more!

Big Rewards!
Surveys are e-mailed as they become available. Amounts per survey completion vary greatly, but typically range between $50.00-$250.00 depending on what's required! Payment checks are typically issued 3-4 days after surveys are completed.

"Love Engage In Depth"
August 15, 2016 by Susan from United States

Great company. Love the on-line focus groups. Legit and fantastic to work with.

July 15, 2015 by Cristel from United States

I participated in a study for Engage In Depth in June of 2015. I was required to complete a 4 day in-home journal which was supposed to pay $200.

I was also notified last minute of an in home study, because someone else who was chosen had dropped out. This was supposed to last 3 hours and pay $150. It included an interview and a grocery store visit.

During the telephone recruitment, I never told the person I used the product; however, I was marked as someone who used the product regularly. The only problem with that is; I’ve never tried the product.

Along with the journal they included a some samples, and the product was one of them.

I sent the journal back on 6/11. If they had actually read the journal, they would know that I had never tried the product until tasting the sample they provided. I was also required to take photos. There were no photos of the product (if I supposedly used it regularly). Had they actually looked at the photos, they would know that I didn’t have the product in my home.

I was contacted via email on 6/17 about participating in the in-home study, because someone dropped out. I responded to the email saying I would be willing to participate the following day from 2pm to 5pm. I never received confirmation that anyone would be arriving at my house, so I figured I wasn’t selected. However, at 2pm on 6/18, researchers showed up at my house.

The researchers were at my house for two hours and recorded the interview. At the beginning of the interview I told them I had never tried the product until I tasted the sample that came with the journal. The researchers also took photos. However, it was not until after we were leaving the grocery store that the researcher said, “We have you listed as someone who uses the product regularly.” I then said, “No, as I stated before, I had never tried the product until I tasted the sample that came with the journal.” The researcher then said, “Hmm. It must just be a coding error.”

On 6/21 I emailed to follow up on the payment. On 6/24 Lisa Marshall from Engage spoke with me on the phone and told me I had stated I used the product. She then went on to say they would be “willing” to pay me the $200 for the journal portion, but not for the time of the in home study. She also mentioned that people have lied in the past to get into a study, and told me a time someone lied about having breast cancer. I asked Lisa if the phone calls with the recruiters were recorded, because I never told them I used the product. Lisa said she would look into it and get back to me.

I called Lisa the following day to follow up and left a message. I decided to email her as well, along with the rest of the people listed on Engage In Depth website. I also sent a detailed email, listing the information above. I told them I expected to be paid for my time (the entire $350), whether or not the client wanted to pay me for it, because I did everything I was told, because it was not my “error” that caused this problem. Lisa responded on 6/29, saying that KarDav Solutions would be sending me a check in the mail within 30 business days.

On 7/10, I searched for KarDav Solutions online to see if I could find contact information and follow up, because I hadn’t received the check yet and emailed for follow up. Karen Curtin responded saying my check was in the mail.

The amount I ended up receiving was $175. These types of business practices are unethical and I will NEVER participate in another research study with Engage In Depth again.

"great site"
May 29, 2015 by Asia from United States

best survey site, although the survey opportunities don't come in as fast as other sites that pay out makes up for it.

"Seeing is believing!!!"
May 18, 2015 by Sammy from Antigua and Barbuda

I've always been very skeptical when it comes to online money-making businesses but, from the time I joined and started cashing in, all I could do was to publish this to let everyone know that it's worth taking the chance because one enjoys a side-kick income....:)

"Pleasant and easy panel."
January 23, 2015 by Selina from United States

Phone and webcam, and phone and computer, studies. Not too many studies, but great payments for each one.




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