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HearWatchSay General Information

Hear Watch Say Panel
The Hear Watch Say Panel or HWS Is an invitation-only online community for 24/7 media-savvy consumers, who enjoy all kinds of media and content. Share your opinions about all things gadgets, gaming, TV, music and movies. Going beyond a normal research panel, HWS engages it's members in weekly discussions that are exciting and heated.

Member Benefits
As a member, your opinions will be heard by the manufacturers of your favorite brands, stores and industry leaders, all while learning about the newest and hottest trends in the tech industry. In addition, as a registered member of HearWatchSay, you'll be entered into a draw for $500.

Different Activities
Members will be invited to participate in live chats, surveys, idea generating and co-creation activities. The HWS is looking for quick responses that their members can have fun with when completing.

Eligibility: Invitation-only

March 21, 2014 by Kristina from United States

Ive been a member on this site for a year and the only incentive that I have received was a $10 Amazon gift card!!!! I have completed countless surveys that they have emailed to me. I have recently tried to contact them after I participated in a special event to win a $20 gift card. I had to wake up earlier than usual to be a part of this....and its been 10 days now.....STILL TO INCENTIVE! I was promised a gift card...yet Im not receiving anything in my email!! If they dont answer me, Ill spam the moderator till maybe that will catch his attention!!! Im not sure as to how people win anything on this site! Ive become extremely frustrated with this community. Just a BIG WASTE OF TIME.

"Total waste of time"
August 11, 2013 by Ella from United States

This is a terrible site. You're entered into a draw for $500 after all the effort you put in, only one person can win, and it's random. Somebody might win that put crap responses, which is not fair.
Sometimes they send videos for you to watch, and you get a $20 or so gift card, but it's first come first served, and usually only the first ten people. You spend an hour watching a video, but you don't get anything. You got the email at say 4PM, and by 4:01PM there really is no point because all the slots for the prize are taken in sixty seconds, but you don't know that. So you waste your time.




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