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Automatically receive a PayPal payment within 1 month of successful completion of a study.

Intellizoom is a website which pays its members for testing and giving feedback on websites and online courses.

If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain or Germany and are aged over 18, you’re eligible to become an Intellizoom member and start making money from home.

You’ll need to speak fluent English or Spanish to join, plus you’ll also need to access Intellizoom through a web-connected device with a camera and microphone. This is because all feedback is given via video.

How IntelliZoom Works

Sign-Up Process and Practice Study

The sign-up process is a bit lengthier than most paid survey websites. You’ll need to provide your email address and password, then verify your email. After that, you’ll provide your name, date of birth and the income range of your household. From there, you’ll need to complete a practice study. This is to show you how to answer questions to the desired standard using your webcam and microphone.

Applying To Take Part In Studies

You’ll be emailed when an opportunity arises to take part in a study. These studies typically take about 15-20 minutes to complete. You can complete the study in your own time, although these opportunities are limited and issued on a first-come first-serve basis.

Study Frequency

The number of studies offered to you will be based on your demographic (age and location), plus how well you have performed in previous studies. That’s why it’s important to take note of the practice study and perform well in it. When you do manage to complete a study, Intellizoom will pay you well for your time.

Payment and Rewards

Get Paid by PayPal

Intellizoom will send you a PayPal payment for every study you complete. The payment depends on the study’s level of difficulty. It can range from $2 for the simplest studies all the way up to $10 for the most complicated. You’ll be informed of the payment rate before you accept the study.

There is no minimum threshold for you to meet before Intellizoom pays you, nor do you manually need to ‘cash out’. You’ll be paid automatically.

You’ll need to wait 3-5 days for the results of your study to be analyzed. Once they are deemed satisfactory, you’ll then have to wait another 21 days for the payment to clear into your PayPal account.

Study Experience

An Intuitive Website

The study-taking experience is generally regarded to be pretty intuitive. The website is simple to use and the studies are reasonably engaging.

Use Intellizoom on Desktop or Mobile

Although Intellizoom doesn’t yet have a dedicated mobile app, it works well enough on a mobile web browser. Many users might find it easier to use Intellizoom on their smartphone, especially if they have a powerful camera and microphone on it.

It is important to have a strong internet connection when taking an Intellizoom study, so make sure to connect to reliable WiFi before you begin the study. Ideally, you’ll do so in a quiet environment too.

Intellizoom was previously known as WhatUsersDo.

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Great paying site

October 26, 2021 by kathy from United Kingdom

IntelliZoom panel offers mostly video surveys which can take from 5-20 minutes to do. They can be done on your pc/desktop or mobile and some are device specific (i.e. you can only us your mobile). The surveys ask you to review web sites and just say what you think of them. Payment is $5-$8. They do normal surveys as well but they're few and far between and only pay $1. Payment is automatically paid to Paypal