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Microsoft Playtest Research

One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington  98052 US
Tel: +1 888-261-8488   Contact:
Operated by: Microsoft

Microsoft Playtest Research Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Merchandise
Member Opportunities: Product testing Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: Participation in studies is rewarded with free Microsoft software.
Similar Panels: Branded Surveys, Univox Community, MySoapBox

Microsoft Playtest is a research program designed by Microsoft to test their software and products. They are looking for gamers, non-gamers and everything in-between to test their unreleased software such as game consoles or new games. Whether you are 6 or 60 years old, gamer or not, you are welcome to sign up for this fun and interesting panel!

Registration Process

Registration only takes a few minutes. If you live near in the Seattle area you may be invited to test products in the Microsoft office located in Redmond, Washington. If you do not live in Washington, you can still sign up! U.S. and Canadian members who live in other areas may be asked to participate in local studies. Microsoft is looking for diverse opinions across the country! Be sure to also follow them on Facebook for the latest updates and call for testers.

Testing Games and Having Fun

If you are invited to test a game in the Redmond Microsoft office, a typical study usually lasts one to two hours. Testing occurs in a fashion that emphasizes fun, and participants are asked to play or discuss games. These activities can take place in solo or group form, depending on the study. Each session may take between 1-2 hours to complete. Members are eligible to participate in studies every two months.

Play Games and Get Free Software!

Once you have successfully tested and shared your opinion, you will be given a software gratuity for your efforts. You can choose from a variety of exclusive PC and console video games.

Child Friendly Panel

One of the great things about Microsoft Playtest is their interest in getting younger children to test their products. If your child is selected to test games in the Microsoft facility then they must be dropped off by a parent or guardian over the age of 18, however the individual may leave the premises if a non-disclosure agreement is signed.

Eligibility: Children 12 and younger must have a parent or guardian help them sign up, and are required to send in a signed parental consent form before their information is used. Canada or United States residents only.

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Microsoft Playtest Research (My first Review)

August 14, 2012 by Angel from United States

As my first Survey Review, this one in particular was surprisingly was Good. No random Pop-ups,Downloads, the questions were straight forward and didn't ask fo anythings to personal.