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6 Research Drive, Shelton, Connecticut  06484 US
Tel: 877-254-1234   Contact:
Operated by: Dynata


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$50 minimum balance required in order to request PayPal payment.

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This survey panel is now closed.

Only Cash Surveys - $5 Signup Bonus. The All Cash Survey Panel. Only cash paying surveys are offered - no points or sweepstakes awarded for taking surveys.

Unfortunately, Only Cash Surveys is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

Only Cash Surveys Reviews (24)

5 Star Reviews (2) 8.3
4 Star Reviews (4) 16.7
3 Star Reviews (4) 16.7
2 Star Reviews (2) 8.3
1 Star Reviews (12) 50.0

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Beware of this site

March 11, 2016 by Victor from United States

Bad site, rarely qualify, poor return for effort expended, do not always get the points you should. Yesterday I completed two surveys, no rewards. Five months now and still nowhere near qualifying. Customer service does not address complaints or rectify problems.

Being ignored

October 9, 2015 by Brian from United States

I have been waiting for 2 months to receive my rewards from only cash surveys. I have emailed them several times with no response. It took me 2 months just to get enough for a single cashout. Stay away from this site!

What has happened with Only Cash Survey Website

July 15, 2014 by Chris from United States

I had been doing a survey from "Only Cash Survey" and accumulated about $57.50 so far, bu only $47.00 collected as of 07/07/2014. I do not know what has happened with their website now. As of Wed 07/09/2014, it looked like their website has disappeared from the web completely. I couldn't cash out because the collected funds were under $50.00. As you know it takes forever to have the funds collected and you can only cash out once you reached $50.00 collected funds. Does anybody know what has happened with Only Cash Survey? It would be nice to know to get notifications through email if they have issue with their website. I sent an email twice and haven't gotten any response from them. Are they taking off the website to avoid paying all of us?

Ever get that sinking feeling?

July 12, 2014 by Valerie from United States

**Update** July 11th and I still cannot log into the site to request my payout, even though they are sending emails offering more surveys. I guess I'll write this one off. I cannot recommend Only Cash Surveys to anyone. Stay away!

I have just reached pay out for the first time after having to wait to reach payout a bit longer because I want money to go to my Paypal account and will not donate anything to charities.

Just after I reached payout, the site went down for maintenance. I have not been able to log in since then, so I cannot request my payout.

I had heard good things about Only Cash Surveys, but fear they may be slipping into the non-payment club. I'm holding on, hoping their website problems are real and not a rip off tool, but it has been several days and I still cannot log in.

On Friday, July 11, 2014, I'll come back to update my rating.

They take too long

January 30, 2014 by Dana from United States

They take forever to verify surveys. I have surveys from October of 2013 and still not verified. As soon as I get my Amazon gift card I will quit them. I do an occasional survey so they don't have an excuse not to send card. If you like doing surveys and getting your reward a year later, this is your survey site.