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Wilhelminakade 312, Rotterdam,   3072 AR NL
Tel: +31-(0)10-2030700   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: MetrixLab


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WARNING: As of early 2018, many OpinionBar users have been experiencing problems collecting payment and customer service inquiries appear to be going unanswered. Please bear this in mind if you are continuing to complete surveys for OpinionBar.

Millions of people express their opinions with OpinionBar each year! Since 1999, OpinionBar has been conducting online surveys on a large variety of subjects. They have worked with many international brands like UNICEF, Yahoo, Microsoft and Heineken, to name a few. Join OpinionBar and influence the future of business. OpinionBar is run by MetrixLab BV, an international online market research company.

Perks of Joining OpinionBar

OpinionBar offers its members the option to take online surveys, some of which are game-like in nature, or even test new products (and keep them!) before they are released. The fun and easy nature of the surveys make it simple to give your opinion on decisions being made by large corporations. You may also be asked to judge the latest websites or TV commercials or to participate in online brainstorms.

Earn Up To €10 Per Survey

Members who take online surveys will earn between €1.00 and €10.00 for each survey they complete. Panelists will be invited to participate in at least one survey per month and most can be completed in a short 10 minutes, although higher paying surveys may take longer. Even if you are screened out, OpinionBar will reward you with €0.10 for your time. Unlike other panels, you receive cash, not vouchers!

Earn Cash or Donate

Once your account reaches a balance of €10.00, members have two options. They may either request a payment via bank transfer or donate their earnings to a charity of their choice. Payments are issued on the 1st week of every month, and may take up to six weeks to show up in bank records, depending on the country you reside in.

Eligibility: Multiple members can join from the same household who are 18+.

OpinionBar Reviews (89)

5 Star Reviews (1) 1.1
4 Star Reviews (4) 4.5
3 Star Reviews (6) 6.7
2 Star Reviews (3) 3.4
1 Star Reviews (75) 84.3

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Never Responds to Inquiries!

November 4, 2015 by Lynn from United States

Been registered for over 5-years. Completing a survey can be basic or something unique and more involved. But if the survey errors or if the reward isn't credited to your account in the end, don't expect a response, ever, from their support. Only a few times needing their assistance, but only one support request has been answered in 5-years, That's really bad no matter what country they are located. Have even tried to get their attention through social media and contacting their parent company directly, and still nothing. If they want loyal members with honesty and integrity, they have to return the same, and without delay.


February 21, 2020 by sarah from United Kingdom

Requested payment in Jan this year. Still processing mid Feb. Sent Email drawing attention to this fact & also to the negative reviews on Surveypolice & said would contact CEO. Payment received in 24 hours !!!

Slow, Bad Customer Service

December 30, 2017 by Sean from United States

First, I have to say my biggest irritation is the complete lack of any response from their customer services to a number of times I've contacted them through their online webform. I've never received any support or answer to questions I have asked them.

In terms of their surveys, they are not particularly regular. I would say I got a few each month, more often than not I was screened out. However, when you aren't screened out the rewards on offer were pretty decent. The trouble is they're not regular enough for you to really make a decent bit of money. I was earning around £50 per year on their panel after being a panelist for about 12 years.

The lack of any replies from customer services, means I can't recommend them to others. There are far better opinion panels to be a member of.

Promblematic Site

April 13, 2018 by Seraphia from United States

I have been a member of this site for awhile now and just requested a payout a couple of weeks ago. Well, I got an e-mail to go and take a survey there today and when I tried to I was told that I am not registered with that site. If that be the case why am I getting e-mails, addressed to me, to come and take surveys? Makes no sense. I sent them an e-mail concerning my problem but received one back saying I needed to be signed in to send them e-mails concerning any issues I have. That is ridiculous. They have created a problem but now I have to create a new account just to ask them questions. My suggestion...avoid this site. Something is not right concerning them and it will end up being a waste of your time.

Update August 5th, 2017: OpinonBar is a legit site. I have had several issues with them. I have found that when it comes to e-mailing the helpdesk it is literally a waste of time but one you should do nonetheless. Here's why...it creates a trail. I have looked up the parent company on FACEBOOK. If you contact them there they WILL respond to you and get to the bottom of the issue that you are having. I had received no payment after several weeks after requesting one. I sent them a message, they got back to me after a couple days and then handled the problem with Opinionbar. So if they owe you money...FIND THEM ON FACEBOOK AND MESSAGE THEM. They will handle it.

Update: April 11, 2018 - I have been a member of OpinionBar for years but for some reason when I tried to log in to take a survey that THEY e-mailed me to take, I was told that none of my information to log in was correct. I requested to change my password and they said my e-mail was not valid. They deleted my account. I do not have multiple accounts with this site, so they took my account down for no reason. I created a new one to see if it was possible with the same e-mail and it went through. I have e-mailed the helpdesk AND the parent company. They have essentially stole the over $8 I had earned toward a third payout with them. I am far from pleased. If my questions are not answered and I am not reinstated the money I have earned I will be deleting my account with them and warning all against working with them.

No payment

March 25, 2021 by Deborah from United States

I cashed out for a $20.00 PayPal cash reward on 03/21/21 and it still has not gone into my paypal account. I have contacted them two times and they still have not contacted me back. It was supposed to go in within 2 to 3 minutes I never got an email saying it was in my PayPal account. This is a waste of time.