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comScore, Inc., 11950 Democracy Drive, Suite 600 Reston, VA  20190 US
Tel: 1-866-638-7388   Contact: https://www.opinionsquare.com/supportform.aspx
Operated by: TMRG, Inc


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1,500 points required to request $5 Amazon e-card. 2,500 points required to request $10 gift certificate to Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, etc.

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Opinion Square is operated by TMRG Inc, a subsidiary of comScore, and is a popular market research firm that is helping companies understand consumer patterns and trends. The Opinion Square community has over 2 million members in the United States and Canada. Become a member and take online surveys on interesting topics such as: travel, retail, health care and consumer products.

Payment and Rewards

Receive Tokens for Each Survey

Each time you take an online survey, you will be rewarded with tokens. The tokens can be used to play online games in which points can be collected to spend towards a variety of prizes through the special Opinions Square rewards website. Choose your most suitable prize from over a dozen categories of gift cards, electronics, home appliances, sports/fitness merchandise and much more. The rewards website offers over 20,000 available items!

Note that tokens expire within the quarter that they are collected. You need a minimum of 1,500 points before you can start collecting certain rewards.

Collect Cash for Certain Surveys

Some surveys may also offer cash incentives in exchange for their completion. If you participate in one of these opportunities, then you will receive your cash reward by check in about 4-6 weeks.

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Survey Taking Experience

Online Survey Details

Members of Opinion Square will usually be invited to participate in 3 to 4 surveys monthly. However, this amount may vary with the demographic of the panelist and also the time of year. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will typically still be rewarded with a token that can be used towards playing a game.

You Could Win $100,000!

Opinion Square has a variety of sweepstakes that can be won by lucky panel members. Each time you take an online survey you will be entered into the massive cash prize draw of $100,000! Survey takers will also be given the opportunity to play the "instant win game link" that gives panelists to chance to win $50, $2500 or $5000. Two players each month are guaranteed to win $50. Sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the 50 United States and Canada (excluding Quebec).

Visit OpinionSquare's website 

Community Features

Make Extra Cash by Watching TV

In addition to taking surveys for rewards, Opinion Square also offers the option to share your TV viewing patterns and habits for additional rewards. Information collected in this study focuses on the TV programs you watch, what shows you record and other behavioral data.

There is also the option to download the Opinion Square web browser application where your web surfing can be recorded for extra rewards. Both of these opportunities may lead to more survey invites and therefore more future rewards! Your privacy is also kept fully confidential for both of these research projects as only aggregate data is collected.

Questions or Concerns? No Problem!

If you need to contact Opinion Square, you can do so from Monday to Friday. The support team also guarantees a quick and helpful reply within 48 hours.

Is Opinion Square Legit?

Opinion Square is over a decade old and is a legitimate survey site. Opinion Square is not a scam, although as with any online surveys program, your experience and success with the site may vary. Opinion Square is a safe and legit website.

Eligibility: Residents of United States and Canada. Residents of other countries may be eligible to receive surveys, however may only collect select rewards. Must be 18+.

OpinionSquare Reviews (54)

5 Star Reviews (9) 16.7
4 Star Reviews (7) 13.0
3 Star Reviews (11) 20.4
2 Star Reviews (6) 11.1
1 Star Reviews (21) 38.9

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Account Closed

June 19, 2022 by Dan from United States

On June 2nd of this year, I received and email from OpinionSquare that stated "Our records indicate that you are no longer an active member of OpinionSquare. As a result, your OpinonSquare account has been closed". I had attempted 3 surveys in May and completed 2 with the most recent only 9 days earlier. I have been an active member for over 10 years and really enjoyed this site. I have attempted to contact them, but my emails continue to have my email returned. Very frustrated that they won't even take my emails.


February 6, 2022 by Deangle from United States

I was just about to cash out and the site locked my account for no reason! I will not be using this site anymore, they are wack!

Immediate freeze, Misspellings, Does not pay

August 3, 2021 by Dave from United States

Immediate freeze, Misspellings, Does not pay. Not legit.

Barely 2 weeks in and already and got an email from them. First thing I notice could tell right away is the misspellings in their email. The subject and the ending.. 'Your OpinionSqaure Account'. Plus the end "email us at support at opinionsquare". This makes it sound inplausable from the start.

Ive done 1 survey from them few weeks and they DONT KEEP their end of the bargain. All I received today was this jargon below.

'It has come to our attention that there may have been fraudulent activity associated with your Opinionsquare account. As we pursue our investigation into this activity, in order to prevent additional fraud, we have frozen your OpinionSquare membership and rewards accounts. We have also cancelled all pending prizes.'

I have barely used it and just filled one survey, so I am leaving my review to let others know my experience. DO NOT use them, they do not payout and are unprofessional.



January 27, 2021 by Roberta from United States

This used to be a good site. Hardly ever get survey invitations anymore. When you do it is the same survey you did a month before. Takes a while just to get a 5 dollar gift card.

For obsolete computers only

June 19, 2019 by kris from United States

I installed this package on my Mac Book Pro and lost internet connectivity. I turns out that the product was last updated 5 years ago and only supports obsolete OS, windows or Mac. I tried to get the installation to work, using standard AppleCare troubleshooting and the only results were that after the software was installed, web sites could not be found frequently. After uninstalling the software, same web sites worked well. This even happened in a test user account. Support, if you can get a response, will send you a canned reply that you current OS is not supported. I contacted the listed person, Ms Hall, about this discrepancy and she never responded. They also promised to send email invitations and in 4 months, only one and the reward was very difficult to claim because the virtual visa card had so many undisclosed restrictions. Move on and save yourself the aggravation of incompetence and indifference.

I think they also have a low opinion of their clients, because they would surely find these strong reviews in common search engine results.