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Tel: 1-866-638-7388  Contact: https://support.opinionsquare.com
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Rewards Offered
Green checkboxAmazon gift cards
Green checkboxHome Depot gift cards
Green checkboxiTunes gift cards
Green checkboxStarbucks gift cards
Green checkboxTango gift cards
Green checkboxWalmart gift cards
Green checkboxRestaurant gift cards
Green checkboxMovie vouchers
Green checkboxMerchandise
Green checkboxSweepstakes entries
Green checkboxDonations to charity
Green checkboxRetail e-vouchers
Green checkboxCash paid via check
Member Opportunities
Green checkboxOnline surveys
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Green checkboxBrowser add-on
Redemption Info

1,500 points required to request $5 Amazon E-Card

2,500 points required to request $10 gift certificate to Amazon, Walmart, Kmart, etc.

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OpinionSquare General Information

Opinion Square

Opinion Square
Opinion Square is a popular market research firm that is helping companies understand consumer patterns and trends. The Opinion Square community has over 2 million members in The United States and Canada. Become a member and take online surveys on interesting topics such as: travel, retail, health care and consumer products.

You Could Win $100,000!
Opinion Square has a variety of sweepstakes that can be won by lucky panel members. Each time you take an online survey you will be entered into the massive cash prize draw of $100,000! Survey takers will also be given the opportunity to play the “instant win game link” that gives panelists to chance to win $50, $2500 or $5000. Two players each month are guaranteed to win a cool $50.

Receive Tokens for Each Survey
Each time you take an online survey, you will be rewarded with tokens. The tokens can be used to play online games in which points can be collected to spend towards a variety of prizes through the Opinions Square rewards website: http://rewards.opinionsquare.com/shop/. Choose your most suitable prize from over a dozen categories of gift cards, electronics, home appliances, sports/fitness merchandise and much more. The rewards website offers over 25,000 available items!

Please note that tokens expire within the quarter that they are collected.

Collect Cash for Certain Surveys
Some surveys may also offer cash incentives in exchange for their completion. If you participate in one of these opportunities, then you will receive your cash reward by check in about 4-6 weeks.

Online Survey Details
Members of Opinion Square will usually be invited to participate in 3 to 4 surveys monthly. However, this amount may vary with the demographic of the panelist and also the time of year. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will typically still be rewarded with a token that can be used towards playing a game.

Make Extra Cash by Watching TV
In addition to taking surveys for rewards, Opinion Square also offers the option to share your TV viewing patterns and habits for additional rewards. Information collected in this study focuses on the TV programs you watch, what shows you record and other behavioral data.

There is also the option to download the Opinion Square web browser application where your web surfing can be recorded for extra rewards. Both of these opportunities may lead to more survey invites and therefore more future rewards! Your privacy is also kept fully confidential for both of these research projects as only aggregate data is collected.

Questions or Concerns? No Problem!
If you need to contact Opinion Square, you can do so from Monday to Friday. The support team also guarantees a quick and helpful reply within 48 hours.

Eligibility: Residents of The United States and Canada. Residents of other countries may be eligible to receive surveys, however may only collect select rewards. Must be 18+

"Opinion Square"
April 07, 2016 by Michelle from United States

I've been a member for 5 1/2 years. I get 1 or 2 survey invites per week. I don't qualify for many of them. I cash in for the $25 Amazon gift card. It takes a long time to get it. The real benefit I get from them is the Scratch and Win game. Every time you DQ you get a game token. I've won many prizes from the game. Most recently I won a $25 Kohl's gift card in December and 2 AMC movie tickets worth $10 each in January. You always get at least 25 points from the game. I have not installed their software. I don't trust it.

March 11, 2016 by MARINA from United States


"Not bad- just not good."
February 22, 2016 by Brooks from United States

I've been a member with Opinion Square for several years now. I receive maybe 4 or 5 e-mail survey invitations a month. You can cash out a couple of times a year maybe- but their rewards aren't as enticing as the better survey companies. At least there is some variety there- you can get Amazon.com gift cards, some restaurant gift cards (I've cashed for Applebees and Papa Johns)- and they even have some merchandise, books, or dvd's.
I guess this website is in the top half of all survey sites, but barely so.

"Don't get many surveys, low points value."
September 18, 2015 by Brian from United States

Been with them about 3 years, and receive 1-2 survey requests per month, and then only qualify for 50% of those. Also found you have to have a lot of points to get anything of real value, it takes 5700 points to get a $25 gift card, and if you qualify for a survey, you get only 200 points. However, points are credited right away, just takes a long time on this site to earn anything of value.

"What surveys?"
June 16, 2015 by Kristin from United States

I am new to survey taking and have joined a number of survey panel sites to check it all out. I joined this one as it seemed to be quite promising. What I realized though is that it is nothing. I got my welcome points, installed the app (which seemed to freak out my browser) and have let it go on for weeks. I have not had even one survey. So, I'm done. Best of luck to the rest of you.




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