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14 Business Park Dr Suite 7, Branford, Connecticut  06405 US
Tel: 1-800-409-2665   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Touchstone Research

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via check Amazon gift cards
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Product testing In-person focus groups Online focus groups Online beta testing Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: 10,000 points ($10) minimum balance required to request rewards of either Amazon gift cards or checks.
Similar Panels: Opinion Outpost, YouGov, Epoll Surveys

Panelpolls is a paid survey and opinion site for families, kids, teens, young adults, parents and adults. Surveys cover a range of fun and interesting topics including new products, services, TV shows, toys/dolls, mobile apps and games, sports, trends and more. Members may also receive opportunities to participate in other paid research activities like online communities, focus groups & in-person sessions, mobile app and game tests, TV show pilot tests, and movie screenings.

Payment and Rewards

Panel members receive invitations to participate in surveys and earn virtual points redeemable for cash and electronic gift cards for sharing their opinion.

Participation = Points

Panelpolls guarantees that you will earn points for each research activity you participate in. Most activities are awarded with at least 1,000 points which is equivalent to $1.00 USD. Active members of Panelpolls will usually earn 10,000 - 15,000 points per month ($10 - $15).

Amazon Gift Cards or Checks

Once you have accumulated 10,000 points you may request a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Alternatively, you may wait until you have 20,000 points ($20) in your account to request a payment check.

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Survey Taking Experience

Large Variety of Engaging Research Options

PanelPolls offers a variety of research opportunities. These include:

  • Paid surveys (up to $10 per survey)
  • Online Communities ($10-$200)
  • Testing new apps and games ($10-$100)
  • In-Person Focus Groups & Research Studies ($100-$500)

Kids' Projects

Panelpolls has many opportunities that are exclusive to kids, making it a great panel for children to join! Some projects include: watching new TV shows before anyone else, playing mobile apps & games testing and providing opinions on toys, dolls, and other products, celebrity surveys and rating kid focused brands.

Special In-Person Research Opportunities

Panelpolls members may receive invitations to special in-person focus groups and paid research studies on a variety of topics. These studies can pay $100 to $500 each. They typically last 45 minutes to 2 hours. Examples of past studies include: TV show pilot testing, moms wine and cheese night, mobile games/app testing and other discussion or collaborative based activities.


Eligibility (United States residents only): Panelpolls is open to kids 2-14 (through their parent - a parent is the member and must review and approve their child’s participation for each activity), teens 15-17, young adults 18-34 and parents of children ages 0-17.

Panelpolls members must meet certain eligibility criteria and membership may be limited.

Note that parents must give consent for children who are 6-17 years of age and wish to participate. More than one child may be signed up per household.

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They are legit

May 7, 2013 by Kevin from United States

It may not be the biggest money maker but they do pay and the check came within 2 weeks of requesting it.