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Automatically get paid $1 to your PayPal account as soon as you complete a survey
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PollBuzzer General Information

Note: As a member of Pollbuzzer, you may be asked to join survey websites not verified by SurveyPolice. You may also be asked to join survey directories, along with such similar "offers". As a result of this behavior, Pollbuzzer has been removed from the main SurveyPolice directory.

Earn $1.00 for every question you answer through PollBuzzer. Questions are emailed and can be answered using a computer or using a mobile phone. Payments are made via PayPal or earnings can be donated to charity.

PollBuzzer also offers a referral program where $1.00 is credited to a user's account upon referring a friend and having them answer 4 questions.

"Tough to earn rewards"
April 29, 2016 by Frank from United States

I have been a member there for awhile and only got one reward so far. They send very few surveys.

"Are they still in business?"
April 14, 2014 by Don from United States

I have been a member for probably 7 or 8 months, and have been paid for 3 surveys. I have recently contacted them to just go ahead and delete my account, because it is really no use to me. No response to 2 emails to delete my account, and my account is still open. Hopefully it will just expire if I don't visit for a few months. Their terms do say though that to delete your account to contact them. So much for that.
I did finally hear back from them after a month or more, simply saying that they closed my account.

"like other people forgot i was a member"
February 21, 2014 by julie from United States

for two days out of the year i received three or four polls very quick questions a yes or no can't even remember and i received money to paypal and that was it. nothing nada zip what kind of site does that. fun for the day and i appreciated how quick the money went to paypal but...

"Hello, Is Anyone Home?"
December 04, 2013 by John from United States

I signed up with this panel on October 25, 2013. Today is December 3, 2013. I have not been invited to participate in any survey, but I did contact support about a certain matter and they responded on October 29, 2013. Hmm?

"no surveys"
November 14, 2013 by Jill from United States

I joined this site 9 months ago and have only received two emails from them asking me to refer people to their site. Why would I refer anyone to a site that I haven't even made a dollar on??




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