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PollingPoint is now part of YouGov.

Unfortunately, PollingPoint is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

PollingPoint Reviews (9)

5 Star Reviews (1) 11.1
4 Star Reviews (3) 33.3
3 Star Reviews (2) 22.2
2 Star Reviews (2) 22.2
1 Star Reviews (1) 11.1

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Bait and Switch

September 17, 2010 by Sue from United States

I had been receiving surveys for, at minimum, a year. I had well of 25-50K points available. They stopped sending me surveys. I tried to login to no avail and contacted support. They are now telling me they have no record of me, other than reregistering this month. I feel completely ripped off for all the time I spent on their surveys.

Incentives not refunded

September 17, 2010 by Calvin from United States

I wasa member of Pollingpoint for 2+ years. I became a member when it was call yougov. I didn't join the site for money incentives, I just enjoy taking surveys. However, when it came time to redeem my points they never followed through on the gift card, which literally took 2+ years to accumulate the points for. Their customer service was poor, rude, and insulting. Then they finally gave me $25 restaurant gift card, and surprise, none of the restaurants were located with-in 50 miles of where I live, and the one that was the closest 56 miles away, claimed that you had to spend $25 before you could use the reward card. VERY POOR! VERY INSULTING! NOT WORTH IT!

good site so far

September 17, 2010 by dan from United States

just joined 2 nites ago and received a survey and qualified for it and received 500 points. It is nice to belong to a survey site and qualify for surveys. Hopefully it will continue.

Refreshingly good!

September 17, 2010 by Celeste from United States

If you want a break from the excrusiating tedium of the average survey this site is for you! They are totally unique, fun to complete and such a refreshing change of pace I will not mind doing 150 of them to be compensated with $100.00.

fun surveys

September 17, 2010 by Arleen from United States

the surveys are fun but the rewards need to be better. Most of the rewards don't interest me and it will probably take me forever to get to the $100. They should offer incentives in $25 intervals.