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Prolific was founded in 2014 and has since grown into a crowdsourcing platform for researchers and participants. 3000+ academics, startups, charities and businesses have used Prolific to learn about what customers and the general public feels about a variety of topics and initiatives.

Join Prolific and take part in fun surveys and exciting scientific studies from researchers across the globe. You might also be helping startups test their apps and games! Join over 70,000 participants from various parts of the world. Prolific is powered by The University of Oxford.

Payment and Rewards

Prolific Offers Fair Rewards!

Prolific promises that you won't get kicked out of surveys and you'll earn cash for your efforts - never points. Any rewards you gain to receive for your participation will be clearly outlined before participating in the study or survey. Prolific believes that everyone's time is valuable and asks researchers to reward participants with at least $6.50 per hour.

Get Paid Directly to Your PayPal Account

Prolific pays out in Sterling GBP and pays its panelists via PayPal. Ensure that the email you sign up with is the same email used for your PayPal account. You may request payment of your Rewards at any time, provided you have accumulated at least £5.00. If you're outside of the UK, you will still receive payments in GBP, but you can easily convert this into your local currency via your PayPal account.

Users who have unverified PayPal accounts do not generally appear to experience problems receiving their payments from Prolific; it appears that they issue payments to both verified and unverified PayPal payments alike.

Reasonable Approval Times

Survey submissions are reviewed by researchers before study rewards are credited to your account. This can take a few days, but you will not wait longer than 22 days to see your credit. Wait times for receiving Paypal payments after requesting them are no longer than a few days.

Community Features

Prolific is Socially Conscious

You can donate your rewards to charity! Help science and do good at the same time.


Although their registration page allows users worldwide who are 18+ to register with the site, many users outside of certain countries will receive a message on their dashboard that says that Prolific doesn't support the country they live in.

There are over 30 OECD countries that Prolific actually accepts members from. These include the UK, USA, CA, AU, IT, PL, CZ, among others.

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5 Star Reviews (65) 67.7
4 Star Reviews (5) 5.2
3 Star Reviews (4) 4.2
2 Star Reviews (9) 9.4
1 Star Reviews (13) 13.5

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Love this site

November 2, 2021 by Oliver from United Kingdom

Their academic studies are far more varied and more interesting than the usual surveys, and they pay a lot better than almost all survey sites. The only survey sites I've used that pay at a similar rate are PopulusLive and Pinecone.
Some days you'll get several studies offered, and others almost none. Also, some of them require a lot of attention and at the very least average intelligence, as they're fairly cerebral.

Currently one of the best

October 7, 2021 by Doug from United Kingdom

Great as if a survey is shown and you get accepted you WILL BE ALLOWED TO COMPLETE. Not like the increasingly common being bombed out at the end of the survey that most companies subscribe to!
Problem is that it's become more popular so many surveys are already fully subscribed before you even get notified, but at least you do get told it's full before you try to start survey.
Like the sensible format, unusual surveys, pretty instant rewards (well in a couple of days is longest wait yet). Payout is prompt, seems made up on Tuesdays & Thursdays and now NO PayPal charge, so is a a good payout
Only issue is that you do need to keep a check on their desktop (submissions) otherwise you'll miss several good payers

Best Survey Site

September 5, 2021 by Jill from United States

I've done lots of surveys through many organizations, but Prolific is the real deal. The surveys/studies they publish are functional, the rewards are consistently paid, and feedback can be given if something goes wrong. Quality of panel members and their thoughtful participation are valued, so do NOT join this panel unless you are truly committed to paying attention.

Different type of studies...

March 25, 2021 by Venus from United States

Prolific is my all time favorite place to do studies at. They are different than all the other sites, If studies are on your page, you can probably qualify if you're interested in the topic, and if not you can return it without penalties.
They are very interesting though!
Payout is fast and easy, and really adds up.
I really enjoy this site.


February 9, 2021 by keith from United Kingdom

Best survey site superb. Very good surveys, good payment academic research superb. Would give it 6 out of 5 if I could.