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March 31, 2017 by Kim from Canada

***Got my incentive 2 days after I wrote the review down below. Would be nice if PSB sends updates to participants on any delays or changes whatsoever in processing their incentives. If we are talking 14 'business' days (as they promised 2 weeks in their email), then I got paid 3 days late. Otherwise, they would have been more than 1 week overdue with their payment without me receiving any notice. I suggest keeping all emails from them & all work you've done saved in case of further problems in getting your incentives.


No reward or reply yet from Wendy Coleman.
I committed to a week-long research for a famous brand outerwear company & was promised that the incentive would be rewarded in 2 weeks max. They're clearly overdue. I thought they'd be professional/prompt with their rewards system or at least be able to promptly get back on inquiries, but no rewards or no number to contact her in the email she sent. I don't know how I'm going to get the $100 incentive.

You'll just feel like your timely work got taken advantage of by their delayed or no rewards system.

"unprofessional "
March 03, 2017 by kim from United States

i am still waiting on my incentive. wendy coleman emailed me saying it was on it's way only after it was one week overdue and i had called/emailed her several times. she has never responded to my emails. SHADY

"Interesting Information For All"
January 05, 2017 by Charlene from United States

On 10/21/16 I did and completed a 5 day Youth Sports Study. The incentive was $40.00 via paypal. On 11/15/16 I received an Email from Wendy C. stating I successfully completed the study and qualified for the incentive and would hear back from her in about a week to let me know that the money was sent to my PP account. Never heard a word back from her. Did some research yesterday and found out they go by the name of Penn Schoen Berland which has 5 offices in the US and 4 internationally, plus they have all their phone numbers listed. I wasn't sure what state Wendy C worked so I called the Washington # first 1-425-458-1581. I spoke to a very nice man named Eric K and explained my situation, he also was aware of Wendy and told me he would email her about my payment. After I spoke with him I also emailed which I believe is the headquarters, just in case she didn't get the message. [email protected] Low and behold I looked at my email's this morning and there it was, an email from PSB stating the money was sent to my PP account. My advice to all is write down / keep it stored on your device anything and everything before you start one of these studies. Hope any information I provided will help others now and in the future.

"Slow To Pay"
August 26, 2016 by Debbie from United States

I have done numerous surveys and research projects with this out. The incentives are reasonable. They are slow to pay though. I usually get my $ within 3 weeks. There was one study that took almost 6 weeks.

"Will Not Pay"
May 17, 2016 by Kevin from United States

Do NOT answer a single survey, diary, or live feed from these people. They WILL NOT pay the promised incentive reward.

I answered a 5-Day diary panel back in February of 2016. I was promised a $35 PayPal incentive payment. It's now May 2016, and I have NOT received my reward. I email the survey coordinator to ask about my payment. She informs me to check my PayPal account because I should already have the money. The money was never credited to my PayPal account. I emailed the coordinator again to state the money was never credited to my PayPal account, NO ANSWER!!!

DO NOT answer ANYTHING from them. They will take, and USE, you free information and will NOT pay the incentive payment they promise you.




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