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Operated by: The Nielsen Company, LLC


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Collect points, redeem them for items in a catalog.

The Harris Poll, one of the oldest and most prestigious polls in the world, facilitates ShopTracker. ShopTracker has a goal of obtaining a rich understanding of the Internet marketplace so it can provide exceptional data and insight into how people are using their computers and the Internet throughout the United States.

Similar to the impact of the Nielsen Television family on program production, distribution and advertising, the input from ShopTracker participants helps online businesses make critical decisions regarding their Internet strategies.

Join and Receive A $3 Visa Gift Card Within 48 Hours

Download the ShopTracker app, sync it with your Amazon account, and you'll receive a $3 Visa Gift card as your official welcome bonus.

How to Install the App

You can install the app on your smartphone or Windows computer (at this time, the program is not compatible with Mac computers). To quality to join, you must sync at least one Amazon account with at least 1 month of purchase history. You may sync up to 3 Amazon accounts per household, and you may sync your accounts as often as you wish.

How the App Works

Once you download the app, you will be asked to share certain information about your purchase history on Amazon. Only non-personal information regarding your purchases will be collected - your name, shipping address, and credit card information will not be collected.

Participants in the ShopTracker program may also be asked to participate in the occasional online survey.

Earn Rewards for Participating

The longer you participate, the more rewards you will earn. After your initial signup bonus, every month you will continue earnings points (HI Points - which are the same as through Harris Poll Online), as long as you keep the app installed on your devices.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem your points balance for a variety of different rewards from a catalog of items including gift certificates, donations to charity, and more.

Eligibility: USA, 18+

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2 Star Reviews (2) 16.7
1 Star Reviews (8) 66.7

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It's a lie

March 14, 2019 by Shane from United States

Once you give them access to your Amazon account, they delete your account, barring you from removing them from it. The money never comes.


February 16, 2019 by Mark from United States

I've had Shoptracker installed on my computer for over a year. For a while it was working, and all I had to do was open it and login to Amazon, and I would get $3 every month from the website that asked me to install it (Pinecone Research). But it stopped working a few months ago, and Pinecone won't help me with it when I tell them about it. and installing the newest version of Shoptracker did not solve the problem.


October 30, 2018 by Jennifer from United States

This is the email I just got from Shoptracker (my initial email is below):


For data quality reasons, your account is not eligible to be synced. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your interest in our Shoptracker Program!

Warm Regards,
Harris Panel"

On Sat, 27 Oct at 10:12 AM , xxx wrote:
I haven't been earning the $3 each month for my Amazon Data lately as I had before. And I can't seem to get into my account to figure out why

garbage app and customer service

June 21, 2018 by Andrew from United States

I received my signup $3 in one day. In the following six months, nothing. My shoptracker is synced with my Amazon account, and I have done several manual syncs. I messaged Harrispollonline numerous times and have only ever gotten one unhelpful response. More often than not, I get "invalid data input" error when attempting to login. Uninstalled, no point to have tracking software if I don't get compensated.

Never works

April 8, 2018 by Ken from United States

I never get credit for my Amazon accounts and it doesn't allow me to change or update my information!