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Surveys on the Go

3525 Hyland Ave., Costa Mesa, California  92626 US
Tel: 714-862-2715   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Surveys on the Go LLC

Surveys on the Go Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal
Member Opportunities: Mobile app Online surveys Mystery shopping Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: $10.00 US minimum account balance required to request PayPal payment.
Similar Panels: QuickThoughts, Smart App, MobileXpression

Surveys on the Go (SOTG) is a mobile app where you can take surveys on a variety of interesting topics such as: entertainment, news, sports, technology and politics. The surveys are fun and informative in nature with the bonus of paying you in return for filling them out.

Get the App!

Get surveys right on your mobile device for participation on the go! Available on iOS and Android.

Different Survey Types

As a member, you may be asked to watch and rate TV shows or movies, evaluate products or shopping experiences, and take part in other interesting market research activities.

If permitted on your device, Survey on the Go may collect and use your precise location information obtained by the mobile app, to provide you with geographically focused survey opportunities.

Convenient & Easy

The SOTG app focuses on making the survey taking experience as convenient as possible. Making extra cash can be part of your everyday routine with no hassle involved. To get started, download the "Surveys on the Go" app on either Google Play or The App Store.

$0.50 for Each Demographic Survey

When you first become a member of SOTG, don't forget to complete all the demographic surveys that are available. These surveys will help match you with interesting surveys tailored to your interests, and you'll get paid $0.50 for each one you fill out! Make sure to also enable your location services for the app to receive local surveys in your targeted area.

Survey Details

With SOTG you can expect to receive 1 or 2 new survey invitations weekly. You will usually be notified by an alert when a new survey arrives! On average, each survey pays $1.00 to complete, but will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you finish the survey, it may take 3-5 business days for the reward to show up in your account because of the pending process.

Cash Out at $10.00!

Once your account reaches only $10, you can cash-out via PayPal! Surveys On The Go uses PayPal to handle the payout for two reasons: First, cutting checks is a lot of work; and second, this protects you, since it lets you keep all your most valuable information (like your physical address and bank info) completely private. The best part - Survey On The Go pays all the PayPal fees!

Make sure that you sign up for Surveys On The Go with the same email you use for PayPal to ensure simple cash transfers. Allow for 3-5 days upon redemption request to receive your funds.

Privacy of Info

SOTG takes your privacy very seriously - they will never sell or transfer your personal information. Survey answers are protected and will always be viewed in aggregate form, to avoid exposing your personal identity.

Eligibility: United States residents, 16+

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Dunno yet, but not going very quickly

December 11, 2016 by Adam from United States

I can't comment on whether they actually pay, as I haven't had the opportunity to find out yet one way or the other. I can comment on the fact that it's been several months, and I currently have $6.75 waiting (you need $10 to cash out), most of which came from the "About Me" surveys they send you at the beginning, so that level of growth isn't even sustainable.

I was really hoping for a good "waiting in line" sort of survey app, but this is not that: I hardly ever get sent anything, and most of what I have gotten have been sporadic requests to get paid back (plus a couple dollars) if I go spend my own money to see some stupid movie in the theater. I might possibly get more surveys if I walked around with my 3g and GPS on all day, but no thanks - I want surveys on my own schedule, not theirs, and I certainly don't want to run down my phone's battery twice as fast. So, I figure *eventually* I'll make it to 10 bucks, then I'll uninstall this app; meanwhile, it's not actually hurting anything, just isn't doing much.

edit: I did eventually make it to 10 bucks, which took forever. They did pay, so there's that. Still recommend Quick Thoughts over this one if you want a mobile app, though. (Granted, there's nothing stopping you from running both, just, Quick Thoughts actually sends you surveys. :p)

The Best Survey App For Smartphones!

September 21, 2016 by Ben from United States

I must have made over $50 with this company so far. You simply download their app and they will alert you when a new survey is available. There is only a $10 cash out limit, via paypal. All of their surveys are fairly short and very simple to complete on your phone. Every now and then, they also have a movie trailer check review to complete for them, in which they reimburse you for the movie ticket.

I like

June 5, 2016 by Benjamin from United States

I like ONTHEGO. I don't got as many invites as most other survey apps but I do get .10 cents for not qualify and the issue with an onsite survey ONTHEGO gave me the $15.00 incentive 12 hours after I contacted them...

Great app to make some extra $$$

April 28, 2016 by Alexa from United States

I'm a college student who's a bit cash strapped at the moment so always looking to make an extra dollar. I've tried other survey apps, but really prefer Surveys on the Go. It just functions a bit more seamlessly and is much easier to use than others.

For my fellow reviewers not getting surveys, you just have to be patient. I had the same problem at first, but now there's always surveys waiting when I sign in. Just the other day, I got a survey for being in Macy's for $10. It was amazing. All I had to do was answer a few questions while shopping. I'm sure it won't make me rich but it is easy-peasy. They even pay me for my time when I don’t qualify for a survey mid way, so even better than Amazon Turk (which I’ve tried…don’t do it).

This is also the only survey app that allows me the choice of cashing out on THREE different platforms - Amazon, Visa payment, and PayPal. Others only have Amazon which is ok, but it's nice having these other options. Also, when you reach the $10 needed to cash out, the payment appears immediately, which is great. I am so very happy with this app and have recommended it to a couple friends who seem to like it so far.

Great App

January 23, 2016 by Sunil from United States

Initially it was quite slow getting smaller amount survey but then as time passed came the big surveys.. I have received at least 3 surveys each paying 25 USD... I took up 2 and was paid immediately in a day.. Awesome support... was also rewarded special 5 USD for being a proactive and reporting a bug in one of the tasks...