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$10 minimum account balance required to request rewards. $50 required to request PayPal payment.

WatchandTell.TV permanently closed on March 11, 2016. To gain access to your account details, contact [email protected].

The survey panel for TV buffs! Get $5 deposited into your account, just for joining!

Unfortunately, WatchandTell.TV is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

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April 29, 2015 by STEPHEN from United States

I've been with this survey place for at least 4 years and they changed their name at least 3 times. Their problems:

Some days you log in and find about 15 surveys and each time you do a survey they tell you "You don't qualify for this survey." for every one! So , you could spend about a half a hour going through all of these surveys and not even earn a dime!

It can take a very long time for your finished surveys to be approved for pay out. I have a finished $1 survey from February, 2014 that is still pending! After the surveys are approved, it also takes a long time to e-mail your funds, usually about 5 weeks after your request.

I either request a $50 Amazon or Walmart card and don't bother with the PayPal account.

Some of the surveys take a very long time to complete. Once in a while they will ask you the stupidest questions and they go on and on and on. Example-one asked me about 80 questions about toilet paper! "What do you think of when you use these toilet tissues?"-What a stupid, moronic question-totally stupid and annoying!

Another annoying occurrence, could spend 20 minutes on a survey and then it crashes and you get no credit for your time.

My advice: If you can spare the time and have patience, try this and you'll eventually get small payments after doing many many dull and boring surveys.

Takes way too long to get paid

March 22, 2015 by justin from United States

At first it seemed like it would be a good site. There were a bunch of surveys to do, they didn't take long, and most paid pretty well. After i got to $20 it's like it became a different site. I got way less surveys to do and would never qualify for the ones i did get. The only reason i got enough to request a payout is some of the surveys i did had follow up surveys (one for $25 another $100) that i did.

Also it takes forever for the surveys to be approved for payment. I have a $25 survey i did over 4 months ago that is still pending! That's ridiculous.
If i actually get paid i might say 1.5 stars if not (obviously) 0 stars. I'll update my review if i get actually get my $.

UPDATE-I finally got paid from them today! It took over 4 months, but i did get paid. They charged a 3% fee (i used paypal option) so the $100 i requested became $97, which IMO given the time it took them to pay is pretty cheap of them, i mean if the payment only took a few days to get then i wouldn't mind the 3% as much. I've gotten payments from a good amount of sites and none of them have ever charged 3% before. Now that i got paid i'm going to try doing surveys on the site again. At least until i get another payout ( i'm about $3 from a payout so i want to get it) after that i might just quit the site, we'll see it depends on how things go.

Surveys pend too long

February 20, 2015 by Ella from United States

I have a couple problems with this site. The surveys can take well over a month to be approved. I made a request for a $25 Amazon card, and have now been waiting 5 weeks for it. The site says it could be 4-6 weeks, so there is only 1 week left. I think it's a shame that it takes this company up to 6 weeks to send a gift card via email or snail mail, when some companies can manage this in less than 24 hours via email, and 1 week in the mail.
I don't have too much of a problem qualifying, but since it can take as long as 7 weeks for a survey to approve, I can't cash out any faster. Note, it can also take longer than that. I have a couple surveys over the two month mark.

A resounding "meh"

February 14, 2015 by Barbara from United States

When I first signed up with this panel, I thought I was going to do great. I qualified for nearly every survey, and was accumulating at least a survey or two a day, so my "pending" rewards were adding up pretty fast.

Once I hit around around the $25-$30 threshold, things seemed to change. I qualified for fewer and fewer surveys, and more and more got the infamous "you didn't qualify" AFTER filling out half the survey. Man, is that aggravating. I've quit several survey sites after that issue.

Like the other reviews mentioned, the money can stay in "pending" status for a LOOOOONG time. Right now I'm waiting for two surveys that are over a month old to be credited. Ridiculous.

I did accumulate enough to redeem for a $25 Amazon gift card, which I requested today. We'll see how long it takes to get to me (I believe I got the standard blurb of "four to six weeks" during the redemption process.)

Also should mention that for some reason, I stopped getting email notifications when surveys were available. I'd have to go to the site, sign in, and see a whole list of ones available (although completing one without getting "disqualified" was getting rarer and rarer)

Too slow to credit/pay and too aggravating for me...I'm bailing out after I get my reward...whenever that is.

ETA 2/13/14 Still haven't gotten my reward (no surprise) but I did notice today that the reward threshold is now $15 instead of $10, and there is only one option at that amount...a subscription to "Allure" magazine.

Its ok

February 11, 2015 by Bridgette from United States

Its An ok Survey Site,I Like The WebSite Structure.It Takes A While To Get Enough To Cashout And When I Did,They Said They Would Tack On A 3% Fee Onto My Cashout For PayPal.After All My Time And Info They Get?That Is Just Greedy.