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Northburgh House, 10 Northburgh Street London,   EC1V 0AT GB
Tel: +44 [0]20 7253 9900   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Yonder Data Solutions


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50 point (£50) minimum account balance required to request payment.

In February, 2022, Populuslive rebranded itself as Y Live.

Y Live, part of Populus Limited, based in the UK, is a popular market research company. The panel was established in 2003 with a presence that has grown to 75 countries worldwide. The panel does research in the business, culture and politics sectors. Joining the community is simple - start by filling out a short and simple registration form.

Payment and Rewards

Earn £1.00 for Every 5 Minutes

Y Live gives its members the opportunity to earn £1.00 for every 5 minutes they spend on a survey. Depending on the length, most surveys pay between 1 to 3 points each (1 point = £1.00) and take usually about 5 to 15 minutes to finish. Please note that rewards will only be credited to your account once the survey is closed. This could range from one day to three months, depending on the research and nature of the study.

Cash in at £50.00

Once you have accumulated 50 points (£50.00) you are eligible to request a cheque or a BACS payment at the next payment date. The payment date is at the end of each month and if you requested a cheque, it will arrive within two weeks after this date. BACS payments typically take a few days to arrive. On average, Y Live issues 3000 monthly cheques to members who have reached the threshold for payment.

Survey Taking Experience

Survey Taking Details

Surveys with Y Live are designed to be interesting and varied on subject matter. Most members will receive about two survey invitations weekly to express their opinions and insights on a given topic. Participate early! Once survey space is filled, you will not be able to answer.

Monthly Prize Draws

Each time you screen out of a survey - which may happen if you do not meet the required participant profile, you will be automatically entered into the monthly prize draw of £250. The draw will take place on the second Monday of each calendar month and winners are notified within 4 weeks of the draw taking place.

Eligibility: Open to residents of the UK only. 16+

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5 Star Reviews (492) 86.9
4 Star Reviews (52) 9.2
3 Star Reviews (4) 0.7
2 Star Reviews (4) 0.7
1 Star Reviews (14) 2.5

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Easy and Reliable

May 15, 2022 by Andrea from United Kingdom

I have been with Populuslive for many years and never had a problem with them. They have recently changed over to Ylive and they are still great. The rewards soon add up and it's lovely to get a big payout rather than small amounts every so often. They now pay via BACS which suits me better than the cheque they also offer.

One of the best paid survey sites.

April 19, 2022 by Ian from United Kingdom

I joined these over a year ago and have had a slow but steady income from completing their surveys. It can take a bit of time to build up to the minimum payout level but they always pay out automatically. The £50 I earn comes in handy. I particularly like that you can easily see exactly how much you have earned and for which surveys. Its all very transparent.
My only negative remark would be that the questions designed to test your attention tend to be very tedious and repetitive. I understand the need for them, but it would make more sense to vary them more with a smaller selection of questions, rather than just putting a long list of the same questions every time. Oh and sometimes time estimates are way shorter than the surveys actually take to complete.
Overall I would recommend this site to anyone wishing to real cash.

Nice Earmer

April 19, 2022 by Andrew from United Kingdom

I've been completing PopulusLive surveys for a number of years.
Nearly always these surveys are interesting and require concentration.
Not for the non serious.

as solid as they come

April 19, 2022 by des from United Kingdom

Here is a site that is honest, straightforward and pays well for the time spent. Unlike many survey sites you get a good return for your efforts. This is the bees knees.

Transferring Rewards

April 19, 2022 by Yanka from United Kingdom

Thank you very much Populuslive! Thank you for all your staff! I received my Rewards by bank successfully! You are always helpfully, honest and punctual. Thank you! All the best for your company and your staff! Always honest and helpful! Thank you Y Live, I will be very good surprised if Y Live let me use a referral personal link to offer to my friends! And something else I have friends from all over the world, they are very interested to participate in surveys with best quality, that only and unique Y Live offers! Is that possible? Is Y Live worldwide? I think it is very good idea Y Live to be worldwide! Thank you!