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Minimum 30,000 points ($25 worth) required to request rewards.

In the UK, a £50 minimum account balance is required.

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YouGov is one of the world's leading research companies with an impressive 4 million members worldwide. Join YouGov and get rewarded for participating in online surveys and focus group opportunities.

Sign Up Bonus!
As a sign up bonus, YouGov rewards all new members with 1,000 points to get started on their survey taking journey!

Survey Lengths
The length of each online survey varies, but most are between 5-7 minutes long. Surveys are rarely longer than 20 minutes, as this is considered a maximum.

Survey Topics
As with any survey site, YouGov's survey topics can vary, however most of the time, they are politically focused. YouGov's surveys and polling results are frequently published in the media.

Compensation Per Survey
Most surveys will award between 500-1,000 points; the longer the survey, generally, the more points that are awarded. 1,400 points equates to $1.00.

Reward Options
YouGov offers a variety of redemption options for members. Cash payments awarded via PayPal are an option, as are gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, iTunes, Walmart, and more. YouGov branded merchandise is also available.

Rewards Delivery
Gift card rewards take approximately 2-3 weeks to receive after redemption. Gift cards are physically mailed.

Refer Friends, Earn More
Refer your friends and extended family members to YouGov and earn 1,000 bonus points per referral. Earn 2,000 points if they connect with YouGov via Facebook.

Eligibility: must be age 14+ in USA to join, 16+ in UK to join.

"Can't get reward"
January 17, 2013 by Teresa from United States

*I have been a member for 3 years, finally got the 100,000 points and requested payment on Nov. 3, 2012. Still have not received my payment. It took forever to get there and now they won't answer e-mails, today I searched the site for phone numbers and got a guy somewhere who said just e-mail him about my payment. The server came back and said he didn't give me a legitimate e-mail address. I am so frustrated with YOUGOV. After working that long, you should be able to get your reward at least within 6 weeks. Now I am beginning to wonder about this company.

"Late payment"
January 09, 2013 by Valerie from United Kingdom

It has taken me 3 long years to reach 5000 points, which I finally achieved 22 November. I claimed my hard earned £50 straight away. When nothing had appeared by 27.12.12., I emailed and received a reply next day, saying that payments normally take place within a four week timescale, but because of Christmas, are taking an extra 10-14 days. Seems like they want to hang on to their dosh for as long as possible. Hope thats helps anyone who is waiting as well.

"Frustrating to have had no contact"
January 06, 2013 by Donna from United Kingdom

I have been a member for several years, if you expect a quick incentive then use a different survey site as it does take a long time to achieve the 5000 points required for a BACS payment. This has never been an issue for me as I have found the surveys to be interesting and relevant to me mostly.
However, after finally earning the points to redeem in mid-november I have received no payment as at 04.12.13, I have sent two emails through the website and have had no response whatsoever.
I wouldn't even mind if they emailed back saying that they apologise but there are a few delays as I would at least know the status.
It appears that a lot of the comments on here are quite recent so I assume it is a new problem?
Very frustrating.

December 27, 2012 by Malcolm from United Kingdom

Was with you gov for a number of weeks and heard absolutly diddly squit from them no surveys no nothing total waste of time appearded to more aimed at airing their political views than giving surveys

"Where's my $100??"
November 08, 2012 by Stephanie from United States

I FINALLY after 2 years hit the 100,000 mark, cashed out for the $100 and have yet to receive a dime. It said it could take up to 4 weeks to receive but it has been closer to 7wks, going on 8. I have written them twice now with not one reply.

This has always been one of my favorite survey sites. They're simple, to the point, no errors or "sry, quota filled" after answering 20 minutes worth of questions, and I really enjoyed the political surveys.

After cashing out, not receiving my money, and no customer service support getting back to me.. I think I may have to re-think one.




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