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264 Riverside Ave, Westport, CT  06880
Tel:   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: CriticalMix

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2000 points ($20) minimum account balance required to request Amazon gift code

Zoom Panel General Information

Note: As of April 2017, Zoom Panel merged with its sister site, OneOpinion.

As of September 2013, Zoom Panel changed ownership from SurveyMonkey to CriticalMix. Reviews preceding this date may no longer be relevant.

Zoom Panel
Zoom Panel is an online survey panel community operated by CriticalMix. ZoomPanel members are contacted to participate in research methods including online surveys, product testing, mobile surveys, virtual shopping, and virtual magazine reviews. Members of ZoomPanel receive ZoomPoints, cash sweepstakes entries and instant win prize opportunities in exchange for their survey participation.

Bonus 50 Points for Joining!
Receive 50 ZoomPoints when you first join the panel as a bonus to get to started on your survey taking journey!

Survey Details
Most surveys tend to award between 30-160 points (depending on the length). 100 points equals $1.00. ZoomPanel sends survey invitations on an almost daily basis, with most members receiving an average of 4 – 15 survey invites per week. With this many surveys available, it is easy to build up rewards fast!

Fast Rewards
Instead of waiting weeks for a cheque in the mail, ZoomPanel instantly deposits your collected points within your personal account. Once your account reaches 2,000 points ($20), you may redeem them towards an Amazon e-voucher.

24/7 Member Support
As a member of ZoomPanel, you have access to 24/7 member support. If you have any questions about your account or rewards, then a ZoomPanel service representative will be happy to help!

Refer-A-Friend Program
If you have family, friends or co-workers who would be interested in sharing their opinions in exchange for rewards, then send them a link to ZoomPanel! If they end up becoming a member, you will receive bonus points in exchange. Each member can earn a maximum of 400 points from friend referrals per month.

Eligibility: Open to residents in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Australia.

"Panel Update"
April 22, 2017 by brian from United States

I looked up zoom panel, as of Today, 4/21/2017 this panel has merged with one opinion. Also according to the Faq, I found, going to zoompanel will redirect to one opinion.

Zoompanel panelreply

Zoom Panel responded to this review on April 24, 2017

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your information and review! That is correct, ZoomPanel recently merged with our sister panel that we also own and operate directly, OneOpinion!

We love our members, and that's why we want to give you the best survey experience! Our goal has always been to make it easy to share opinions and earn rewards. We understand that our members want to have the most survey opportunities and reward options available. By combining ZoomPanel with OneOpinion, we will simplify the survey experience while offering members more surveys, new cash out options, and simplified account management.

All of your ZoomPanel account info, including your total points balance, survey and reward history and open orders, will be automatically available to you in a new OneOpinion account.

At this time, the ZoomPanel page will re-direct to OneOpinion. If you are a ZoomPanel member who has not yet migrated accounts, you will be asked to log in with your ZoomPanel info on OneOpinion, and all your information will be transferred at that point!

Please let us know if there is anything else we can answer for you!

-Alex P
Member Care Specialist, OneOpinion Surveys/ZoomPanel Surveys

"Fallen by the Wayside"
December 09, 2016 by Nigel from United States

This is probably the bottom of the barrel when it comes to taking surveys. Zoompanel used to be pretty good. I was able to receive DVD's and magazine subscriptions years ago but today it is completely useless.

Zoompanel panelreply

Zoom Panel responded to this review on March 17, 2017

Hi Nigel,

Thank you for providing your review, and apologies for any negative experiences you've had with ZoomPanel surveys! This is definitely not the experience we want for our members.

We appreciate your feedback regarding our reward options, and will keep this in mind when making further adjustments and additions to our rewards program in the future.

Please feel free to contact us at any time via the support tool on the website, or contacting us directly at [email protected], with any feedback, suggestions, or anything else you think would help us in providing a better survey experience, it's what we're here to do!

-Alex P
Member Care Specialist, ZoomPanel surveys

"Still not great "
December 07, 2016 by Jeff from United States

Years ago , the site had surveys almost every day - often several per day. While few were qualified for , there were at least surveys. In recent times , the site has changed format and there were NEVER any surveys available - even going immediately from an invite. Recently , they changed and now there are surveys available quite often and they do not require any email invites. However , depending on your demographics and the surveys , only a few will you qualify for. At least when you don't , you now get 5 points.They have also vastly increased their redemption catalog.

However , the site installed the Google reCAPTCHA program. Under perfect conditions , it works fine. But , if there is a hiccup in the connection or your connection is not the fastest , quite often you will be hit with the "Prove you are not a robot" widget that may not recognize your browser (even if it is the latest version and on the supported list). I have even had frequent cases where you are asked several questions and then get hit with "unsupported browser".

Try it , but be forewarned!

Zoompanel panelreply

Zoom Panel responded to this review on March 17, 2017

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your review, and apologies for any negative experiences you had with ZoomPanel! We appreciate your feedback, as member feedback is one of the best tools we have to make improvements to the site, surveys, and member experience.

Apologies for any frustration with qualifying for surveys! Please keep in mind that our surveys come from many different clients and sources, many of whom are looking for some very specific demographics and target markets in their survey responses. These surveys grab some cursory data from your panel profile when they are opened, and based on that information, they will allow you to answer further survey questions, or disqualify you immediately.

The pre-screening portion of every survey is intended to either qualify or disqualify you from the survey within 1-4 minutes. Sometimes you will be disqualified based on age. Other times, based on physical location. Other times still, based on shopping habits, etc. It all depends what info the client is looking for at the time. There are also times where you will be automatically disqualified because the client already has the number of survey responses they need.

It can sometimes be difficult to qualify for surveys, but don't get discouraged! We are constantly adding more and more surveys to our system every day!

We also apologize for any issues with the recaptcha "not a robot" verification. This verification was a system update added for security reasons, in order to decrease any fraudulent/malicious activity on the website. If you are ever having issues with this process, please feel free to contact us via email through our support tool or directly at [email protected], and we will do what we can to assist!

-Alex P
Member Care Specialist, ZoomPanel Surveys

"Not Bad"
December 06, 2016 by carol from United States

It does take me awhile to cash out but I do get plenty of surveys and when you DQ you get some points anyway and there are not a lot of questions beforehand so you know almost instantly if you qualify for the survey.

Zoompanel panelreply

Zoom Panel responded to this review on March 17, 2017

Hi Carol,

Thank you for your review! We appreciate your feedback on your experience with ZoomPanel!

We apologize for the length of time necessary to cash out. Please keep in mind our surveys come to us on a client-need basis, so there may be times where surveys are a bit less plentiful than others. We are constantly working with existing clients, and new clients to ensure we are always able to provide more surveys!

We appreciate your comments regarding the DQ points! We always think it's right and fair to credit our members for their time and efforts, regardless of whether or not they qualify for and complete the full survey!

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us via the support tool on ZoomPanel, or directly via our email at [email protected] We're always here to help!

-Alex P
Member Care Specialist, ZoomPanel Surveys

"Fast Payment"
August 26, 2016 by Debbie from United States

These guys are quick and pay well and on-time. I have been disqualified a couple of times, even after spending a lot of effort on the survey. Annoying when that happens.




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