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23332 Mill Creek Drive #203, Laguna Hills, California  92653 US
Tel: 1-800-705-6540    Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Centercode


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Users are considered volunteers. On occasion, a user may be asked to beta test software or hardware, which they may be invited to keep upon completion of the test. A company may also thank the beta tester with products, gift cards or t-shirts after honest feedback is received.

OnlineBeta is now known as Betabound

The survey panel for product developers, "OnlineBeta" has been transformed into a next generation upgrade, "Betabound". Betabound is a website devoted to listing all of the available beta testing opportunities on the internet. Betabound offers a larger collection of betas which are hosted by Centercode, their partners and an array of companies and products. This remodeled system offers a more collaborative beta testing experience for its users which includes: voting, predictive feedback, open discussions, matching and much more. Betabound is now also mobile and tablet friendly, for added convenience.

Test a variety of exciting products!

Betabound focuses on providing a variety of products available for beta testing, some of these include: electronic and computer products, software, apps, games and websites. Some of these product tests will be accompanied by cash rewards, while other companies consider the free product given a reward in itself.

How to be chosen to test cutting edge products

Beta testing brand new products can be very fun and exciting. Well known tech companies give out hundreds of products each year, but to raise your chance of being chosen here are some quick tips:

  • Before applying for testing, create a profile with Betabound. Make sure that your profile stands out and reflects the technology that you already own.
  • Beta testing applicants are not chosen by chance; Read the project requirement carefully and make sure you meet the specific needs when applying
  • Join large beta testing studies where many people are chosen and where it is free to participate.
  • Make sure your profile is updated often with any new technology you own or become familiar with. If a beta test comes out and they don’t think you have the correct technology (i.e.: a specific mobile phone), you won’t get chosen. So make sure your profile is complete and contains as much information as possible to increase the likelihood of selection!

Ambassador Program

BetaBound has introduced an Ambassador program to directly reward you for helping them find more great candidates. If you opt in to be part of the Ambassador Program, BetaBound will alert you when they are looking for unique candidates for specific tests. For each tester you successfully sign up and participate, you’ll receive an Amazon credit.

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Love It

August 5, 2019 by Tamika from United States

They pay by Paypal, Amazon cards, and by check if you pass the survey to try and review different product by different companies.

Wonderful community!

April 19, 2019 by Erich from United States

I was surprised to see such negative comments on this site so i had to create an account just to set the record straight! I have been a member of the Betabound community for a few years now and i really enjoy being a part of such a diverse community of people that can contribute to the development to hardware and software. If you are persistent and patient you will get selected for a beta sooner or later. imagine how many people use this service then assume you are not the only person who is applying for a particular beta test. In addition Betabound has launched their Ambassador program which gives frequent testers like myself more ability to help in the community. I absolutely love working with you guys and cant wait for future opportunities to participate!

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Betabound responded to this review on July 8, 2019

Hi Erich,

Thank you for the kind words and for understanding our mission! For any exciting beta test, we see a great influx of applicants and it's impossible to include every person on the test. Because of this, we're always looking for new ways to involve our community in some form of testing-related activity.

The Ambassador program is one way for us to expand those opportunities and we're glad to hear such positive feedback regarding this program so far.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your comment.


you dont get paid what was promissed

April 21, 2018 by Brian from United States

we was promised 15 with no work \
it turn out to b 20 hours work
and we got paid 10

Betabound reply logo

Betabound responded to this review on October 26, 2018

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the feedback. To clarify, participating in a Betabound test isn't actual work — you do not get paid to test with us. We do reward our testers who participate in Betabound Exclusives, but we aren't able to offer debit cards or any form of cash. In some cases, you may get to keep the test product, and in other cases, you may be rewarded with an Amazon gift card (or something similar).

To fully participate, we simply ask that testers use the product, answer weekly surveys, and share any issues they may encounter. In a single week, this is only about 2 hours of actual participation. We understand that testers are volunteering their time and have other priorities so we try our best to be reasonable.

If you feel that you haven't been rewarded what was promised, feel free to reach out to my team at [email protected] For more details on how we reward testers, you can check out this blog post:

All the best,

High Quality Beta Tests

December 14, 2016 by Henk from United States

This site has very high-quality beta tests and the more you show them that you can follow through and meet deadlines the more beta test invites you'll get. You get paid out in various ways depending on the test, but they always are very gracious and generous with payments.

Betabound reply logo

Betabound responded to this review on October 26, 2018

Hi Henk,

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're glad that we've been able to provide you with the opportunity to test with us. (:


Beta Testing

January 3, 2015 by Michelle from United States

I've been with Centercode about a year and been chosen for two beta tests both software and it was fun. When you find bugs you will get feedback and there is great interaction with the Centercode developers, will answer you back no matter your issue or question. I also got paid for both tests one $140 and the other $100. So if you qualify and do the testing they ask you to do you will benefit with getting paid.

Betabound reply logo

Betabound responded to this review on October 26, 2018

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for sharing this! As we continue to improve our communication, it's nice to hear that we're taking steps in the right direction.

Happy testing,