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Suite 300, 12200 West Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA  90064 US
Tel: 517-571-1235   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Connexity, Inc


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5,000 point minimum account balance required in order to request a $5 e-gift card from stores you love and trust.

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Earn points for taking simple surveys

For each online survey you take, you will be awarded between 50-1,000 points per activity, depending on its length and subject matter. The amount of points you will earn will be revealed at the start of each survey.

Survey frequency

Receive invitations to complete surveys up to 2 times per week. Soon, as a member, you will be able to pick your preferred frequency for contact.

Redeeming points

With as little as 5,000 points in your account, you may redeem your balance for a $5 egift card. Alternatively, save up your points for a bigger gift card. The choice is yours! Note that if you do not earn and/or redeem points within a calendar year, your points will expire.

Choose from over 100 e-gift card options!

Bizrate Rewards offers an extensive selection of retailers who you can redeem e-gift cards from. These include popular businesses such as Amazon, GAP, Nike, Pap John’s, Sephora, Target, Walmart and dozens of others.

Each month millions of consumers take their surveys

Last year Bizrate received over 27 million completed consumer surveys. For over 15 years, Bizrate has been gathering opinions, and through Bizrate Rewards, you have the opportunity to become part of this exclusive panel.

Join and receive 500 free points

When you become a member of Bizrate Rewards by completing the profile survey, you will earn your first 500 points!

Bizrate Rewards Reviews (25)

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Bad of late

September 11, 2021 by Hector from United States

I have been doing reviews for them for years, and suddenly, their survey offers stopped on their site. I am still there but get no surveys. Are they still around?

Complete waste of time

April 18, 2021 by Brian from United States

I had taken surveys for months. I had over 20,000 points. They never let me cash them in even once. They unsubscribed me with zero notice, for no reason. When I threatened to reveal their communications with me, which were condescending, at best, the said my account was restored and 250 points would be added to my account for the inconvenience. They did neither. They are a bait and switch site that gets people to take surveys that they make money on, but they don't compensate you for your efforts.

Horrible Customer Service

December 17, 2020 by Tony from United States

I registered for this website in Aug of 2019 and happy with the fast redeem process around 2-3 working days but recently i haven't received my eGift Card for over two weeks and i tried to reach customer service this time. They told me my account has been suspended and most unbelievable thing is i haven't get notified through any emails or even app notification! This means they keep making money and keep you uninformed that's the worst customer service i have ever seen. My account is still active to answer surveys and if i haven't reached out to them i have no clue why i couldn't get my coins redeemed. Here is my advice: If you haven't receive your eGift cards STOP completing surveys to make money for them! They won't tell you till you reach to them!

It's okay...

November 21, 2020 by LeNita from United States

I've been on since 9/25/20 and it's okay. Meaning, I may actually qualify for a survey to get points between 1-3x per month. However, I am disqualified more often than not. So, currently I have 2650...out of 5 attempted surveys, I managed to qualify for 1 of them for 200 pts. The kicker is, to get e-gift cards (3 options only) you need 5K pts for something called GCodes and Amazon and you need 10K for Amazon. The starts are simply for the fact that every time I'm not disqualified and also that when you're not getting the points, they don't drag it out and not tell you to the end. You know very quickly when you're not qualified. So, it's okay...nothing really to write home about.

Horrible Survey Website

September 22, 2020 by Jan from United States

As stated in other reviews in SurveyPolice, BizRate Rewards is a horrible site. They seldom have surveys to complete to earn points but continue to bombard you with questions before they report "no survey" is available. Sorry I tried this site.