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Tel: 1-877-BZZAGENT  Contact: bzz@bzzagent.com
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Every campaign offers a stated reward which is rewarded after an assignment completion.

BzzAgent General Information

BzzAgent is a media network that recruits "BzzAgents" to evaluate products and services and then share their opinions on them with people they know, and then report back to marketers on their findings. BuzzAgent has over one million member agents around the world, and uses the idea of word of mouth communication to generate measurable results for marketers.

Members must receive an invitation to a campaign in order to participate. Assignments usually involve testing merchandise and coupons for free samples or rebate offers are often awarded.

Receive MyPoints and sometimes free products in exchange for you BzzAgent participation.

"Seemed promising but was a huge let down"
September 07, 2016 by Lily from United States

Their strategy is to hook you with one or two full sized products to review, and just continue to data mine you and not send you anything afterwards. I joined in February, and within two months, I received two full size products to review, one was a deodorant sample and one was a reusable duster, things I wasn't really interested in, and despite how I told them I am an avid beauty and skincare user and I review them online regularly even when I buy them with my own money. I filled out all their survives related to product reviews and surveys regarding personal info which they send you duplicates of every few months so you can update your info. I checked backed daily from May to September filling out their 20 or so duplicate survives, and campaign qualifiers, and then in July I stopped receiving campaign qualifiers all together, even though they bombarded me constantly with surveys regarding personal info.

"Waste of time"
August 16, 2016 by angela from United States

Had high hopes for this, but ended up only using it to get a few points on MyPoints. I got only 2 things from them, Fixodent, which I do not use because i don't wear dentures, and a mouth wash that was HORRID. That was the review I gave, they said they want honesty, so I never got anything else. Been there 2 years, what a waste of time. Crap site.

"What a joke"
July 08, 2016 by Linda from United States

This panel leads you to believe you will receive top selling/rated products to test and rate plus they will send you surveys to submit and you will receive points to redeem for merchandise. Well, the only thing I ever received was a dumb refrigerator magnet and about 10-2 question surveys that didn't amount to anything. I withdrew from this joke after approximately 3 months. I would recommend you spend your time on any of the other meaningful, highly regarded survey sites instead.

"If you like to do the same surveys over and over..."
June 13, 2016 by Sue from United States

BzzAgent was fun at first. I was being invited to campaigns and had a score of 9.6 out of 10. It was a lot of work, though, and sometimes the "freebie" you received was a very small, puny sample (think of the travel size bottles). But I was ok with doing all that work if the product was a decent size.

Lately no matter what I do I get no campaign invitations, and I have to do the same "qualifier" surveys over and over again. And, no matter what I do, my score keeps dropping like a rock, down to 7.9 now.

BzzAgent used to be fun but now it's not worth the trouble or time.

"ask for far too personal information"
May 13, 2016 by Robb from United States

You need to realize, sure they give you a free sample or two, but after being a bzzagent for over a year, and receiving a free mascara and shampoo about half way into being a buzz agent I realized I was giving away my very personal information and getting nothing in return. They already had my address and name, members of my family, their birth date, health problems, where I shop, my family's net income.....they rope you into thinking you will get freebies if you continue to participate in their surveys, well I did their surveys and received excellent scores on my ( four) campaigns. After about 10 months of doing nothing but answering my surveys, giving away very personal information, I was getting absolutely nothing in return.
If you want some freebies, look for coupons in your weekly flyers, don't compromise your personal information like I did.
100% regret being a bzzagent.




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