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6 More London Place, London,   SE1 2QY GB
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Operated by: Kantar


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Earn between $1-$5 per survey. Cash paid via check or dollar bills.

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Consumer Opinion Institute is managed and operated by Kantar-TNS, the world’s largest custom market research company. Their extensive customer service background ensures quick responses to member inquiries. At the Consumer Opinion Institute, you can earn cash/prizes for taking surveys about the products and services you use daily. As a member, you can share your opinions and experiences to ultimately make a difference.

Payment and Rewards

How it works

Surveys will be mailed to you via the US Postal Service. Simply fill out the survey and return it in the enclosed pre-paid postage envelope. If an online survey is available, you will receive an email from [email protected] asking you to log in to Consumer Opinion Institute's website to complete the survey.

Membership process

To become a member, simply fill out a registration survey about your lifestyle and members of your household in order to receive surveys catered to your demographic. Membership is free and can be cancelled at any time!

Consistent cash rewards

When a survey is sent out via mail, you can expect between $1-$5 enclosed (either in the form of cash or check) with the survey itself. The amount will depend on the length of the survey. If you receive an invitation to complete an online survey, the amount of the reward will be stated in the email.

Visit Consumer Opinion Institute's website  

Survey Taking Experience

Survey invites and lengths

You can expect to receive 1-2 surveys per month via mail and 1 survey online per month on average. The surveys themselves are quite quick to complete, and take on average about 10-20 minutes to complete.

Eligibility: Open to USA residents only. The panel often has demographic restrictions in place for new members, so if you're unable to join, try again at a later date.

Consumer Opinion Institute Reviews (16)

5 Star Reviews (2) 12.5
4 Star Reviews (3) 18.8
3 Star Reviews (1) 6.3
2 Star Reviews (6) 37.5
1 Star Reviews (4) 25.0

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Not worth it. poor support, domain invalid

April 12, 2023 by Andrew from United States

UPDATE 4/11/2023 domain name no longer exists.
Surveys are sent by mail, they are many pages long, in very small text, cumbersome to fill out, and take close to an hour to complete. The brands or franchises I am surveyed nearly all ones I never heard of, or that have zero relevance to me. Surveys used to be mailed with a $5 bill as incentive, which has recently changed to $10 Amazon egift card through a third party foreign country. My egift card was never emailed to me, even though I have a confirmation number. Numerous emails to [email protected] have gone unanswered, as well as a request via the COI website contact form. So, no incentive and no customer support.

No way it is worth what they give as an "incentive"

January 12, 2018 by Joe from United States

I receive their humongous surveys through the mail. They always include $5 as "incentive" for doing them. They are long as you could possibly imagine. I decided to see just how long are they. I completed one, giving only the minimal number of answers that is possible in order to give at least one answer per line (they want you to give bunches for several pages of questions... phooey). I had to provide 1,157 answers, manually, by hand, in order to complete the survey. That is absolutely ridiculous, and $5 is a pathetic insult.

If you like getting a penance thrown to you in order to make lots of money for this panel, then by all means, this is the panel for you.

Not the same

May 10, 2023 by Kevin from United States

They use auto send a $5 bill with the survey packet, now they send a voucher code for a $10 gift card which would be wonderful if the code worked. I tried many times and keep getting a message that says the code is invalid. I’ve emailed them more than a few times about it and no response. I want to keep filling out the survey packets but only if I get something in return since they take a lot of time to complete.

$10 gift card

February 14, 2023 by Jenny from United States

I used to fill out consumer opinion reports and they would send me five dollars for filling out the information now this month you get a $10 Amazon gift card. I have sent emails at least five times I get no response so no response no review if you send me something from consumer opinion, I’m gonna send it back.

not there!

July 27, 2019 by freestone from United States

I used to get surveys by mail about once per three months, and for years. slowly the surveys got longer and longer. but for the last 9 months, no surveys come at all. I finally tried to contact them, first discovering that apparently my account no longer exists, then discovering that support does not reply or acknowledge my problem letter! I wonder if this site is dead?!