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Cases typically pay $5-$10 each, depending on their length. Payments are made via PayPal once case is complete.

Become an eJuror now!

eJury has changed the way attorneys prepare for trial. Participate in online mock juries and focus groups with large groups of people to help attorneys determine case value, develop case themes, find the facts to emphasize, and learn "public" attitudes. The results at eJury are a tangible, persuasive tool used to promote settlement or prepare for trial.

How eJury works

eJury is like a traditional mock jury or focus group except that the "eJurors" participate via the Internet. The convenience of online participation allows for a larger and more diverse panel on each case, which gives the attorney the type of feedback normally associated with large focus group research, but without the associated high cost! Imagine how much knowledge that can be gained from asking 50 different people about their opinions on a case.

What do eJurors have to do?

As a chosen eJuror, you will participate in mock trials where case facts are provided and are drawn up by an attorney. Participants must read case information and render a verdict with facts to back up their opinion.

How many cases can I be a part of?

The number of cases member received is dependent on location. Participants living in large metro areas can expect to receive more cases. For example, in Tarrant and Dallas, where eJury was started, the average is about one case a week. Other counties will average fewer cases until they become more established with the attorneys in that area.

What is the pay?

Cases typically pay $5-$10 each, depending on their length. Payments are made via PayPal, once case is complete. The time spent reviewing a case varies greatly depending on the length of the case and the individual eJuror.

eJurors who completed a 6-page case were asked to respond with how long it took and the answers averaged about 35 minutes. Your first cases will probably take the longest, but once you become familiar with some of the basic terminology, your average time to complete your verdict will shorten.


Qualifications for service as an eJuror are much the same as the requirements for actual jury service in the United States. To qualify as an eJuror, you must: be 18+, a citizen of the United States, be able to read and write and be of sound mind and of good moral character. You cannot join if you have a previous felony. You cannot become a member of eJury if you are an actively practicing paralegal, legal assistant, insurance adjuster or work with an attorney or law firm.

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No cases going on 1 year and 6 months

July 15, 2020 by dottie from United States

I signed up hoping to be a juro.r every time I check it reads no cases....really? I find it hard to believe since I live in VA and there are always cases going on. Not sure if any person has been paid as it does list cases that seem to be years back.


July 19, 2017 by Kimber from United States

They do not send you the cases you have to check out the website and then look to see the list of cases I have had very good luck with this site. It is one of my favorites.

No Trials

July 13, 2015 by Ronald from United States

I had signed up over a year ago now and have never received an invite from them. Not sure if they even have any trials.

Never got any invites.

May 5, 2014 by Cynthia from United States

Over ten years, I've joined (and rejoined), this site. I've NEVER gotten an invite to do an eJury???

I've been sent more REAL LIFE Jury summons than invites from this site.

Lot of Work- Little Money

February 15, 2014 by Tracy from United States

It depends why you are joining eJury. I loved reading about the cases and am very interested in criminal law. So, I really liked it. But, if you are looking to make money, you will only earn gas money from these folks. It is not enough to pay bills at all.