Executive Advisory Board

604 Ave H East, Arlington, Texas  76011
Tel: 1-800-262-5974  Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Decision Analyst, Inc

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Green checkboxCash paid via PayPal
Green checkboxCash paid via check
Green checkboxDonations to charity
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Green checkboxOnline surveys
Green checkboxProduct testing
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You must have a 2,500-Point minimum balance to redeem Points.

Executive Advisory Board General Information

Executive Advisory Board
Join Executive Advisory Board and help corporations, universities and governmental agencies make better informed decisions! Help to also improve the products and services you use everyday with hundreds of surveys provided each year.

Become a Member!
It's free and easy to become a panel member. Most members usually participate in several surveys a year. The average survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and is easy and simple to answer.

Survey Types and Rewards
If you answer a screener (a short survey), you will receive 10 Points. If you participate in a longer survey, you will always receive a reward, but the type may vary. For example, you may be awarded with points, a free product to test, cash, a check or even a gift!

Point Incentives
Point incentives range from 700 to 1,000 points per survey, depending upon the time it takes. A point equals a penny. To redeem your points, log into your account and choose the "cash out" option. You must have a minimum of 2,500 points to redeem.

Donate to Charity!
The Executive Advisory Board offers different options to donate to charity. Once you have reached 2,500 points just choose the "donate to charity" option and decide from the list of charities; which one you would like to give back to.

Eligibility: Worldwide members accepted. Membership is limited to one person per household.

"What Happened??"
March 11, 2017 by Hans from United States

I have been a member for years and always was a great panel. On 3/3/17..the website suddenly just vanished. No warning, no explanation, no answers to all my attempts to contact them. What was a five star panel looks like it has gone defunct and disappeared into the night leaving the members owed money and with no explanation!! Just NOT right!!!




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