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Operated by: The Nielsen Company, LLC


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A minimum account balance of 2,000 points ($20) is required in order to request an item from the Homescan Gift Catalog.

Note: This page encompasses Nielsen Homescan's worldwide panels, so you may see comments and information from various countries. The US version of this panel is the National Consumer Panel.

The Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel, has existed for over 25 years and is a mini representation of consumers in every country it operates in. Panelists scan the barcodes on their every day purchases and complete engaging surveys, influencing the consumer marketplace via their purchasing decisions. The Nielsen Company is the world’s leading marketing information provider that measures audience and the effectiveness of business media products and services and operates this panel.

Payment and Rewards

Becoming a Member

Start by filling out the online registration form on the website. Note that only one membership can be completed per household. Once the information is received you will be put on the "Reserve Status Waiting List". Nielsen Homescan will then randomly select households to join the community. This is to ensure that panel members are as diverse as possible. If you have registered, do not register again - you may be on the waiting list for a few weeks or even a few months before getting your acceptance email.

Scan and Earn!

Once you are a registered member, Nielsen Homescan will send you a handheld scanner in the mail (they will pay for the shipping on both sending and returning the scanner) or in non-EU countries such as Canada, you can select the option of scanning your purchases using Nielsen's mobile app. Use this handheld scanner/mobile app to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases. Once a week, simply transmit this information to Nielsen - a super easy and quick process!

Each time you scan an item, you accumulate points that can be used towards items in the Homescan Gift Catalog. When you scan items, note that your information will be aggregated with other participants', and your personally identifiable information will be removed. In addition to scanning your items, you can also take part in fun surveys to earn additional points.

Collecting Points

The amount of points you earn is dependent on the duration of your membership with the panel as well as how consistent you are with scanning barcodes weekly. 1,000 points are worth approximately $1 and the minimum cash out balance is $20, which can be used towards items from the Homescan Gift Catalog.

Homescan Gift Catalog

The Homescan Gift Catalog contains gift-cards that can be used towards electronics, toys and household items. Members can also use points toward sweepstakes entries. Gifts are listed at various points levels, so you can use your points right away, or save up for larger rewards like sunglasses, tablets, TVs and more.

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Community Features

Fun and Easy

Nielsen Homescan works by collecting scanned barcodes on consumer purchases. They also prompt members to complete fun and easy surveys which help with making your voice heard as a consumer!

Other Ways to Earn Points

Complete emailed surveys and earn additional points credited to your account. As a bonus, receive yearly gifts for your participation in the program. Regular participants are also entered into the Nielsen Homescan sweepstakes that are held weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Although points give you access to the HomeScan Gift Catalog, sweepstakes sometimes offer cash prizes.

Use the Mobile App to Scan Purchases

In non-EU countries, instead of using the handheld scanner, simply download the “Nielsen Homescan” mobile app, which provides an even easier way to scan your purchases. The app contains the exact same functions as the traditional hand-held scanner but some users find using their mobile phones for this purpose is easier. Note that the mobile app can only be downloaded if you are a panel member and is available in select countries.

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Save your time!

September 25, 2018 by Jen from Canada

This is legit in that they will actually send you rewards, but it's NOT worth your time. Points accumulate very slowly. You have to use a pain-in-the-ass scanner on everything you buy, and you'll have to enter the price/quantity/coupons for every. single. item. I was going to quit right after joining when I saw how long points would take to accumulate, but I got an offer that I'd get a $15 gift card for every month I stick with the program. I got one $15 Visa gift card - in the mail because everything about this panel is 20 years outdated - and didn't get any after that because one week I went on vacation and apparently I missed checking in a couple times. (Which I'd debate since I've been adamant about checking in each week)

Just save your time. There are easier ways to earn a few points here and there and this dinosaur doesn't need to be part of your routine.

You people are a pack of whingers

February 13, 2018 by Matt from Australia

I have been with Nielsen Homescan in Australia for well over a year now, and between the scanning and the surveys I get, I probably cash out between $150-$200 a year. Nielsen have always followed up with customer service based in NZ, if i ask them to call me back, they do, any issues, they help and it might only be a couple of hundred dollars a year, but hey, in this day and age every little bit helps. Personally all i hear on this forum is people bitching because they have no idea how to use the system properly. If you don't like it, don't do it!!! Simple! In my opinion, Nielsen Homescan is great, especially if it helps track and keep the items i like to buy! :)

Don't do it

January 20, 2018 by Melanie from Canada

It would take a year of scanning everything you buy to get 1 free movie pass. Definitely not worth it.

Exceptional Community!

September 23, 2017 by Steve from Canada

Homescan Consumer Panel is awesome! Not only are you sent frequent surveys that are interesting, mobile friendly and points rewards are very generous, so many reward's in their get to scan products and services that you buy using an app on your smartphone. I just love doing this. Definitely worth joining!


September 22, 2016 by anthony from Canada

total waste of time scanning stuff for pathetic amount of points. I cancelled the program with them and asked for a waybill to return the scanner ....three times! and they sent my info to a collections agency. Do yourself a favour - DO NOT WORK WITH NEILSON HOME SCAN.