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Get Paid for Fun Adventures!
Turn the things you do everyday into an adventure! Ipoll is all about convenience and fun, and wants to know your thoughts on the things you do everyday with interactive mini missions that provide rewards.

Survey Types
iPoll offers its members the opportunity to take surveys via their website and also via their mobile apps. Their mobile apps are available on both iTunes (for iPhones) and on Google Play (for Android phones). Users who download the mobile app can expect to be contacted more frequently to participate in surveys.

Added App Features
Another benefit of downloading the app is getting specific assignments based on your geographic location, accept them and earn cash right on the spot! You may be challenged to take a picture of a product, or asked to visit a specific store. The app also includes video, photo and audio capabilities for fun, interactive reporting.

Rewards Offered
iPoll offers various rewards including cash paid via PayPal (to verified PayPal accounts only), Amazon.com e-vouchers, and iTunes gift codes. Once redeemed, rewards usually take about 4 weeks to be delivered.

Quarterly Sweepstakes!
iPoll rewards its members with quarterly sweepstakes draws of $10,000.

$5 Signup Bonus to New Members
New iPoll members will receive a one-time credit of $5 added to their account. This makes the $25 minimum to redeem most rewards attainable faster. Also complete your profile for even more cash earnings.

Eligibility: Residents in over 32 countries, 13+.

Note: iPoll was formerly known as SurveyHead.

"Terminated as well!!"
June 23, 2017 by Kyle from United States

I got one redemption then worked up to $38.50 & went to redeem to have it tell me my account has been terminated for violations of terms of service. I read through their terms of service, & this is bogus, now I see everyone else's comments as of late and I see I'm not the only one who has been screwed over.

"Had to change to negative also."
June 23, 2017 by Leisa from United States

I saw some negative reviews here. However, I kept seeing rave reviews on Facebook so I gave it another try. I had tried iPoll before and due to survey oversaturation on my part, cancelled. When I went back, they still had the $6 I had made before subscribing. I spent about about a week and a half and have earned $25 The minute I earned it, I redeemed it. It posted INSTANTLY to my paypal. I have absolutely no complaints with MY account. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm really excited about iPoll!!

UPDATE: Just cashed out again for the second time this month. If you're a survey taker that follows the rules and gives great feedback, you'll LOVE this site!!!

NEW UPDATE: Now, I too have experienced what everyone is complaining about. Perhaps ipoll is set up to terminate everyone for fraudulent activity if you're active and cash out more than twice. They just did it to me. I sent an email and I will update here with results. AND I spoke to "Rona" on the phone at iPoll. SO rude and not helpful. She claims to have "escalated" my case to the account dept. In the meantime, on the basis of this being ongoing and so many people affected, I've filed a BBB complaint, in Shelton, CT, where Survey Sampling INt'l who administers pymts for iPoll, Opinion Outpost etc. is located. I have no great hope that it will do any good. I also contacted the Survey Sampling hq office online just so they know what's up. It probably won't do any good but I'm trying. I HATE getting ripped off. It's getting rough out here, lol. I contacted the CEO of Survey Sampling iNt'l at his LinkedIn account. Anyone else who is tired of this should do the same.

"Terminated for No Reason"
June 21, 2017 by Paul from United States

Terminated AGAIN today for no reason after I cashed out. Same thing happened a couple of months ago after trying to cash out. Good luck trying to get a rational explanation. Good luck trying to get a live person on the phone.

June 19, 2017 by Doug from United States

I have been a member since 8/21/08 and have cashed out over $200. NOW SSI took over and I've been blocked, flagged, tagged, terminated!

UPDATE: they let me back in, and just when I reached $25 payout and requested they terminated me AGAIN!!!

"Joined recently, should stopped here first"
June 17, 2017 by Jolit from United States

Problems taking MOST of the invited & site surveys, keeps bouncing to login page which won't let me log in - it's stuck. App is useless - says there's "a problem with the account" - I joined a week ago! How do I already have a problem? And, why was I able to take a. 50 survey today if there's a problem? Emailed CS, still waiting but the ominous tone of "high volume of helpdesk emails we are receiving" does not bode well for them. Neither do the majority of Negative Reviews on Survey Police. Ipoll seems to be a super messed up survey site




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