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6 Research Drive, Shelton, Connecticut  06484 US
Tel: 1-866-360-9565   Contact: https://www.ipoll.com/about_us.php
Operated by: Dynata

Quick Overview:
Rewards Offered: Cash paid via PayPal Amazon gift cards iTunes gift cards Sweepstakes entries
Member Opportunities: Online surveys Product testing Mobile app Mobile surveys Mystery shopping Diary surveys Teen surveys
Redeeming Rewards: $25 USD minimum for gift cards, $50 USD minimum account balance required to cash out with PayPal.
Similar Panels: Opinion Outpost, Tellwut, Branded Surveys

iPoll, originally known as Survey Head, was founded in 2008 and since 2016, has been owned and operated by Dynata.

Get Paid for Fun Adventures!

Turn the things you do everyday into an adventure! iPoll is all about convenience and fun, and wants to know your thoughts on the things you do everyday, with interactive mini missions that provide rewards. You'll get a $5 bonus just for signing up, and surveys range from $0.50 to $3. If you don’t mind leaving your home, you may also complete “missions” using the phone app at specific retail locations. New Item Scavenger Hunts potentially allow you to earn from $0.50 to $100 a day.

Survey Types

iPoll offers its members the opportunity to take surveys via their website and also via their mobile apps. Their mobile apps are available on both iTunes (for iPhones) and on Google Play (for Android phones). Users who download the mobile app can expect to be contacted more frequently to participate in surveys.

Complete Surveys to Earn Points

Complete survey to earn points and get rewarded. Surveys themselves typically take between 10-15 minutes and iPoll tries to keep surveys as short as possible so they aren’t monopolizing your time.

Added App Features

Another benefit of downloading the app is getting specific assignments based on your geographic location, accepting them and earning cash right on the spot! You may be challenged to take a picture of a product, or asked to visit a specific store. The app also includes video, photo and audio capabilities for fun, interactive reporting.


iPoll offers various rewards including cash paid via PayPal (to verified PayPal accounts only), Amazon.com e-vouchers, and iTunes gift codes. Once redeemed, rewards usually take about 4 weeks to be delivered. If you are redeeming via PayPal, remember to use the same email to sign up for iPoll that you use for your PayPal account. iPoll tries to get your rewards to you quickly, but on occasion it may take up to 4 weeks to redeem your rewards.

A $25 account balance is required to redeem an Amazon.com e-voucher, or an iTunes gift code. PayPal cash payments can be requested when you've completed $50 worth of surveys or assignments.

Quarterly Sweepstakes!

iPoll rewards its members with quarterly sweepstakes draws of up to $10,000 USD. To be entered into the sweepstakes, you simply need to participate in a panel or survey, attend a webinar or redeem points.

Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada, 13+

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Easy to Qualify, and paid quick

September 17, 2010 by Justin from United States

I have had no problem with survey head, it took me one month to reach the $25.00 dollar payout level and within one week I recieved payment to my paypal account. I would reccomend survey head.

They do not honor payment

September 17, 2010 by Bill from United States

They do not pay, after you submit a legitimate payment request, after months of taking their very long surveys. Their customer service department has never responded to a question, and I've contacted them now three times.

Surveyhead Update

September 17, 2010 by Matthew from United States

Hi All, I'm writing on behalf of Surveyhead. We have recently been making payment to members for taking surveys. We recently paid out thousands of dollars via PayPal to our survey members. You will see better service from Surveyhead going forward.

Survey Head Is a total ripoff

September 17, 2010 by shirley from United States

I never received my payment it is going on 2 months now. This realy ticks me off


September 17, 2010 by donnna from United States

I been trying to cashout for days and it just set their , I have everything filled out and checked nothing.

I just want to cash out and be done with them. They get paid something for us to do the survey they should pay us when we request it. They keep this up people will quit doing them and they they will lose money.