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Operated by: Lightspeed LLC


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Redeem your LifePoints at any time from the LifePoints Rewards Catalog when your account contains at least 550 LifePoints ($5). Choose from PayPal payments, e-gift cards or a donation.

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Beginning early 2019, Lightspeed shut down MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket in most countries, and merged those members into LifePoints.

LifePoints is a survey website where people from all over the world can make extra money and earn gift cards by participating in market research surveys. Joining the community is free and your opinions will have a big impact on future products and services.

What is LifePoints?

lifepoints panel website

What is LifePoints Panel?

LifePoints is an online survey site and community of like-minded people who want to share their views and opinions to earn rewards and influence future decisions made by the big brands we know and see every day.

It’s also the place to go for those who want to collect rewards for living their lives. Every time you go shopping, to the movies, or simply enjoy a new local service, you can collect LifePoints by sharing your views and opinions about these products, services and experiences.

Payment and Rewards

lifepoints panel rewards

Join to Get Free Points

New members of LifePoints Panel will enjoy 10 free points automatically credited to their accounts upon confirming their email.

Great Rewards Options

In order to request a reward, you must have a minimum of 550 LifePoints ($5) in your account. Once you've reached this balance, you can spend your LifePoints on three main reward options: gift cards, PayPal payments and donations. Note that rewards options may vary between countries.

  • e-Gift cards - With just 550 points, you can request a $5 e-gift card from Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy, Google Play, Apple Store, Marks & Spencer, Love2Shop, ebay, to gas stations, and more
  • PayPal payments - With 1200 points in your account, request a $10 PayPal payment.
  • Donations - Donate to a great charity with as little as $1 (110 points). Charities include: Red Cross, Special Olympics, Eco Matcher

All rewards are issued within 10 days of request. If requesting a PayPal payment, be sure your PayPal email address is the same as the e-mail address you used to sign up with Lifepoints.

Points Value: 550 Lifepoints = $5.00. Therefore, 10 points = $0.09

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Survey Taking Experience

lifepoints surveys

Take Surveys, Earn Points, Get Rewarded

As a LifePoints member, you can contribute your views and opinions by completing online surveys covering various aspects of your daily life. Other activities such as mini-polls, product testing and other types of data collection are also opportunities to earn LPs (LifePoints) to receive exceptional rewards including money and free gift cards.

Survey invitations are sent out by email and can be taken any time during the survey period. Members don’t need any special skills to complete the activities within LifePoints consumer panel. If you can contribute your thoughts and fill out the online survey, then you’re ready to go!

Survey Lengths

Survey lengths vary, however most surveys will take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Compensation awarded for every survey varies, and depends on its length, as well as the client's urgency for survey takers to complete it. The more urgent the assignment, the more points it will offer.

Receiving More Surveys

To ensure you're being invited to the maximum number of surveys, ensure your personal information on file is up to date. Do this by filling out the profile questions available in your account (which will earn you an extra 10 points!). This will help match you to the best possible surveys and will increase the number of market research studies that are most relevant to you and your lifestyle.

Tip! Be sure to add to your list of trusted senders, address book or contact list so that survey invites make it to your inbox.

Earn Points for Disqualifications

If you start a survey but don’t get to finish it, LifePoints will reward you with a small number of points as recognition for your time and effort. Point amounts may be 2 or 3 points at a time and can help you reach a cash out sooner. You may earn up to 10 extra LifePoints a day this way, which means you can redeem your earnings for rewards sooner!

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Community Features

lifepoints worldwide panels

Backed By a Reliable Research Company

LifePoints consumer panel is run by Lightspeed, ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating across 70 countries. The company conducted its very first research study in 1946! It’s safe to say that LifePoints is a strong brand backed by a well-established and reliable research company.

Extra Features

In January 2019, Lightspeed merged their flagship panels - MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket into LifePoints to provide a better global user experience. Today, LifePoints is a community of over 5,000,000 members from all over the world, with over 1.5 million Facebook fans.

LifePoints social media community enjoys the possibility of participating in competitions, special prizes, and giveaways in addition to survey-related activities. Every month, LifePoints rewards its members on social media with prizes such as PlayStations, Apple Watches, an Xbox, Amazon vouchers, Amazon Echos & Alexa devices, Smart TVs, and more.

Is LifePoints Legit or Scam?

lifepoints legit or scam

Is LifePoints Panel Legit?

LifePoints was originally formed by merging the MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket survey panels which were operational for over a decade. Since then, LifePoints has grown into a community of over 5 million members worldwide and has paid over $22 million to its members.

Lifepoints is a legitimate and safe survey site, run by Lightspeed - a legitimate and credible market research company. Member data is kept private and secure and is never sold. Therefore, LifePoints is not a scam, although as with any online survey site, your experience and success with the site may vary.

Eligibility: The LifePoints panel is open to those 14 years of age and older who are from one of dozens of countries worldwide and the website is available in over 26 different languages.

Joining Bonus! LifePoints is currently offering a 10 point sign up bonus to new members.
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LifePoints Reviews (488)

5 Star Reviews (136) 27.9
4 Star Reviews (37) 7.6
3 Star Reviews (20) 4.1
2 Star Reviews (31) 6.4
1 Star Reviews (264) 54.1

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very bad experience about service

April 10, 2024 by meera from India

I'm very disappointed at this survey website. Once I had enough points to redeem, they cancelled my account for a surprising reason. I do not recommend at all this survey website. After all the hours I spent filling surveys, they just cancelled my account.

LifePoints reply logo

LifePoints responded to this review on May 1, 2024


We're sorry you didn't have a great time with us. Let’s discuss how we can turn your experience around, please raise a new ticket with our help centre quoting ‘SITEREVIEW-SP’.

The LifePoints Team
Very excellent

April 3, 2024 by Sherazle from South Africa

Easy surveys and payout fast. I would say this is the best sites for surveys. Very legit.

LifePoints reply logo

LifePoints responded to this review on May 1, 2024


Your feedback is always important to us! We're glad to hear that you are having a great time participating with our LifePoints Community!

The LifePoints Team
Illegal conduct

March 20, 2024 by MATTHIEU from Australia

After my own and many others experiences with this site, I am warning consumers to avoid this company. Below is a copy of a letter of my complaint to Lifepoint's.

I am writing to express grave concerns about LifePoints' business model, which appears to deliberately prey on vulnerable individuals seeking supplemental income. My own experience, coupled with extensive negative reviews across multiple platforms, paints a disturbing picture of systemic issues of your 'organisation', including:

Exploitation of Vulnerable Populations: Many reviews describe users who feel desperation to earn money due to financial hardship. LifePoints attracts these individuals with promises of rewards, only to exploit their time and effort with meager payouts. This practice is unethical and targets those most in need. You provide consumers with no protection.

Deceptively Low Rewards: LifePoints consistently ranks among the lowest-paying survey platforms. The discrepancy between advertised rewards and the actual value received demonstrates a pattern of misleading consumers.

Inaccurate Survey Time Estimates: Users overwhelmingly report that surveys take significantly longer than LifePoints claims. This wastes participants' time and further reduces the already minimal compensation. The company seems to lure respondents with false time estimates, a blatant misrepresentation.

Poor Communication and Lack of Transparency: Your sudden cancellation of my account without explanation exemplifies LifePoints' disregard for its users. This lack of basic respect and communication signals a company unconcerned with fair or ethical treatment of its participants.

I urge the ombudsman to thoroughly investigate LifePoints' actions. I firmly believe their actions warrant:

Public Rectification: LifePoints should be compelled to accurately portray reward rates and survey lengths to prevent further exploitation.
Consumer Restitution owed from your company I believe may be widespread : I will be investigating whether users misled into time-consuming surveys are entitled to compensation for their wasted time and effort.

Accountability: LifePoints must be held accountable for practices that damage public trust and harm potentially vulnerable individuals.

I plan to share my experiences and those of countless others on relevant review sites. I will also formally escalate this matter to the ACCC. LifePoints has eroded its reputation by deliberately engaging in misleading tactics, and I refuse to let your actions remain unchallenged.

LifePoints reply logo

LifePoints responded to this review on May 1, 2024

Hi Matthieu,

We apologize here as well for the bad experience you had with LifePoints. In case you need more help please do not hesitate contacting us via Help Desk.

The LifePoints Team

March 12, 2024 by gabi from Greece

I was banned by lifepoints because of violation of rules they say. As well mypoints vanished. Does anyone have the same experience?

LifePoints reply logo

LifePoints responded to this review on May 22, 2024

Hi Gabi,

Thanks for sharing your experience. As much as we hate to let any of our members go, but sometimes this is necessary in order to fulfill our commitment to our clients.

For further clarifications you can contact us via Help Desk quoting "SITEREVIEW-Sp"


The LifePoints Team
It's OK

March 8, 2024 by Piotr from Poland

Sufficient number of surveys and fast payments - cards and PayPal. It's OK.

LifePoints reply logo

LifePoints responded to this review on May 22, 2024

Hello Piotr,

Amazing! We are happy your experience as part of the LifePoints community has been so good.

Best Regards,
The LifePoints Team