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Gift vouchers can be redeemed with a $10 minimum account balance, and PayPal payments can be requested with a $25 account balance.

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LiveTribe is a survey panel community of over several hundred thousand New Zealand and Australian panelists. Join now and discuss your favorite brands, products and services by sharing your unique opinions!

Payment and Rewards

Tons of Ways to Earn and Win

LiveTribe has multiple ways to gain points or win prizes beyond just filling out surveys. These include:

  • Competitions (monthly and gaming)
  • $5000 Giveaway Sweepstakes + 5 x $1000 Sweepstakes draws (almost any action you take on the site gains you an entry)
  • Social Media (follow LiveTribe for surprise contests on social media)
  • Profile Completion (complete your profile for 750 points)
  • Forums and Polls (engage with members and even suggest topics and polls. If they are published you receive 1,000 points!)

Extensive Reward Offerings

With LiveTribe, members can choose a reward that suits them most out of a large variety of options. Rewards include e-vouchers for Amazon, DealsDirect, Flight Centre, iTunes, Woolworths, and others, or you can choose to receive your rewards as cash via PayPal or EFTPOS money cards. Receiving rewards take anywhere between 5 days to 8 weeks, depending on the reward you have chosen. Note that some rewards carry extra costs for LiveTribe and extra points will be deducted to cover this. An example would be EFTPOS vouchers.

Survey Taking Experience

Explore the Many Offerings of LiveTribe

At LiveTribe there is a ton to explore. Members can take online surveys, play games, answer monthly competition questions or participate in online discussions.

Monthly Prize Draws

As a member of LiveTribe you will be given a chance to win a $5,000 giveaway every three months!

LiveTribe Points and Conversions

The reward conversion is 740 points for $1.00. Most surveys taken pay between 700 to 1,100 points, however some special surveys can pay as high as 4,000 points! The minimum payout is $10 or 7,400 points and rewards normally take 15 to 30 days to be processed and delivered. There are some exceptions, such as PayPal deposits which start at a minimum of $25.

Community Features

Giving Back to your Community

Instead of using your points to collect rewards, consider using them towards a local community cause! LiveTribe believes it is important to combine research with charity activities, and as a result, thousands of points each year are donated to great causes. Each month there is a rotating charity that has a local community issue focus.

Refer Friends for More Rewards

Share the fun of LiveTribe with your friends and get rewarded. Each time you successfully refer a friend and they complete three surveys, you will be awarded 1,000 bonus points.

Eligibility: Open to residents of Australia and New Zealand only.

LiveTribe Reviews (31)

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4 Star Reviews (1) 3.2
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2 Star Reviews (4) 12.9
1 Star Reviews (23) 74.2

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November 3, 2019 by Russell from Australia

Took six months of surveys, and there was a lot, to able to claim $50 through Paypal. After I made the $50 claim Live Tribe stated that it will be take 6 to 8 weeks to be paid.
After 8 weeks I had to contact them to get my rewards which they paid a week later. 9 weeks to get paid is not good enough!

4 to 8 weeks payout?

May 25, 2019 by lucy from Australia

Not in my experience, after 8 weeks I am advised that the payment will be processed next week. I suggest that no payment will be processed without an enquiry.

forum flagging

May 5, 2019 by Paul from Australia

I am a bit disappointed with the site in general, or perhaps I should say the forum part of this site. I recently took part in several topics of discussion, and used a common Aussie word about the topic we were discussing. My remarks were flagged as offensive by someone else on the forum and they were removed, along with several other comments I had made on other topics. I emailed Live Tribe about it, and got a reply saying that my remarks were flagged by another member as offensive, and that Live Tribe removed the comments I made as offensive?? I have just posted the entire email I received from them in reply to my asking about my missing posts, and no doubt they will now revoke my membership. I also posted the reply from them into the topic of discussion for all others to read, and am now waiting for them to cancel my membership or ban me from the forum.
Has anyone else had a similar issue on this site?

Gone bad.

February 11, 2018 by Timothy from Australia

Been with this site for over 4yrs and they used to be very good, however in the last 12months their surveys have slowed or are just repeated and it takes about 8wks to get your reward paid out, however the reason for my review is because i have now being waiting 10wks for my $50 redemption voucher to reach my email account and it has not been sent. I have emailed support 3 times and got no reason to why and they keep saying it will be processed this week. However no such reward has been given. I Used to only wait about 5-6wks and when i first signed up it took about 4wks to get paid out, however the older the site gets the worse it gets. I would recommend other sites instead of this one.


November 25, 2017 by Arnold from Australia

I have an email from Live tribe dated 12/9/17 stating my claim for $50 will be paid in 6-8 weeks. It is now over 10 weeks & they don't even answer my emails. Is this normal ? do other people have this problem ?