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Mindfield Online

1012 Kanawha Boulevard East, Suite 301 Charleston, West Virginia  25301
Tel: 800-969-9235  Contact: support@mindfieldonline.com
Operated by: McMillion Research

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Member Opportunities
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdOnline surveys
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Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdTeen surveys
Green checkbox 5f0b2b7a6efc6dda5d1ce0825827aff0a8639889d4a033764d83359e8db1afcdOnline focus groups
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Redemption Info
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$1 minimum balance required to request Amazon gift codes. $5 minimum balance for PayPal payment and $10 for check request.
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Mindfield Online General Information

Mindfield Online

Mindfield Online
Mindfield Online is an online survey panel operated by McMillion Research. Mindfield and McMillion Research are active members of some of America's largest marketing associations. This panel is also backed by IQD Technology which guarantees a high standard of data and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Open to Many Demographics
There are many different groups that Mindfield Online is looking for, some of which include: College students, moms with children, seniors, working professionals and teens (15+). Many other demographics are also accepted, so join now!

Facebook Log-In
Registration can be done by creating a new profile or using your Facebook account for added convenience and benefits. Some of the benefits of joining with your Facebook profile include: Immediate collection of Amazon gift certificates, navigating your Mindfield accounts with only one login and referring friends with ease!

$10 per Survey and $100 for Focus Group Participation!
Members may be invited to participate in surveys or focus groups. Surveys usually take 5 – 15 minutes to complete and vary with their rewards given, but you could earn up to $10. Focus groups may be rewarded up to $100 for participation.

Cash Rewards
Incentives with MindField Online come in the form of cold hard cash or Amazon certificates! All rewards are distributed in US currency. Once you have earned a minimum of $5.00, you are eligible to cash out your account. Reward system is as follows:

  • PayPal: $5.00 minimum, allow 5-10 days for payment to appear in your account
  • Check: $10.00 minimum, allow 4-6 weeks delivery time
  • Amazon Gift Cards: Spend your earnings on millions of great products with your Amazon gift voucher.

Refer your Friends!
Tell your friends how they can make some extra cash! Each time you refer a friend, family or co-worker and they complete their first survey, you will be paid $1.00 as a thank-you for growing the Mindfield community!

Access Mindfield Anywhere
Download the Mindfield “SurveyCloud” app for android and Iphone to participate in survey opportunities anywhere at any time.

Sweepstakes are open to United States residents who are 18 years of age or older. Entries are obtained each time a panelist answers a survey or refers a friend to Mindfield Online. Each month a winner is chosen and rewarded $500!

Eligibility: Open to USA and Canada residents age 15+

"Too Slow For Me"
April 28, 2016 by Sarah from United States

I had been with Mindfield (according to my profile) since February 2010. In the last 6 years, I made $59 with them. That averages out to be about $6 a year! I went through my survey history, and the last study that I actually qualified for was September of 2015. I am not sure exactly who qualifies for surveys here, but if you are just an average stay at home (not a professional) you will not make any money with this site. However, for the little I did earn, they ARE legit to pay. I have used both Wal-Mart gift certificates and Paypal.

"The epitome of what a survey site should NOT be"
April 07, 2016 by Jean from United States

This is the absolute worst survey site! Do not waste your valuable time or effort. I have hung in there (for far longer than I should have), and given them ample opportunities to use me. I guess I kept hoping they would improve. But the final straw came . . . after being a member for more than a year, I finally qualified for ONE survey (after sending me over 600). After finishing the survey, and feeling good about the hour I spent on it, I was never compensated for it. I emailed the customer support address, but it was never resolved.

After opening the emails they would send (and every email said they had at least one new survey that I qualified for), I would immediately click on the survey number, but it would say it was either full, or it timed out (and that was maybe 5 minutes after getting the email) or that I didn't qualify (after answering 10-15 questions). This site was a site I had technological problems with, as well. It is too bad, because the look, the set up, the home page, etc. is quite professional looking, but it is not a site you want to join, if you are looking to actually participate in giving your opinion!

"dont waste your time."
January 18, 2016 by doug from United States

I have had enough to cash out once. Surveys are always "just reached our limit" or closed by the time you attempt.

"Not worth it"
December 04, 2015 by Nancy from United States

I have only made $56 in three years, which is hardly worth it

October 20, 2015 by Maxanne from United States

By far the worst survey company I have ever used. I have been a member for a very long time and they used to be a great company. I continue to do surveys, complete them, but am never paid for my participation. I have had $3.00 in my account for over a year, so I logged in to my account and reviewed my "study history" and found I had not been paid for any survey since March 24th for a measly $1. If I ever get to the $5 cash out level, I am out of there!!!




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