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Operated by: Branded Research Inc.

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1000 point ($10) minimum account balance required to request PayPal or Dwolla payment, or e-gift card
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Get $2 for Becoming a Member of MintVine
Join Mintvine to instantly get 200 points (worth $2) instantly credited to your account. Registration with the site is very quick, and you may use your Facebook account, or with your e-mail address.

When your account reaches 1000 approved points ($10), you may redeem your points for cash paid to your PayPal or Dwolla account. Alternatively, you may request an electronic gift code to Amazon, Target, and other retailers. Redemptions take approximately 48 hours to process. A valid phone number may be required to cash out your rewards.

Points for Survey Disqualifications
Receive up to 5 points credited to your account when you are disqualified from completing a survey.

Referral Program
Earn 15% from each friend's future earnings on all surveys and offers. Your unique referral code will be listed in your account. Once your friend completes their first survey, you will also receive a 50 point bonus ($0.50)

Survey Lengths
Most online surveys will take between 10-20 minutes to complete. The estimated completion time will always be listed.

Daily Polls
Every day, log into your account to receive 5 or more points for taking a quick poll available in your MintVine dashboard. You may complete one poll every 24 hours to accumulate these extra points. Additionally, you may earn an extra 25 points for every 10 polls you complete during a Poll Streak opportunity.

Earn Extra Points with Local Deals
Local Deals offers are businesses that offer great deals along side earning bonus MintVine points if you choose to make a purchase. These opportunities are also listed in your MintVine dashboard.

How to Redeem Points
Once you have earned a minimum of 1000 approved points ($10 worth), a redeem button will become active in the "Current Earnings" panel. You can then choose a cash payment option or request an electronic gift card.

Eligibility: USA, UK, Canada residents 13+

"Disappearing Act."
January 10, 2017 by Bill from United States

I originally wrote this review in 2015, today, Jan 9. 2017, mintvine put a reply under my review. "We're sorry you had a negative experience with Mintvine, we appreciate your feedback." Yeah, so? Why didnt you respond to my MANY inquiries why I cant access your site any longer? Why did you screw me out of $20+ in rewards? Like an apology almost 18 months later, fixes anything? How lame! I'm sorry you're still in business, in Sandy Eggo, full of illegal aliens and eternal hippies! Why don't you put on some big boy (or girl) pants and tell me why I've been screwed by your lousy outfit?

I joined this site in May or June, They only require $10 to cashout PayPal, which I did on 7/11, they paid it out on 7/14. Good, I thought, easy to get pts and cashout and get paid. Well I tried to cash out again on July 27, it was rejected, I sent inquiry Aug 4, never heard back, now they send me invites with nothing in them! I see this happening to others, I think they went out of business, or they are very selective of whom they allow to continue, they just ignore everyone else. They still owe me almost $20 for surveys I took! As another has stated in their forum, no redeem button comes up so I can cash out, and, as another stated, some of my surveys that I took several months ago, have not been approved or rejected and added to my cash out eligible total. I thought it was a classy outfit, had a nice looking site, nice activities, paid you something even if you didnt complete a survey, but not they seem to have slunk off to never-never land without so much as a heads-up. However, some people recently report very good things about them. I think they are playing some kind of favoritism game and not letting everyone in on it. I'm done with them...if you get something from them, good for you! But I think they are being very dishonest with the rest of us! And yet, they always harp on honesty and integrity. Typical hypocritical behavior!

Mintvine panelreply

MintVine responded to this review on January 10, 2017

We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with MintVine and appreciate your feedback. Please email info@mintvine.com with details of your account issues and we will investigate the problem.

"Was satisfied until..."
January 07, 2017 by Samantha from Canada

I've been using this site for quite some time with no issues until now. I do most of my surveys through their offer pages (my survey and peanut labs), however sometimes use survey street. The issue with survey street is the points are pending for 15 days. Which is annoying but not a huge issue. I completed a survey for 90 points. After the 15 days of pending it became approved. I even made a withdraw at that time with no issues with that. I withdrew all my points at the times so I know these points were not pending or rejected as it allowed me to and also said on that specific survey 'approved'. Withdraws take some time so I was completing more survey and earning more points. So 13 days AFTER these points were approved and and 29 days AFTER I completed the survey, the points are now showing rejected and 90 points came off my total. Now like I said I had already had these points approved and redeemed them, so technically these 90 points taken are point I earned from other surveys. I've contacted the site multiple times explaining this issue. The first three responses I received were generic explanations on how 'pending' points work, and were very obvious the first 3 emails I wrote weren't actually read. Now I'm getting rude, patronizing emails. I even sent the screen shot showing the date I completed the survey and the date it became rejected (29 days after completing, much longer then the 15 days they told me pending surveys take to clear), and I have yet to get a response from the last email. I used to love this site, however this issue and the way its being handled is extremely disappointing to say the least.

"High screenout rate"
January 06, 2017 by Amanda from United Kingdom

I must have poor demographics, because I get screened out of practically every survey with Mintvine! I don't know whether others experience this. However, I have been paid a couple of times without fault, so this nudges the score up slightly.

January 03, 2017 by CAROL from United States


"got payment"
December 31, 2016 by william from United States

i start work on mintvine 20 days ago.i rich 10$ in 3 days than i see my survey was pending.so waiting for approve my survey.after 14 days i saw my all survey is approved.than i cashout my payment in 24th December.i saw my payment will be clear 30th December.now today i receive my payment.

thanks mintvine.i like this




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