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MyPoints General Information

MyPoint is a popular panel that was established in 1996. MyPoints is a rewards program website where members can collect reward Points by making online purchases from certain retailers. It is also a website that offers many other ways of collecting incentives for great gifts. With MyPoints, earn rewards for doing what you already do online!

Registration Details
Registration is quick and easy for MyPoints, just click the join now button and fill out the information required. For ultimate convenience, download the mobile App available for IPhone only. Don’t forget to take advantage of collecting 100 Points when you first download your MyPoints balance.

Earn MyPoints Quick
There is a large variety of ways for panelists to build up their points. Members can earn additional points by:

  • Online Surveys: Take surveys and earn extra Points, make sure to keep your profile updated and check the “surveyzone” daily for new surveys. Also receive points every time you're disqualified from a survey.
  • Refer-a-Friend: Receive 25 Points each time you successfully refer a friend to the MyPoints program.
  • Games: Choose between a dozen different games where you can collect 5-10 Points for playing. There are even slot machine games where you could win big!
  • Printing coupons: Earn 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem! The more you print, the more you earn, print and redeem 10-15 coupons in a month and earn 25 Bonus Points. 16 or more coupons in a month and earn 50 Bonus Points.
  • Videos: Earn one Point for each video you watch! Watch anything from entertainment to health and wellness videos that are up to date and interesting.

Shop and Spend $20, Earn Back $10
MyPoints offers a wide library of shopping for users and a bonus for new members. Spend $20 or more receive a $10 balance in your account (equivalent to 1,750 Points)! Note that this offer only applies within the first 30 days of membership. Check out the wide variety of products and services listed on MyPoints. They have local deals (Groupon), goods available and even a travel section. The best part is that each purchase you make will have bonus Points attached!

Great Rewards
Members may redeem their points for any of the following:

  • Gift Cards: Minimum 700 Points ($5) required. Redeem your points for a wide variety of gift cards such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, JC Penny, and more. (*Note that not all gift cards are available in Canada)
  • Cash: Deposit your points directly into your PayPal account

Eligibility: United States and Canadian residents only.

"BLOCKED ME and Kept my $100+ in Gift Cards"
April 13, 2017 by Ka from United States

I've been a member of MyPoints since 1999. Two weeks ago I noticed I'd been signed out of my account so I signed back in as I was an avid user of the site. It told me my email/pw were incorrect (which I knew was not correct). I tried to reset my pw, but the "enter" button was dead. I've emailed for two weeks now with no intelligent life replying. I went to their FB page and I am BLOCKED as there is NO WAY to reply to anything on their site. This is INTENTIONAL> All you businesses beware! MyPoints is keeping your money earned from us shoppers and are not following through on their promises to us the users. Pull all your collaborations with MyPoints as they are NO LONGER TRUSTWORTHY.

"They've gone shady"
March 25, 2017 by kurt from United States

I too have been a long time MyPoints participant - since 4/17/2007. When I cashed in some legitimately earned points last week (3/2017), MyPoints team stated that I needed to email in a copy of a government ID because I used a business IP when accessing the site. First of all, only a moron will email any kind of ID through unsecure email. 2nd, they are stating that accessing MyPoints from a non-residential IP requires additional NON-INDUSTRY STANDARD verification of a physical governmental issued ID card. That is quite ridiculous and quite an overkill for suspected fraud of a $10 Walmart ecard. Their request is by no means typical and actually quite brazen. Photo ID really?!?!... like they would recognize me! Actual email transaction copied below:

"Thank you for writing in regarding your Rewards approval.

As a standard procedure, our Compliance team is requesting your account to be verified by government issued ID. You can provide us with an attachment of a picture of your ID showing Country/State, Name and Birthdate. You can cover or block out any sensitive information on your ID, as long as we can see your picture, country/state, ​ name and date of birth. The photocopy will be stored on our secure system and be accessible only to our Compliance Department. We will promptly delete the photo after we review it.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Member Care Team

We apologize for the the misunderstanding. Please rest assured we are not requesting this information to scam or cheat our members. Our system has detected a non-residential IP and we will need to verify you as the account holder. This verification is to ensure the security of our members and the MyPoints community. We understand your privacy is very important to you and we agree. Your points and pending prizes will remain here if in the event you decide to cooperate with the verification. We apologize for this one-time inconvenience.
Member Care Team"

If this is how they treat their long-time followers over a $10 reward redemption, I'm promptly closing my account. STAY AWAY! They've gone shady and over-the-top unscrupulous.

"Suddenly Blocked for no reason"
February 16, 2017 by Ron from United States

Do not waste your time with MyPoints. I am a long time a member and one day I click on their survey email that took me to their surveys. I clicked on one like normal and asked me for the normal birth date. Entered my birthday as usual and suddenly I get a message stating I am entering inconsistent data and I am locked out. This is totally not true - same data I have entered in the past years. Member service was of no help. I do know in the last few months Mypoints had revamped the surveys and also had HUGE issues during the past few months so I am guessing incompetence has finally won over. Surveys are a Huge part of Mypoints so without them I will be closing my account. A waste of time now.

"Longing for the good old days!"
February 06, 2017 by Ann from United States

MyPoints used to be great!
Used to be so much better!!
But not any more!
Shame on you!

"Slightly better, but still high threshold"
January 17, 2017 by Victor from United States

Has gotten slightly better with opportunities but still too high a requirement for redemption.




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