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Minimum of 700 points ($5) required for rewards redemption.

MyPoints is a popular rewards website that was established in 1996. It’s one of the original cashback websites and is still going strong.

MyPoints is a rewards program website where members can collect reward Points by making online purchases from thousands of retailers, take surveys, watch videos and more. It is also a website that offers many other ways of collecting incentives for great gifts. These points can be exchanged for rewards worth up to 40% of your purchase.

It is also a website that offers many other ways of collecting incentives for great gifts, including taking surveys, watching videos and more With MyPoints, earn rewards for doing what you already do online!

How MyPoints Works

If you're wondering, 'how does MyPoints work?' the answer is simple. First off, it’s free to sign up for MyPoints. Simply enter your email address and desired password on its home page to begin the registration process. Once you’ve completed your profile, you’re free to begin earning points, which can ultimately be exchanged for rewards.

There are a variety of different activities you can complete to earn points (listed below), however the quickest way to earn points is by shopping with one of MyPoints’ 1,900 retail partners. Simply navigate to the retailer’s website via the link on the MyPoints website. When you do this and complete a purchase, points will be automatically added to your MyPoints wallet.

Because there are so many well-known online retailers paired with MyPoints that it’s worth checking this website every time you’re about to shop online. If the online retailer you’re planning to shop with is a MyPoints partner, you might as well earn some points, simply by clicking through to the store's website via your MyPoints account.

The amount of points you earn will usually be dependent on the amount you spend with the retailer. Most deals reward you as a percentage of your overall spending (up to 40%).

Visit the MyPoints website 

Payment and Rewards

Fast Registration

Registration is quick and easy for MyPoints - just click the join now button and fill out the information required. For ultimate convenience, download the mobile app (available for iPhone only). Don’t forget to take advantage of collecting 100 Points when you first download your MyPoints balance.

Sign-up bonus

New members of MyPoints will receive a bonus of $5-10 sign up bonus, just for joining and taking a few surveys. You’ll be rewarded with 100 points just for downloading the MyPoints mobile app.

What’s more, if you spend $20 with one of MyPoints’ retail partners within 30 days of signing up, you’ll be rewarded with a $10 Visa gift card or a $10 Amazon voucher.

Referral bonuses

MyPoints has one of the most generous referral bonus systems out of all the cashback websites.

  • You’ll receive 25 points when someone joins through your referral link.
  • You’ll earn 750 points when your referral makes a purchase of $20 or more within 30 days of signing up.
  • You’ll earn 10% of all points earned by your referrals for life, as a thank you for suggesting MyPoints to them.

Great Rewards

Accumulate points by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more. Redeem your points for the following:

  • Gift Cards: minimum 700 Points ($5) required. Redeem your points for a wide variety of gift cards such as Walmart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, JC Penny, and more. (*Note that not all gift cards are available in Canada)
  • Cash: deposit your points directly into your PayPal account
  • Travel Miles: add travel miles to your United MileagePlus account.
Visit the MyPoints website 

Community Features

Earn MyPoints, Quick!

As well as shopping with MyPoints retail partners there are a wide variety of ways for participants to build up their points. You can earn additional points by:

  • MyPoints Surveys: take online surveys and earn extra Points (up to 400), make sure to keep your profile updated and check the “surveyzone” daily for new surveys. Also receive points every time you're disqualified from a survey.
  • Refer-a-Friend: receive 25 Points each time you successfully refer a friend to the MyPoints program - and even more when they spend money with MyPoints retail partners.
  • MyPoints Games: choose between a dozen different games where you can collect 5-10 points for playing. There are even slot machine games where you could win big!
  • Printing coupons: earn 10 points for each coupon you print and redeem! The more you print, the more you earn. Print and redeem 10-15 coupons in a month and earn 25 Bonus Points. Print and redeem 16 or more coupons in a month and earn 50 Bonus Points.
  • Videos: earn one Point for each video you watch! Watch anything from entertainment to health and wellness videos that are up to date and interesting.
  • Read Email: read your Bonus mail and gain 5 points just for clicking!
  • Local Deals: earn points per dollar for your Groupon and LivingSocial goods and voucher purchases
  • Browser Extension: get alerts and coupons for MyPoints partners with their browser extension so you don’t miss out on shopping points.
  • MyPoints Search and Earn: use the search tool located the website to get a chance to earn free points.
  • MyPoints mobile app: Download the MyPoints app onto your mobile device and you’ll be rewarded with 100 points for doing so.

Shop and Spend $20, Earn Back $10

MyPoints offers a wide library of shopping for users and a bonus for new members. Spend $20 or more receive a $10 balance in your account (equivalent to 1,750 Points)! Note that this offer only applies within the first 30 days of membership. Check out the wide variety of products and services listed on MyPoints. They have local deals (Groupon), goods available and even a travel section. The best part is that each purchase you make will have bonus Points attached!

Is MyPoints Legit?

MyPoints started back in 1996 and currently has over 10 million members. These members have redeemed over 235 million dollars in cash and gift cards! Between its 20+ year history, millions of members and millions of dollars in payments, MyPoints is not a scam and legitimate. As with any program however, success with the program may vary from person to person.

Eligibility: United States and Canadian residents only.

Joining Bonus! MyPoints is currently offering a $5 sign up bonus to new members who take 5 surveys. » Click here to claim your bonus!

MyPoints Reviews (203)

5 Star Reviews (46) 22.7
4 Star Reviews (30) 14.8
3 Star Reviews (11) 5.4
2 Star Reviews (25) 12.3
1 Star Reviews (91) 44.8

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May 11, 2022 by WILLIAM from Canada

I would like to update me review of MyPoints, since my last review, they have been more then helpful in resolving problems so i just wanted to say I'm glad they have improved the support to help & quickly resolve problems.

Surveys and More

May 7, 2022 by Louanne from United States

There are so many other ways to earn pts besides doing the surveys, watching videos, bonus emails, games, etc. The surveys seem a little too long and boring for me, so I usually don't do them and do some of the other stuff to earn pts. I've always received my gift cards earlier than expected and when I have communicated with customer service, they answered me in less than 24 hours, cheerful and upbeat. Love this site.

They got to be to tight to give points

May 2, 2022 by Sue from United States

This is MYPOINTs answer to everything!
I been a member for a very long time. I waiting for my gift card. Which last time i got 1 it took over 60 days to get. No emails telling me i had it. You use to get 3/4/ point to watch the videos. Kicker is after each video you watch you got to wait to see if you are a bot. Video loads you watch it, after video you go back to Discover and Rate more click next. than you got to do it all again 13 videos for 2 points.
Great Content Is not. use to you could pick what you want to. now you cannot, it goes on and on with a lot of ads for watching black tv shows. You make contact with a bunch of people who does not even read your complaint AT ALL. they have one answer for every thing.
THIS IS WHAT they say...
We understand that some members have had limited or no access to engage in video viewing on our site or nCrave sites. This may be due to our use of industry-standard third-party traffic verification service. We rely on this service, which is required by our advertisers, to monitor activity. It is possible this service has flagged your IP address and it is possible you may no longer be able to engage in these activities at your current location.

As a reminder, the use of ad-blocking and privacy related browser extensions, ad-block, ublock, privacy badger being several class leading examples amongst many others, will prevent the normal use of and correct loading of our page within any browser.

We also suggest trying another location to engage in these activities, there is a possibility they will work for you.

We are unable to remove you from this list on our end and apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!

Member Care Team
Her is why you are forced to watch JUNK/get spam, unwanted emails. they use your cookies.
due to our use of an industry-standard third-party traffic verification service. We rely on this service, which is required by our advertisers, to monitor activity. They get paid to put it up. you waste your time watching same ads over and over again. for 2 points. YES i will be closing my account. They only care for the advertisers, None of my friends/family say it is worth them spending 4 hours on a web site for 30 points to much B S .

This is how they cover --- I sent them a web shot. Does no good. up they get paid to put the videos up for you to watch. for 1 point/2 points. Surveys i stopped doing them i finish it But my points says i did not. I wish i could post my web shots here. They have one answer its your computer.

They Cheat You Out of Points

April 20, 2022 by Carlos from United States

I have been a member of Mypoints since 2011, but I am thinking about cancelling. They owe me over 5,500 points from various surveys and in home testing of products that they didn’t credit to my account. Not only that, but their customer service ticketing system is a joke. They haven’t even answered tickets in the last month. I can’t even get an update on the status of my open tickets.

Also, don’t even think about trying to earn points by shopping through their links. I have never once received the points without playing email tag with them. Finally, I stopped using their links completely because it wasn’t worth the trouble.
Bottom line: avoid them. They cheat you out of points every which way they can, and their customer service is a joke.

Update:April 2022

This site used to be decent, and I have been a member for over a decade, but I have about had it with them. They hardly ever credit offers anymore without badgering customer service with multiple emails, and even then sometimes they won’t pay. They still owe me over $50 for offers alone. Oh, and customer service? They don’t answer requests. At all. Of any kind. They have cut down the number of points you get for submitting receipts, and they have also cut down on the number of points surveys pay out. Speaking of surveys, sometimes they don’t credit to your account even if you can manage to complete one before some type of glitch or error happens. These people are awful, borderline criminal, and need to be out of the survey business completely.

This used to be legit . . .

January 16, 2022 by Jill from United States

Though it took a long time to accumulate points, MyPoints used to be legitimate website/app. I put up with all the technical issues and bugs, since they'd come and go. What I cannot abide any more is being completely ignored. In November 2021, I participated in 2 very high point Bonusmail offers, as well as several online purchases via their portal. There was never any acknowledgement from MyPoints, so nothing on my Activity Log to open a ticket. I sent several requests (with screenshots for proof) throughout Nov/Dec. Suddenly, a January software update allowed visibility to website visits for the purchases, so I opened tickets for them via the Activity Log. Nothing yet has been acknowledged by MyPoints!

Enough is enough. I give up!