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93 Middle Street, Portsmouth, NH  03801 US
Tel: 1-603-766-5858   Contact: https://opinionpl.us/page/4
Operated by: Op4G


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Minimum account balance of 1000 points ($10, or £10 is the UK) required before an automatic PayPal payment is made.

OpinionPLUS closed in July, 2018. Its sister site, Opinions4Good is still fully operational.

OpinionPLUS is owned and managed by OP4g, a New Hampshire company. Participate in online surveys with OpinionPLUS, and shape the future of products and services found in the worldwide marketplace. OpinionPLUS works with the world's biggest brands and always puts its members first.

Unfortunately, OpinionPLUS is no longer operational. Click the button to discover survey panels that are running and are actively looking for new members!

Payment and Rewards

Take Surveys, Get Paid by Paypal

Take surveys with OpinionPLUS and earn points redeemable for cash via PayPal (100 points is equal to $1.00, or £1 in the UK).

Accrue Points for Cash

Taking surveys allows you to accrue points that translate to cash paid via PayPal. Once your account reaches 1000 points ($10.00, or £10), you will automatically be sent a PayPal payment the following month. No need to worry about requesting a payment - OpinionPLUS takes care of this automatically. Right now, OpinionPLUS only pays out via PayPal, so ensure the email you register with is the email associated with your PayPal account.

Bonus Points!

As a new member, once you complete your registration, you will be e-mailed a profile survey. Complete it and get 200 points ($2.00) credited to your account. If you are screened out, you will still be awarded points as a thank you for your time.

Survey Taking Experience

Survey Lengths

Online survey lengths vary, but surveys will typically take between 10-15 minutes to complete.

High Frequency of Survey Invites

OpinionPLUS does a high volume of research, so many users can expect to receive 2-3 survey invitations per week. Invitation volume does depend however, on the panelist's demographic.

Confidentiality Agreement

All information members provide to OpinionPLUS is protected by integrity and confidentiality. This security is ensured with never attaching any research information with the name or address of the panelist. All research findings are also reviewed in aggregate form to ensure another level of privacy and security with the information provided. It is also important to note that OP4g carries a very positive BBB rating.

Eligibility: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia, 13+

OpinionPLUS Reviews (18)

5 Star Reviews (1) 5.6
4 Star Reviews (1) 5.6
3 Star Reviews (2) 11.1
2 Star Reviews (2) 11.1
1 Star Reviews (12) 66.7

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Used to be good

February 13, 2019 by Erika from United States

It was a good site until it became op4g. Now you take and complete surveys and you never actually get credited. Total waste of time.

I have not qualified for a single survey

January 11, 2019 by Kaitlyn from United States

Have been a member of this website since November 2016, and have yet to receive a survey that I qualify for. I get a lot of surveys for medical disorders, of which I never put down I had any. But it seems as if I have been kicked off of the survey site without warning, but it is good riddance.

No payment

June 5, 2018 by Angela from United States

I have not received a payment even though I'm eligible for one and have received the initial penny transaction they send to verify your PayPal can be used. I have sent emails to customer service and no one ever responds. Horrible site so far

Get your rewards .

March 16, 2018 by Darrin from Canada

So I see many people have made claims they did not get their payout and I must say that though I just joined OpinionPlus and have yet to receive a survey I have in the past through other sites received the same response "account suspended" . I do not care why though it is mostly them not wanting to payout so if I am due a payout and am declined and it has happened a few times I go the company that has oversight and in this case it is op4G in New Hampshire go to their home page contact information and send them a detailed email BUT mention in that email that you will find out through Facebook and Linkedin the principals of the company and swamp them with emails about your situation . I have done this , it may take some work but I have always got my due rewards and only once did I have to go to their principal manages because as they say "it rolls down hill" . You have spent time , energy and provided them with valuable data and you deserve your rewards , be diligent , relentless and get what you have earned . Good Luck . * Also note that it is primarily American based sites that due this , I have never had a problem with a UK or Canadian site .

Blacklisted for No Reason

January 13, 2018 by Julie from United States

Like the other reviewers have stated, my account was also blacklisted for no reason. They claim I have multiple accounts in another country. I live in the US and only have one account. The most suspicious part - I just reached cash out which isn't surprising since others say they don't pay. I have contacted support but I doubt I will get any payment.