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Shopper's Voice

3rd Floor, 111 Gordon Baker Road Toronto, Ontario  M2H 3R1 CA
Tel: 1-800-603-4555  Contact: contactus@shoppersvoice.com
Operated by: ICOM Information & Communications L.P.

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"Changed My Mind"
February 18, 2015 by Sharon from United States

Update : (12/4/14)
I've received a box of samples and it was a nice one with 5 different samples in it. When it came, it just had the brands on the box, and I didn't know it was from Shopper's Voice until I got emailed a survey about the samples I received. So, with that in mind, I'd reclassify this as more of an informational community instead of a survey panel. I've gotten a coupon and a survey here and there, but the samples were the big reason I joined and now that's been confirmed I'll stay with them. However, the surveys they send are not paid, and you don't accumulate points or cashouts so it's not a survey panel, but you can get free samples here -- which is always nice!

Original: (10/15/14)
I signed up about 6 months ago, filled out the whole survey. All I've gotten is emails for surveys where there are NO rewards and an occasional email with tips n tricks that is just pretty much spam. When you login, you can only update info, adjust email subscriptions or unsubscribe. The site touts that you'll get free samples and coupons - I've never gotten either... So, not worth it from what I've seen; (which in 6 months, hasn't been much...)

"not a true panel"
June 27, 2013 by Roberta from United States

you get nothing out of doing their surveys . Only bother if you like doing surveys

"Waste of time!"
April 05, 2013 by Ashlaye from United States

I second the review above. Joined in March of this year and while I was sent multiple surveys and completed them, the only compensation I have been offered is being entered into a random sweepstakes or a coupon, not to mention the initial survey took over half an hour and was extremely repetitive. Not worth the effort.

"Not really a panel? "
March 20, 2013 by Brian from United States

Pretty sure I got signed up for Shopper's Voice by sending my e-mail address back with a mailed paper survey on a variety of different subjects. Now maybe a couple times a year, they send me an internet version of the same thing.
Near as I can tell, they don't offer any other surveys other than the 'master' one, and only rewards I've ever received are a few random coupons, most for items I don't even use. Unless you want to fill out a survey just for the heck of it, I'd say don't waste your time.




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