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Shopper's Voice General Information

Shopper's Voice
Shopper`s Voice is a national leader of consumer research. The panel offers one survey a year called – The Consumer Product Survey. The goal is to collect data on what consumer products to launch, keep on the shelves or change in grocery retailers. With the Shopper's Voice community, it's fun to be heard and feels good to make a difference in the products you buy!

Take One Survey a Year – The Consumer Product Survey
The Consumer Product Survey is fun, free and easy! It takes about 15 minutes of your time to complete. After you complete the survey, a few weeks later you will receive a Shopper's Voice membership email. Once you are a member, you are eligible to receive great coupons and samples! Best of all - these freebies will be tailored to your survey responses. You may also be sent invitations to earn even more rewards through sister research panels.

Earn a Chance to Win!
Another perk of completing the survey is being automatically entered into two lucrative sweepstakes. The first is a cash grand prize of $10,000 and the second is 12 prizes of $500 gift cards (Visa Prepaid Card or Amazon E-voucher).

Grocery Coupons
In addition to receiving your tailored coupons, the Shopper's Voice website offers a great coupon section. Members have the opportunity to save even more while shopping! Save money on anything from yogurt to pickles.

Website Blog
Don’t forget to check out the website blog section. Posts are about lifestyle, recipes, parenting, and other hot topics. If you want to learn new and interesting facts, this is a great section to explore.

Eligibility: Residents on Canada and The United States, 18+. Membership is limited to one person per household.

"They don't send coupons they promised"
December 22, 2016 by Dot from United States

I was a member of shoppers voice when it was on paper. Back then, they always sent good coupons as promised. Then when I joined the online panel I took a few surveys and did not send any credit or coupon. I ailed them and they said I was quota was full full quits can be determined before wasting time I a survey. I'm deeply disappointed. I guess it would be worth one try only

"Changed My Mind"
February 18, 2015 by Sharon from United States

Update : (12/4/14)
I've received a box of samples and it was a nice one with 5 different samples in it. When it came, it just had the brands on the box, and I didn't know it was from Shopper's Voice until I got emailed a survey about the samples I received. So, with that in mind, I'd reclassify this as more of an informational community instead of a survey panel. I've gotten a coupon and a survey here and there, but the samples were the big reason I joined and now that's been confirmed I'll stay with them. However, the surveys they send are not paid, and you don't accumulate points or cashouts so it's not a survey panel, but you can get free samples here -- which is always nice!

Original: (10/15/14)
I signed up about 6 months ago, filled out the whole survey. All I've gotten is emails for surveys where there are NO rewards and an occasional email with tips n tricks that is just pretty much spam. When you login, you can only update info, adjust email subscriptions or unsubscribe. The site touts that you'll get free samples and coupons - I've never gotten either... So, not worth it from what I've seen; (which in 6 months, hasn't been much...)

"not a true panel"
June 27, 2013 by Roberta from United States

you get nothing out of doing their surveys . Only bother if you like doing surveys

"Waste of time!"
April 05, 2013 by Ashlaye from United States

I second the review above. Joined in March of this year and while I was sent multiple surveys and completed them, the only compensation I have been offered is being entered into a random sweepstakes or a coupon, not to mention the initial survey took over half an hour and was extremely repetitive. Not worth the effort.

"Not really a panel? "
March 20, 2013 by Brian from United States

Pretty sure I got signed up for Shopper's Voice by sending my e-mail address back with a mailed paper survey on a variety of different subjects. Now maybe a couple times a year, they send me an internet version of the same thing.
Near as I can tell, they don't offer any other surveys other than the 'master' one, and only rewards I've ever received are a few random coupons, most for items I don't even use. Unless you want to fill out a survey just for the heck of it, I'd say don't waste your time.




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