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Survey Exchange is now closed.
February 03, 2014 by Catherine from United States

I just have to add my song to the chorus: horrible, horrible, horrible!

October 08, 2010 by Amy from United States

Too long to qualify. Too many technical errors. You never get paid. It's funny because the two people who recommended it actually had bad comments and hit the wrong button. lol

"Got me kicked out of Opinion Outpost"
September 17, 2010 by David from United States

I've been taking surveys for three years. Opinion Outpost was the first I signed up with. For about 32 of 36 months I was making $70-$80 per mo. with Op. Outpost. Then invitations stopped. Opinion Outpost told me I gave too many inconsistent answers on several surveys recently. It too a huge amount of hell raising but I was told which surveys and questions. GUESS WHAT-all OTX. Example of me "lying"-Was asked in Jan 2010 about beverages-I said I drank hot tea 5-7 times wk. In June I took another survey that included drinks and I said hot tea 1-2 month. They said I misled them. UH, I drink hot tea much more in winter than summer. Final example-Survey about next car purchase. In Sept 09 I said I would def buy a Range Rover. In July I said I had just bought a Lexus RX. OP Outpost said I misled them..again OTX. I was shocked Opinion OP did this, but not that the problems all came from OTX.

"Oh No They Di ' int! -- (LOL!)"
September 17, 2010 by Chris from United States

This is truly the worst survey site out there. They will continue to rip people off until someone finally shuts them down. Hopefully, that day will come soon!

Unfortunately, I am one of the people they scammed by letting me do a long survey only to disqualify me at the very end. NOT NICE AT ALL, but I have faith in our justice system! It'll all come out in the wash eventually!

"OTX = waste of 30 minutes"
September 17, 2010 by ryche from United States

OTX is surely a waste of time.
They don't have an offer waiting for you.
They have an offer that you have to find the right sequence to trigger so they can ask you lame questions and fill out charts.
[ ] automotive

list of beverages
beer? yes or no

how much alcohol you consume in the last week?
1=bla bla bla


That one leads absolutely no where and it is the end of its cycle of offers.

i had 5 successful completions:
grocery products
tire products

Sometimes my internet crashes when doing these offers, basically screwing my offer success for that day. Changing ips and other info works, but I feel OTX isnt worth that much effort.




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