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OfferNation Review 2022

Offernation Review
Written by SurveyPolice

OfferNation is a well-established get-paid to website, which has been around for the best part of a decade. Users looking to earn a bit of extra cash taking surveys, watching videos and completing other small tasks can do so using their website.

The company that runs Offernation is based in the UK, although membership is available to anyone in the world who is 18+. The same company also operates the websites and Rewarding Ways.

Here, we will do a complete 2022 Offernation review, including walking through how Offernation works, the rewards it offers and whether or not it’s worth joining.

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How Offer Nation Works

Sign up in minutes and earn a $0.25 welcome bonus

Offernation signup bonus
OfferNation may ask for more details during the sign-up process than most other Get-Paid-To websites, but you should still be able to set up an account quickly (they advertise a 60 second signup). You’ll be asked for your full name, address, email address, plus a choice of username and password.

You will also be asked for your PayPal, Skrill and Bitcoin ID’s so you can be paid by these methods. However, you can choose to add this information to your account at a later time if you prefer, especially if you’re unsure of what redemption option you’ll be using.

Look for money-making opportunities in your dashboard

Once you complete your registration, you’ll be redirected to the main dashboard, which displays all the information about how much money you’ve earned so far. You’ll see your $0.25 welcome bonus has already been paid. To add to that, you’ll need to click the ‘Surveys’ or ‘Offer Walls’ tabs in the main navigation. When you do, you’ll be presented with a list of OfferNation’s survey partners, and a few other money-making opportunities.

» Visit the Offernation website

Take surveys and make money

Offernation Surveys
Although some of these surveys presented will take you to third-party websites, you’ll always be paid into your Offernation wallet. The amount of money available for completing the survey will be shown next to the link to get started. As well, the number of the times the same survey can be taken will also be listed.

Tip! Use the Sort function and sort by Decending > Cash in order to list the highest paid surveys at the top of the list.

Earn money with offers

Some of the opportunities in the ‘Offer Walls’ tab will reward you for engaging with OfferNation’s affiliate retailers. Sometimes you’ll be paid for playing games, watching videos, or downloading and testing an app. On other occasions, you can earn cashback by buying a product at your favorite online store.

Refer your friends

Offernation referral program
The OfferNation referral program is one of the most generous of all the GPT websites. For every member that joins using your unique referral link, you’ll be paid 25% of their earnings for life. You can find your unique referral link by clicking ‘Home’ then ‘Refer A Member’. You’ll find details of your referral earnings on that page too.

Convert your earnings into rewards

The great news is you only need to make $1 to be eligible to cash out to your PayPal account. Other rewards have higher thresholds though.

Rewards & Payments

Offernation - rewards
The credits you earn will be showing in U.S dollars. These can be cashed out via PayPal once you’ve earned as little as $1. There are no limits on the amount of withdrawals you can make per day either. You can cash out your earnings to your Skrill account with just $5 in earnings.

You can also choose an Instant PayPal payment if you’re withdrawing less than $50 from your account. You can do this once per day, and your cash really will be sent to your PayPal account as soon as you click the button (you can also find other instant paying survey sites on our blog).

You can also convert your earnings into Bitcoin, although the minimum earnings threshold for this is $200. Update for 2022: this has been lowered to just $30.

You can also choose to convert your credits into Amazon or Tango gift cards. The minimum earnings threshold for this is also $5. You can find these options under Rewards > Withdraw Points. Note that you must complete a cash withdrawal before requesting a payment via gift card.

Community Features

‘Member Chat’ Box

Offernation has a ‘Member Chat’ box in its sidebar, although this appears to serve mostly as a ticker for when other members cash out their earnings. Still, it can be comforting for new members to see some sort of evidence that this website does pay out.

Earnings Totals

Offernation statsBelow the ‘Member Chat’ box, you’ll see a running total of the amount of OfferNation members in a box entitled ‘Stats’, plus the amount of money paid out to them (currently well over $1 million dollars).

Rewards for the highest monthly earners

OfferNation pays out cash rewards to the 20 highest earners of every month. The top earner wins $350, and there’s $1,000 of cash prizes given away every month. By clicking the ‘Contests’ tab in the main navigation, you can see how close you are to the Top 20.

There are few reward sites that are so generous with their highest earning participants. This is definitely an attractive feature of the site.

» Visit the Offernation website

Plenty of good reviews on social media

At the time of writing, Offernation had attracted a few hundred reviews on At the time of writing, the average rating from users was 4.78 out of 5 stars – an excellent score.

Check your email for special bonuses

Every few weeks Offernation offers its members the opportunity to earn bonuses on surveys and offers through certain providers. For example, a 25% bonus on every survey taken via Peanut Labs may be offered for one week. Check your email for these special bonus earnings, or if you’ve unsubscribed from Offernation emails, simply log in to your account dashboard to view these notices under Offernation News.

Offernation payment proof

Offernation - Payment Proof
If you’re still skeptical about whether Offer Nation has actually paid out over $1.25 million to their members, visit the ‘Payment Proof’ link on the site, located under ‘Rewards’. There, you will see a live list of members who have cashed out their earnings.

To test it yourself, cash out your earnings and refresh the page – you’ll then see your own cash out listed there!

Offernation pros and cons


  • $0.25 joining bonus.
  • It pays in cash, bitcoin and gift cards.
  • Very low $1.00 minimum cash out.
  • Instant PayPal payments.
  • Opportunities to win in the $1000 monthly cash draw.


  • Some tasks offer very low reward payouts.
  • If you don’t like taking surveys, you may find that the earnings opportunities are limited.
  • If you’re already a member of SuperPayme or Rewarding Ways, you’ll find this site too similar.

Alternatives to Offernation

If you’re looking for some alternatives to Offernation, there might be some options that you find more suitable.

  • Swagbucks – $5.00 joining bonus – USA, CA, UK, AUS
  • TGM Panel – surveys, product tests, etc. Good for users worldwide
  • PrizeRebel – low $5 cashout
  • ySense – most similar to Offernation

» Or, get a comprehensive list of gpt sites, ranked by user reviews.

The bottom line

Overall, OfferNation is a GPT website worth using if you have the spare time to earn some extra cash. The amount of money you make per survey isn’t especially high, and some users complain about being disqualified half-way through a survey too often. Also, there isn’t a mobile app, so the website can be difficult to navigate on smartphones.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to take surveys and make money, the cashout threshold is tiny at $1, and you can potentially make a decent sum through referrals at 25% of their lifetime earnings. The $0.25 joining bonus isn’t high, but with the $1 cashout, you can take a couple of short surveys and test out the site with very little commitment. The instant PayPal payment option makes this site especially attractive.

Eligibility: OfferNation is available to users worldwide.

» Visit the Offernation website

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