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When you decide to join and sign up as a new member of a survey panel, it’s always nice to receive an extra-special welcome. Some survey panels will automatically credit their new members’ accounts with points or cash immediately after they sign up, or after completing some introductory profiler surveys.

This is an easy way to boost your earnings right off the bat and gets you to your first cash out quicker.

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Joining a new survey site can be very rewarding

Below is a list of survey panels who offer such new member bonuses. The list is ordered by the descending percentage of bonuses offered as an overall percentage of the minimum account balance required in order for members to request a reward. Every survey site listed below is free to join; simply click the ‘join now’ button to join the site and after confirming your membership, you will be e-mailed online surveys to complete.

As you can see from the list below, some survey panels jump start new member accounts by 10-20% of the amount required for a first payout! Click on the name of a survey panel to view their full listing (including reviews) on SurveyPolice, or simply click the “join now” button to try a survey panel out.

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How to claim your bonus

Receiving a sign up bonus is very easy; simply click the join now links below and follow the instructions to join the survey sites of interest to you. You will either be credited the sign up bonus immediately after registering, or you may have to complete some short profiler surveys. The registration bonus will typically be stated on the sign up page itself, so you don’t have to worry about having to contact the survey site to claim it or remembering how much it’s for.

Joining a survey site that offers a sign up credit provides a great incentive to try a site out; you’ll immediately have some progress toward your first rewards redemption, which means that fewer surveys need to be completed to claim your first reward!

Survey site sign up bonuses:

Survey Panel Sign up Bonus Minimum Cash out Bonus as % of min. cashout Signup
branded surveys 100 points ($1.00) 500 points ($5.00) 20% join
prime opinion 100 points ($1.00) 500 points ($5.00) 20% join
survey junkie 50 points ($0.50) 500 points ($5.00) 10% join
marketagent 100 points ($1.25) 1000 points ($12.50) 10% join
univox 200 points ($2.00) 2500 points ($25) 8% join
yougov 2500 points (approx. $2) 30,000 points ($25) 8% join
mysoapbox 2000 points ($2.00) 25,000 points ($25) 8% join
paidviewpoint $1 in USA & Canada. Varies by region $15 (drops to $5 for members in good standing) approx 7% join
tellwut 100 points + 150 points for full account info = 250 points 4,000 points ($10) approx 6% join
lifepoints 10 points 550 approx 2% join
toluna influencers 500 points 30,000 approx 2% join

Sign up bonuses specifically for people in the UK:

Survey Panel Sign up Bonus Minimum Cashout Bonus as % of min. cashout Signup
(UK only)
£3 joining bonus £10 30% join
Tribe Village
(UK only)
50 points 500 points (£5) 10% join

Sign up bonuses specifically for Canadians:

Survey Panel Sign up Bonus Minimum Cash out Bonus as % of min. cashout Signup
Canview Connect (Canada only) 200 points ($2) 1,000 points ($10) 20% join



GPT programs ooze of bonuses

If you’re interested in GPT Programs (get-paid-to programs) where you can earn cash and other rewards in exchange for taking surveys, reading e-mails, doing internet searches and shopping online, you’re in luck! Most of the GPT programs listed on SurveyPolice offer new member bonuses.

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GPT site sign up bonuses

GPT Website Sign up Bonus Minimum Cashout Bonus as % of min. cashout Signup
freecash $0.05 minimum (win up to $250) $0.10 50% join
swagbucks $5.00 $25 20% join
offernation $0.25 $1 25% join
rewarding ways $0.20 $1 20% join
superpayme $0.20 $1 20% join
zoombucks 500 points 5150 points ($5) approx. 10% join
kashkick $1 $10 10% join
instagc 10 points ($0.10) 100 points ($1) 10% join
rewardia 100 points ($0.10) 5000 points ($5) 1% join


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