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Point amounts amounts vary greatly per reward. Yearly magazine subscriptions range from $10-$70 e-Rewards currency. A $25 gift card redemption may require $60 worth of points.

E-Rewards General Information

Share, Earn and Learn
e-Rewards is one of the world's leading market research panels. Share, earn and learn by sharing your experiences about top global brands.

Invitation-Only Panel
Invitation-only online survey panel. You may be invited to become a member by providing your email to one of the e-Reward partner companies. Once invited, e-Rewards is free to join.

Survey Setup
e-Rewards provides members the option to participate in various surveys and studies. Respondents have 30 days to complete surveys.

Earn Opinion Points/e-Rewards currency for taking surveys. Exchange your points for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, hotel reward points, and airline points. Choose from over 54 different retailers to redeem gift cards with. e-Rewards can be redeemed as soon as you have enough to buy what you desire (the lowest gift card option is $10).

e-Rewards can also be redeemed towards prizes. Many prizes come in the form of discounts towards purchasing products and services they provide.

Eligibility: Must be 13+ to join in USA/Canada. Minimum age to join varies in other regions.

"It's been good for me"
June 13, 2017 by William from United States

Aside from the few surveys I've been into for 5 to 10 minutes before learning I don't qualify, I've had no issues with this site and truly appreciate the miles I earn each month. I hope to stay a member for a long time.

"Baaa'd, baaa'd e-Rewards"
June 06, 2017 by Bridgette from United States

Bad-bad-bad e-Rewards! You can do much better!

This is my story: I spent a lot of time/hours answering surveys for e-Rewards - so much so that I accumulated $140 in actual earnings however, these earnings only came to a total usable amount of $100. Doesn't that mean that e-Rewards made $40 profit from my sweat equity.

Let's go further. I redeemed my earnings (4 FTD gift cards @ $25 each - and I had to earn $35 for ea. $25 I wanted to redeem). Any way you look at it, e-Rewards profited $10 off each $35 I earned - leaving me with $25 to hopefully use in a reward. The only thing is - when I went to redeem my reward of $100 in e-Rewards/FTD, I was told that I could only use $25 at a time!!! I could not use my total reward together at once. Obviously, this is an unacceptable practice that many survey sites use in order to avoid giving me/you/us a proper reward. They will tell you look at our policy/policies: Well, I did that too. E-Rewards says that you cannot combine your reward to be used with ANY OTHER REWARD OR GIFT/PROMOTION - and that your reward must be for only ONE ACCOUNT. Each of my earned rewards were for my one account and I did not try to use my reward with any other promotion, gift or contest. When you check the FTD.com policy on gift cards, they say that you can't use in conjunction with any other gifts/or discounts. I didn't try to use my reward with any other gift or discount. The item I wanted to purchase was ONE item, and was not a discount.

Furthermore, I learned that FTD applies $24 to ship your order. So, bottom line - if they want to MAKE YOU USE ONLY ONE GIFT CARD TOTALING $25, your entire e-Reward will go towards their shipping charge!!!

What a disappointment. If you are as disgusted I am, you will write to the U.S. Consumer Affairs Department, the Better Business Bureau, etc. I am so tired of survey sites taking advantage of everyday people like you and me who give our time freely for pennies on the dollar - only to be used by the rich and greedy!

May 26, 2017 by Wesley from United States

Participated in many surveys over a few years. Suddenly I'm shut down for unnamed "discrepancies". Guess they didn't want to redeem any more rewards. Don't waste your time!

"Rip off"
May 23, 2017 by Jolynn from United States

I am a member and have been for a long time but it is really a rip off. For anything worthwhile, you have to earn $75 to get a $25 gift card. Such a rip off.

"Closed accounts"
May 12, 2017 by Glen from United States

Myself/Wife and 2 daughters all had separate accounts, all were flagged for inactivity, emailed them we do these surveys all the time and then was told it was due to suspicious activity. I asked them which excuse it was and that we always did the surveys legal but I guess this was a quick way to steal over $800 of rewards points :)




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