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Point amounts amounts vary greatly per reward. Yearly magazine subscriptions range from $10-$70 e-Rewards currency. A $25 gift card redemption may require $60 worth of points.

E-Rewards General Information

Share, Earn and Learn
e-Rewards is one of the world's leading market research panels. Share, earn and learn by sharing your experiences about top global brands.

Invitation-Only Panel
Invitation-only online survey panel. You may be invited to become a member by providing your email to one of the e-Reward partner companies. Once invited, e-Rewards is free to join.

Survey Setup
e-Rewards provides members the option to participate in various surveys and studies. Respondents have 30 days to complete surveys.

Earn Opinion Points/e-Rewards currency for taking surveys. Exchange your points for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, hotel reward points, and airline points. Choose from over 54 different retailers to redeem gift cards with. e-Rewards can be redeemed as soon as you have enough to buy what you desire (the lowest gift card option is $10).

e-Rewards can also be redeemed towards prizes. Many prizes come in the form of discounts towards purchasing products and services they provide.

Eligibility: Must be 13+ to join in USA/Canada. Minimum age to join varies in other regions.

"5-10 Minutes Spent Completing the Survey and No Payment!"
September 29, 2016 by Rick from United States

I've noticed recently two negative problems with e-reward and just pertaining to many of the surveys I've received in the last few months: 1). It takes about 25-45% longer to complete the survey then you are told it would take and 2). You spend five or ten minutes filling in pages of relevant information and then you are notified that they already have enough submissions. They gained a lot of relevant information for nothing and complete waste of my time. I'm thinking of dropping out after doing surveys for over ten years. When I have written them about this problem I never get a reply. Am I only one that has noticed these two problems?

"This better get fixed or I'm reporting it"
September 11, 2016 by Mary from United States

Ok, So I've been doing e-rewards for less than a month now and I am not happy with it. The only reason I'm doing it was because 1) I received an invite and 2) I saw one of the rewards were audible gift cards. So far I have not been credited for 1 survey, cant use the points I have for audible because they are out of stock (seriously, how do you end up running out of electronic gift codes?) and have been offered a gift card from restaurant.com but when I try to redeem the offer it takes me to a blank page. I've been back and forth with the company all damn week trying to get this fixed and so far no luck. I don't know if anyone else is having this issue but I'm leaving the damn thing once the issue is resolved and I can get the gift cards. Don't waste your time on this crappy company as there are sure to be better ones out there.

They need better customer service as it is completely ridiculous that it takes several days to hear back from the person who is assisting on your issue and they need to make damn sure if they are going to offer a reward that it is in stock and all the links work. Otherwise they are making their customers feel they are being jerked around and that will put a company out of business quicker than anything in my experience.

""TEMPORARY" unavailable...Permanently???"
August 28, 2016 by Michael G from United States

Once upon a time this was a decent site.Received surveys routinely,qualified for over half of them,hardly ever wasted minutes of your time before screening out,paid rewards promptly even if the selection was somewhat limited.Then several months ago,the site was supposedly down for maintenance. As of this moment,that remains the case.Yet they send almost daily survey invitations that when you go to access,it comes back with the same message that their site is undergoing (temporary) maintenance. It's become laughable at this point since it's probably more likely for $ bills to rain from the sky than the site ever returning to what it was before this undertaking.

July 18, 2016 by Carlos from United States

E-rewards was overall great, I had a good experience.

July 11, 2016 by jody from United States

love this panel you dont get alot of serveys but they pay good when you do and pay out is fast and enjoy the surveys




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