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200 Liberty St 4th fl, New York, New York  10281 US
Tel: 1-800-255-6878   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: GfK Custom Research North America


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25,000 points required to receive $25 payment check. Other rewards available at varying point levels in the Rewards Marketplace.

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KnowledgePanel is of GfK Custom Research North America and was created in 1999. GfK only selects a few addresses each year to receive invitations to join KnowledgePanel, an exclusive group that take part in national polls and surveys. Research is done for TV networks, news organizations, well-respected companies and universities among others. The panel helps track national trends in the economy, politics, entertainment, sports and new products.

Invitation Only Panel

Knowledge Panel is an invitation only panel that requires a code to join. GfK randomly selects a few households within the United States to receive an invitation in the mail. Every member, 13 years or older, who is living at the chosen household is welcome to join the Knowledge Panel community.

If you have Internet access at home, you'll be awarded 1,000 points (equal to $1.00) for every survey session you complete.

If you do not have Internet access, they will send your household a computer and give you free Internet access as long as you remain on KnowledgePanel!

Take Online Surveys

Surveys are short and take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Surveys are on a range of topics from new products to current events.


You can redeem your points for cash, games, gift cards, or any other merchandise from their customized marketplace. As a special thank you, the Knowledge Panel will send a one-time $10 reward to every household member who joins and takes the introductory survey. You can also save up for a $25 cash check, or try your luck with using your points to win sweepstakes.

Ranging Demographics

The Knowledge Panel focuses on many demographics to properly represent the research being accumulated. These demographics include, but are not limited to: Families, Hispanics, teens, young adults, baby boomers and working adults. The Knowledge Panel website is available in translated Spanish for ease of access.

Eligibility: Invitation only, restricted to United States households. Must be 13+ to join. Household members under 18 must get parental or guardian permission before joining.

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June 9, 2023 by John from United States

Great site you earn points that can be redeemed for electronics, services, trips, gift cards and more. Definitely worth the time, surveys take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

Nice Passive Point Opportunities

February 16, 2022 by Tatum from United States

I’m getting paid $10-15/month to run a VPN on my phone. I also did a spending journal for a two weeks and got paid $50 for it. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey (when they screen you) they still give you a $1 for answering some quick questions. Lengthier survey payout has been $5. I was also sent a $10 check in the mail for doing my introductory survey. They just pay really well!

The only downside is you have to wait for them to email you any studies/surveys they’re doing.

I’ve cashed out $200 in checks so far and have had no problems with them being mailed to me.

Very Good

June 13, 2021 by Anne from United States

I'm pretty sure this is a "by invitation only" kind of survey site. They give reliable payouts, but not many surveys.

King Of Survey Ripoffs!

October 15, 2020 by Mike from United States

They will tell you they have surveys that take forever and pay nothing. They never compensate you right for surveys and ask you to submit all your documentation when questioned. Waste of time!
Use Others!

Is it worth it?

June 19, 2020 by Martha from United States

Let me start off by saying I never leave reviews.. but I am going out of my way to leave this review. I had to create an account just to leave a review. (Not complaining, I just thought it would be easier.. oh well 🙂) let me say I love knowledge panel, I truly do. Last year I received $2 bills along with a code to sign up. I thought it was a scam because who sends real money out?. I did some research on it and a lot of people said “it’s not a scam, but they only give you $1 per survey and it took 6 months for me to be able to spend it” well that’s not how it’s going for me. Sometimes I get surveys that are $1 a piece, but sometimes I get surveys that are $5, $10, $15 once I got $25 for a survey. This will not get you rich but if you are living pay check to pay check (like a lot of ppl including myself) I think it’s worth it. I spend 5-30min filling out a survey and I get paid for it.. that’s worth it to me. It helps me out sometimes. You do have to accumulate $25 before you cash out and it does take 3-6 weeks to get the check, another con is you only get so many surveys a month. but in my opinion it’s worth it. I can spend 30 min on Facebook and not get paid or I can spend 30 min on a survey and get paid. Which one would you do? Side note: When I fill out these surveys I really fill them out (at the end it ask if you have anything else to add) I really fill it out.. maybe that’s why I get a lot of good surveys.. I’m not sure, but I love this company.