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25,000 points required to receive $25 payment check. Other rewards available at varying point levels in the Rewards Marketplace.

KnowledgePanel General Information

The Opportunity to be Heard
The Knowledge Panel, now part of GfK Custom Research North America was created in 1999. The Knowledge Panel allows you to share your opinions and be heard!

Invitation Only Panel
This is an invitation only panel that requires a code to join. GfK randomly selects a few households within the United States to receive an invitation in the mail. Every member, 13 years or older, who is living at the chosen household is welcome to join the Knowledge Panel.

Receive $10 for an Introductory Survey
As a special thank you, the Knowledge Panel will send a one-time $10 reward to every household member who joins and takes the introductory survey.

Take Part in Important Research!
Once you are a registered member, you will be asked to share your opinions, ideas and experiences on subjects like healthcare and issues affecting the country. You will be invited to take part in surveys for TV networks, international companies and national polls. Survey sessions usually take 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Take Surveys and Earn Cash
To show appreciation for the surveys you have completed, you will be credited with 1,000 points for each survey session, which translates to $1. Redeem points for prizes such as magazine subscriptions, coupons or gift cards. You can also save up for a $25 cash check, or try your luck with using your points to win sweepstakes. There are many prize options to explore in the customized online marketplace!

No Internet Access? No Problem!
If you do not have internet access within your home the Knowledge Panel will provide you with a computer and give you free dial-up internet access for members. This is done to ensure all demographics are represented equally.

Ranging Demographics.
The Knowledge Panel focuses on many demographics to properly represent the research being accumulated. These demographics include, but are not limited to: Families, Hispanics, teens, young adults, baby boomers and working adults. The Knowledge Panel website is available in translated Spanish for ease of access.

Eligibility: Invitation only, restricted to United States households. Must be 13+ to join. Household members under 18 must get parental or guardian permission before joining.

"Fairly good -- until recently"
May 12, 2017 by Jacob from United States

KnowledgePanel has surveys for you to take and you earn points. You can spend points on many different things, but I have been told the Premiere Movie Reward is the most popular item. Over a month ago these movie rewards were "out of stock" and I inquired about the reason. The explanation was unsatisfactory.

Picture this: take surveys online, receive points, spend points. All digital. The most popular thing available is the movie reward, which is a code that is accepted by a rewards part of Fandango. Most people are probably unaware about this part of Fandango. You receive a certificate for a theater (that needs to be a participant of the rewards program) that is worth $12. You may need to pay extra, or the certificate can cover the whole ticket, depending on where you live and what movie tickets cost. No change is given. Now, remember all of this is digital. I can partially fathom how something digital can be "out of stock" as the reward codes probably need to be purchased in advance. How long would an average person expect this to take? A month? A week? A day? 15 minutes? Depending on how it is set up, I can fathom maybe 5 to 10 minutes to purchase reward codes in bulk. Since the movie tickets are the most popular, you would think they would buy as many as possible to avoid angering people that take time to fill out the surveys. If you've read this far this is obviously not the case. Today marks the second time they are "out of stock" of something completely digital, as far as my personal redeeming of points. At one point it took at least a month to get something completely digital back "in stock." If you don't care about movies or just want a check that takes a ridiculous amount of time to arrive -- and considering the year is 2017, that is also mind-numbingly stupid -- then go for it. If you like being aggravated many times, tread lightly and expect nothing.

"A great place!"
December 07, 2016 by Sabella from United States

I really enjoy the surveys from Knowledgpanel. Note about the only 'bad' review here - not my experience at all! The surveys are easy and fun, and the rewards consistent. Best part - I don't get any spam or unwanted contact. You won't get rich, but it's a fun way to air your opinions and earn some cash.

"Pay Attention"
October 19, 2016 by Steve from United States

I was a member of KP for many years. Over time the surveys became more time consuming making the earnings per hour less and less. Also the contest known as the "Prize Wheel" is misleading in my opinion. It is an additional reward for special surveys and the wheel appears to have 4 winning slots out of 16. Not bad odds. The truth is in 8 years I never won nor have other members I have talked to or seen on the web. The odds are actually more in the thousand to one range-which is not made clear- so not much of a reward; Kind of like offering the kid who cuts your grass extra money to also cut your neighbors by letting him guess what card you will pull out of a deck of cards after he's done. They also encourage you to play again after you lose. Don't.
You must do 25 surveys or thereabouts to get any cash ( $25 checks only) and the under $25 gifts are very minimal. All in all not a bad company just misleading and disappointing sometimes if you are not paying attention.

"No Problems"
July 05, 2016 by Olimpia from United States

Knowledge Panel Surveys are brief, interesting and points are added within an hour. 1000 points a survey adds up to $1. You can cash out at $10, if you want, and receive a check in the mail within a few weeks. They say 4 to 6 weeks. I don't receive many surveys, just know that I can depend on this one to pay and add my points without any problems.

"Fantastic site"
May 13, 2016 by Lester from United States

I have been a member since 2013 (If I remember correctly) This is a great site! I love the surveys! and all our family members can join as well! I'm so thankful to knowledgepanel! thank you so much guys! I only wish that you guys still offered gift cards! why don't you offer gift cards anymore? but again, I love this site..Thank you!




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