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2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1600, Toronto, Ontario  M4W 1A8 CA
Tel:    Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Maru/Blue


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5,000 points (worth $50) minimum account balance required in order to request rewards.

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Note: As of April, 2018, the Angus Reid Forum community became Maru Voice Canada. However, the Angus Reid Forum still exists, and consists of members of the now defunct, YourInsights panel.

Maru Voice Canada is operated by Maru Blue and is a leading Canadian market research community, allowing Canadians to opportunity to share their opinions that will ultimate influence the brands, products and services they use every day.

Payment and Rewards

A Panel Run By Canadians, for Canadians

Maru Voice Canada is a Canadian-run survey panel which aims to help companies, media and government learn about the values, attitudes, tastes and preferences of Canadians. Most surveys award between 50 and 500 points and you can expect to receive between 1-4 surveys a month.

Join and You Could Win $1000!

New members of Maru Voice Canada will automatically be entered into the $1000 cash prize draw upon joining the community.

Points for Surveys

The amount of points you receive and/or if you receive draws into a sweepstakes depends on the length and complexity of surveys. In order for your account to stay active, Maru Voice Canada requests panelists complete a survey at least once every 3 months.

Survey Taking Experience

Impact Canada's Future With Your Opinions

Maru Voice Canada gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions about Canada's future, impacting companies and policymakers who impact the country's future. Have your opinions heard in boardrooms, media and government across the nation.

Earn Cash and Gift Cards for Participating

After taking a survey, you will earn either points or contest entries for every study you complete. Redeem these for PayPal, iTunes, gift cards, VISA cards, Google Play credits, and more. You may also choose to donate your earnings to a great charitable cause, if you wish. On Maru's homepage, you will see the dollar value of rewards awarded to members the month before; this typically numbers in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Redeeming Your Points

When you reach 5,000 points, you can redeem your points for a $50 denomination of your chosen reward. Rewards are delivered via email within a week of request.

Community Features

Refer Your Friends to Rack up Points

Refer your friends to the community, and earn 200 bonus points. Successful referrals are defined as those who have confirmed their membership and participate in at least 2 surveys within their first month of membership. Simply click the 'Refer a Friend' link in your account to grab your unique referral code to share with friends, on social media, etc.

As per above, although some of the reviews below appear to be for Angus Reid Forum, they now apply to Maru Voice Canada, as the panel is the same.

Maru Voice Canada Reviews (34)

5 Star Reviews (6) 17.6
4 Star Reviews (6) 17.6
3 Star Reviews (6) 17.6
2 Star Reviews (7) 20.6
1 Star Reviews (9) 26.5

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Survey not worth your time and effort.

August 6, 2021 by Kamel from Canada

Just to be unbiased I will give the PRO's and CONS:
Pros: Its a legit survey. Pays out quickly when you cash out. Good and short surveys to answer. Pays 50CAD or 50 rewards gift card per cash out.

Now coming to the CONS:

I joined for almost three years only cashed out once. Seldom gives you surveys. (Mostly 1-2 surveys per week.) When you open the surveys its closed or not available anymore. The CAP up mark is 5000pts. "No wonder why it will take you more than a year to cash out.
The worst part is. I think this survey is biased. Doesn't want your opinion. If you answer it with what you think its right. "They will flag you and tell you that the answer is inconsistent to what they require or gibberish.

Important point to be aware for survey takers. Watch out when you are taking care of your points when you're almost there to cash out. They will "unsubscribe your account." Without notifying you. And when you asked them for an explanation. Will let you wait for a day or two to get an answer. And As I've said "reason is your answer doesn't meet with what they are expecting."
Honestly I really don't care about the cash out rewards reason for joining the survey is that It talks about what is happening about the Canadian society. And survey is short and accurate with reality.

Note: Maybe the survey site does not want you to answer on different computers. Like I'm answering it from my home, cellphone and work. Maybe the reason why I have been disconnected is due to having different IP address. (home, cellphone and work IP address.)

Very Slow process

January 21, 2020 by John from Canada

I was with this site for almost 4 years. The emails are few and takes on average 1 year for 1x payout of $50. The first 3 years were fine, this year I had barely earned 2,000 of the needed 5,000 points to cash out and my account was deleted.


May 11, 2019 by Sylvie from Canada

Just answered completely a very long survey worth 300 points and guess what? No points. The answer I got :

Sometime we may not reach a particular quota or completes required, and additional invitations are sent out closer to the deadline. It can happen that by the time you start/finish a survey, we've have reached its quota.

So... please don't waste your time like I did.

Rewards don't exist

July 8, 2018 by Rachel from Canada

I have been chasing the agency for some time to find out where my $50 Amazon gift card reward is--should have received it five months ago. The consistent repeated message to all my inquiries is that they have an "unusually high number of requests and are working diligently to respond to all..." I think they are a working diligently to avoid paying. Don't sign up, your opinion might be valued, but you won't be. They are making money off your time, but not following through on the rewards for it. Angus Reid honored their survey takers. Maru Voice doesn't. Hucksters!

Gotten Really Bad

June 28, 2018 by Laura from Canada

Maru took over for Angus Reid and it has gotten very bad - I have not been able to complete the last 15 surveys they have sent me. They said they were making it better and were going to offer more points. For me it has only gotten worse and the points are still the same. I am very disappointed with them