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Most rewards require a minimum of 100 Shells (worth $10). Prize draw entries for as little as 10 Shells are also available.

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Branded Surveys, YouGov

NiceQuest is an invitation-only survey panel of over 3 million members where you can earn gifts in exchange for giving your opinions in online surveys. Receive approximately 1-3 surveys per month.

Payment and Rewards

Receive Gifts for Taking Surveys

For every survey you complete, you will receive Shells (NiceQuest's currency). You can redeem these for gift items available from the online shop. These include things like electronics, cosmetics, gourmet products, movie tickets, experiences, and more! Your gift items will be mailed to you free of charge, or will be delivered electronically.. As soon as your gift is shipped, you'll receive an email, which will confirm its delivery. Shipping can take anywhere from 15-40 days for delivery.

Merchandise options include things like children's toys such as Lego sets, bicycles, roller skates, and more. Home appliances like blenders, toasters, etc. are also available.

You can also choose to donate your earnings to great charities and NGO's, or try your luck at winning special prizes by using your Shells to win fun prize draws.

Survey Taking Experience

Receive Compensation, Even If You Get Disqualified

If you get disqualified from a survey, NiceQuest will still credit you with some Shells, even if they already have all the answers they need.

Donate to Charity

NiceQuest allows you to donate your points to charity! Charities supported in the past and currently include Unicef, UNCHR, Equality Now, and Plan International. Help make a difference by donating as little as 40 Shells to your favorite cause.

Monthly Draw Opportunities

Every month, a prize draw is held for everyone who participates in NiceQuest's partner surveys. You will automatically be entered in such draws, so there's no need to redeem your precious Shells for a ticket, but if you want to get in on the action, and improve your chances, you can enter the draws for as little as 10 Shells. These prize draws are held for highly desirable items such as electronics, including the latest iPhone, or a draw for 5,000 Shells.

Community Features

Nicequest App

You can also opt to receive surveys through NiceQuest's app, available on Android and iOS. With hundreds of thousands of downloads, and a positive rating from users, the NiceQuest app makes it convenient to take surveys on the go.

Get Active on Facebook for Points

Earn an extra 50 Shells by taking a photo of you with your gift and uploading it to the NiceQuest fanpage on Facebook with the hashtag #nicePhoto. The most original photo will win 50 Shells each month.

NiceQuest Premium Respondents

If you are already a member of NiceQuest, you might be invited to participate in NiceQuest's Premium respondent program. Only a select few panelists are eligible for the Premium program. This involves installing the Nicestats program on your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet to allow NiceQuest to collect your browsing information. You'll receive 100 Shells as a welcome gift for your participation, as well as additional points for every survey you take. You can uninstall the program at any time, or simply decline the original invitation to join.

Eligibility: Ages 16 and up

NiceQuest Reviews (76)

5 Star Reviews (20) 26.3
4 Star Reviews (11) 14.5
3 Star Reviews (3) 3.9
2 Star Reviews (8) 10.5
1 Star Reviews (34) 44.7

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Worst survey ever

November 28, 2023 by Rain from United States

This has been one of the worst survey company I have ever sign up for. I was with them for a couple of years. I ended up deleting my account with. Because you could no longer use your points to get the things that like.

not worthwhile

September 1, 2023 by Fred from United States

Yes you get surveys which are very easy to complete but when you try to redeem your points there is nothing available. They don't pay cash only so-called rewards but when you try to redeem for a gift card of which there are many, none are available. Stay away from this mess unless you like to get screwed over. They offer Amazon cards but when you attempt to
order them they are unavailable. Then when trying again they take the offer down only to post it a short time later and once again they repeat the process of taking it down. Sure they offer other cheap junk cards but only virtual cards not the actual card itself. They never answer a request. After 5 complaints about their rewards program and lack of support I have yet to receive a response.

Update: Nothing has changed since I wrote the above. Little or no customer service or service to members. Never a reply to questions. A definite waste of time to earn cheap junk or virtual garbage.

This is my latest update:
They should name this Nice junkyard because all they offer is trash. In the beginning there were gift cards, and other worthwhile things but now they've reverted to a trash shop where they offer nothing worthwhile. If you like trash and garage sale crap, this is the site for you. It's not even worth the half star I gave it.

My latest review is as follows:
They offer garage sale trash as rewards, no gift cards . Surveys are short but what's the use when there is nothing but useless trash to select from? There IS a semblance of support but pretty much not helpful. All replies come in pre-written form. It got to the point that I ordered something for my 12 year old granddaughter and that crap was not available.


February 3, 2023 by Samantha from United Kingdom

(I posted this on TrustPilot and thought it would be useful to spread the word. I also have copies of the correspondence and screenshots to back this up.)

A few days ago I did what I should have done years ago: check Nicequest reviews. The very first review I saw on TrustPilot was almost word for word what happened to me.

I did their surveys for years. The surveys were usually interesting and well designed and, while the redeem threshold was quite high, the rewards were fair, so I kept going. As I approached the 1000 korus mark, I noticed the £50 Amazon gift cards were out of stock, so I kept an eye on them. Luckily (or so I thought) they were available again on 16 January, when I finally had the required 1005 points. I ordered one, 1005 korus were taken off my account, but the gift card has not materialised. I received the instructions, which took me to another website, which stated that "the availability of the product has changed".

The Help desk simply sends automatic/template answers, like they are "discussing internally" and seem to think it is acceptable to keep you in limbo.

Therefore, I would definitely advise others not to waste their time with Nicequest.

Odd Survey Site

October 19, 2022 by Emily from United States

I've been a member of this site for about four years. I cashed out some points early on for a gift card, which was great. However, the site (at least in the US) has not offered gift cards since and their gift selection is meager at best. Not a lot of invitations, but I do complete the surveys in hopes they will bring gift cards back at some point.

What a load of rubbish

March 11, 2022 by Martin from United Kingdom

Surveys seems OK but when it comes to claiming your reward that your problems begin. All you can do is buy their rubbish printables or give your rewards to charity. There are no meaningful items available. They do have sections for Gift Cards - empty. Also for Prize Draws, but I wonder if anyone actually wins anything? Perhaps loads more useless Kurus. So try sending them a message. Click 'Send a Message' and you can sit for hours waiting for something to happen. I've given this company one star but only because there nothing lower.


At last I have found a method of making contact with this company and lodged my complaint. I will report back on their actions,

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NiceQuest responded to this review on March 23, 2022

Hey Martin,

In order to help you, we need to verify your email address.

Please contact us from your Nicequest access email, explaining the reason for your inquiry or submit the contact form (

Team Nicequest