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Nielsen Consumer Panel

85 Broad Street, New York, New York  10004 US
Tel: 800.864.1224   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: The Nielsen Company, LLC


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Receive a gift once a year, based on your participation.

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The USA equivalent of this program is the National Consumer Panel. The Canadian version is Nielsen Homescan.

For decades, Nielsen has set the standard for global market and consumer insight research. Their insights are based on representative samples of the population and help our clients (e.g., manufacturers, retailers, non-profits and governments) learn about what consumers watch, buy, their preferences and behaviors. Nielsen Consumer Panel represent a variety of households nationally and helps them learn about how consumers view and interact with various brands.

Record Your Purchases and Get Rewarded

As a panel member, Nielsen Consumer Panel will ask you to record all of your weekly purchases. Simply record each of the items you've purchased into the Nielsen Diary, and enter the price from the receipt. Every 2 weeks, an auditor will come to your home to record your purchases in their hand-held terminal. The scanner's memory will save all of the information that the auditor scans. Once the Auditor is complete and the purchase recordings are aligned, the Auditor will sync the data straight to Head Office.

Get Rewarded for Your Participation

In return for recording all your purchases, you will receive a token of appreciation once a year.

Eligibility: Australia, South Africa, UK residents only, 16+.

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Fun site

July 8, 2020 by Judi from United States

I love this site! It is fun to record purchases and get surveys! The customer service is excellent!

Neilson Consumer Panel

May 12, 2020 by debby from United States

Very legitimate way to make extra money. Easy to participate in and completely legitimate.

Great perks

March 7, 2020 by Kath from Canada

I enjoy being a panelist as I can't wait to get my rewards. I'm having fun scanning all my groceries after each shopping trip. I find it interesting and fun.

What a Great Idea

December 18, 2019 by Sheila from United Kingdom

I joined Nielsen Consumer Panel a few years ago and came across some old negative comment which I wanted to address. The scheme is very simple, scan-in all your shopping and you receive a large choice of Free Gifts. To date I have received Free Gifts that I selected myself and that are worth almost £400! Not bad for a few seconds of scanning eh? Well done Nielsen, it's a shame they don't give referral awards as I've got a few people who want to join up - I'm very glad I did!

Worst Costumer Service!

October 12, 2019 by Rochelle from Canada

Joined Nielsen Homescan just to see if I could make a little money, or receive the odd $15 gift certificate like they claimed if I logged in and did checkins weekly. I never received any kind of gift certificate in reimbursement for my time scanning on their archaic scanners. Instead I received countless email saying I was not shopping enough, my shopping habits were not in pattern with other people of my age, I was told I needed to shop more at clothing stores and dine out more! When I signed up to join it asks what type of household you are, we are a single income household. Not sure why they would think we would be dining out so much or buying clothing so much. Not everybody in my age category does that! At the time of signing up I was 39 years old, not a huge clothing shopper but definitely went grocery shopping. I scanned every purchase I made at the grocery stores, yet it wasn’t up to their standards.

When I decided to stop doing the scanning I packed everything up and put it in the box, I contacted them to find out how I can ship it to them, no response was ever sent back to me. So I waited to see if they would contact me again. After about a month of not scanning they contacted me saying that I had to send the scanner back as soon as possible, The email had said to respond with an address for pick up. Great, I replied back and gave them my address for them to come and pick it up. No one ever showed up, I am home all day so I definitely know nobody came. I then received another email saying that if I don’t return the scanner it would be going to collections. I then call them to find out why nobody came and why I’m now getting threatening letters, she said that nobody received any emails. I looked back at my sent emails and both emails I sent were sent to the address that they should’ve been sent to. She tells me to send the box through the mail with the mailing sticker. I said there is none, I then told her that there was an envelope in the box that I taped to it with their return address. She said that will be fine. So I sent it. About a week or so later I get a phone call from a collection agency saying that I have to pay $200 for the scanner that was not returned. I of course was very upset and contacted Nielsen company and they stated that they have not yet received it. I told them that I had sent it in the mail and if they don’t get it it’s because of the way I was told to send it. She said it should arrive, so about a week after that I received a letter in the mail saying that I owe $200 to this collection agency and I would have to pay it as soon as possible. I then Contact Nielsen company and they have received the scanner, not sure why I was not informed of them receiving the scanner but they did or why they have yet to contact the collection company. So I am currently waiting to find out if I am still in the collection agencies collection list.

I would never advise anyone to do the scanner program with Nielsen Companies! Terrible customer service and an awful experience!!