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333 Ludlow Street, South Tower, 2nd Floor Stamford, Connecticut  06902 United States
Tel: 203-359-4174  Contact: carnold@opinion-central.com
Operated by: InsightExpress, LLC

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"Good site"
April 05, 2015 by Kris from United States

Easy to use and I usually qualify for all of the surveys they send.

"Worthless Junk rewards"
September 30, 2014 by Doug from United States

I've cashed out twice, got two nice watches that took years to earn. It would take a lifetime to earn the ipod!

"Biggest Joke of them All"
March 07, 2014 by Robert from United States

I joined them in 2007 and finally got enough points to order a battery charger. Wow seven years. Since I ordered it I am just deleting the invites. I figure if I cancel the membership they will not ship my order and seven years of work will go out the window. Unless you have no life avoid this one.

"Junk Incentives"
December 02, 2013 by sharon from United States

Easy to get points however the incentives are dollar store crap, made in china items. I have 8500 points and can cash out for items starting at a grocery bag tote, cheap coffee tumbler, or a lovely flashlight that needs to be wound up to work, doesn't even take batteries. Hmmm what will I choose. My advice is to stear clear of this unless you like wasting valuable time for cheap plastic incentives.

"They have no respect for their members"
November 25, 2013 by Gloria from United States

All survey companies are paid well by the manufacturers and service suppliers who want feedback from consumers. Many survey companies show that they value and respect their members by offering rewards (incentives) that are really quite nice. Opinion Central, sadly, is not in that league.

Having spent the past five years building up enough points to get a "Coffee Tumbler, I ordered it. I received it today (it only took between two and three weeks - not bad). The tumbler is a piece of junk! They offer no detailed description of any of the "rewards"; only a picture and a one or two word title is shown. One would expect a coffee tumbler to be nicely insulated, but the printed information included with it had the following message: "CAUTION - hot liquid increases temperature of exterior wall". It is a COFFEE TUMBLER, for goodness sake! Not everyone drinks iced coffee all the time (or any of the time). I recently purchased a much better one in a national drug store chain for less than $4.00 and it is made in the U. S. (The one from Opinion Central is made in China.)

I have now emailed them asking to have my membership canceled. (There is no option for that on the site.) I will no longer respond to their annoying little pop up surveys or anything they email me.




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