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#1038, 23679 Calabasas Road Calabasas, CA  91302 US
Tel: 888-229-6664   Contact: [email protected]
Operated by: Innovate Market Research


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With 25,000 points in your account, receive a $25 gift card. $50 PayPal payments available with 50,000 points.

Complete paid surveys on PointClub's website to get paid for your opinions. Earn PayPal cash, gift cards and more for your participation.

Having launched in 2012, PointClub is run by Innovate MR, an independently-owned market research firm with more than 3,500,000 panelists and over 10,000,000 survey completions.

How PointClub Works

pointclub website

What PointClub Is

PointClub is a website which gives the opportunity for members to earn rewards from answering surveys and participating in other online activities.

Super-Fast Registration Process

Join PointClub with just a few keystrokes using your Facebook or Google account. Alternatively, you may join the traditional way - using your email address. You’ll be asked for your home address (to verify your location) and to receive your first payment check (if located in the USA).

Who Can Join

You can access this website from any country, and there are money-making opportunities for residents of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. However, USA residents will find the most opportunities to make side-income from this website and will by far, have the most success with it.

Payment and Rewards

Join and Get up to 5,000 Free Points (Worth $5)

Become a free member of PointClub and jump start your membership by receiving 500 free points credited to your account. Receive points for joining, points for confirming your email, and extra points for completing the short profiling questionnaire, for a total of 5,000 points, or $5.00. This is a particularly generous sign up bonus compared to those offered by most of PointClub’s competitors.

Receive Cash or Gift Cards for Your Participation

By completing surveys and participating in other research opportunities, you will earn points which can be redeemed for PayPal payments or digital gift cards (though your first reward will automatically come in the form of a payment check). You may request a reward with 25,000 points, worth $25, in your account. This is PointClub's minimum cashout. Alternatively, you may request your rewards at the 50,000 ($50), or 100,000 ($100) threshold levels.

  • Payment check: The first time you cash out your rewards, you will receive a check in the mail. This is done to verify your address and is the first and only time PointClub will issue a payment check to your address (sent by US mail).
  • Earn gift cards: PointClub has over 200 gift card options available that you can exchange your points for. These include Amazon, Tango, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Macy's, Lowe's, Sephora, Google Play, and many, many more. Visa prepaid cards are also a prize option. You may request a gift card with as little as 25,000 points ($25) in your account. Gift cards are only available as e-gift cards.
  • Get paid by PayPal: If you prefer cash, you can opt to receive a $50 cash payment made to your PayPal account. This will require 50,000 points and a 2% withdrawal fee will apply.

PointClub Advantage All e-gift card deliveries and PayPal payments should take no longer than 7-10 business days to process.

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Survey Taking Experience

Earn Points for Surveys

Every time you participate in a PointClub survey, you will earn points redeemable for gift cards or cash. You can earn anywhere from 200 to 5,000 points per survey completion. Surveys typically take between 5 - 30 minutes to complete. Your points will be awarded once a survey fully closes, so you may have to wait up to 4 weeks before your points are available in your account.

At any time, you can view your current approved points, point status, and points needed for redemption by viewing your PointBank on the sidebar of your account dashboard.

Points Value: 1000 PointClub Points = $1.00. Therefore, each point is worth $0.0001.

Tons of Survey Opportunities Available

At any time, you may log into your account to view a list of online surveys available for completion. You will also be notified by email when you may qualify for a new survey, but it's a good idea to log into your account regularly to check for opportunities.

Get Points for Screen Outs

If you get screened-out, or disqualified from a survey, PointClub will still credit your account with 12 points after 5 unsuccessful attempts. This counteracts the frustration of spending time on the start of a survey only to be dismissed with no compensation.

Easy Redemptions

Once you have reached the minimum of 25,000 points needed to redeem, a button will appear in the sidebar of your dashboard. A weekly distribution model for rewards is followed so that redemptions requested throughout a week are collated and sent ahead for further disbursal to Club members in the immediate/following week. That means that you should never have to wait more than 7-10 business days to receive a gift card to PayPal reward.

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Community Features

PointsPlus Instant Win

PointsPlus Instant Win is an opportunity to be one of 1800 winners in the instant win sweeps. Earn tokens by completing special selected surveys and filling out information about yourself via profilers. The more tokens earned, the more chances you have at winning.

Earn unlimited tokens daily (via surveys, profilers, and by referring friends who complete at least one survey), or purchase them for 2,000 points each. Up to 5 tokens can be purchased this way. Hidden tokens are also available in your dashboard, so ensure you try filling out surveys even when the PointsPlus Instant Win token icon isn't displayed.

Use up to 10 Tokens per day for your chance to win a prize every week. Prizes include: $50 checks, $25 checks, or 100-5,000 PointClub Points.

PointClub App Download

PointClub does not currently offer an app, however, the website is mobile-friendly and all surveys are designed to be as mobile-compatible as possible.

Is PointClub Legit or Scam?

pointclub legit or scam

Is PointClub Legit?

PointClub is not a scam and is a legitimate online survey panel. Innovate MR, the company who operates the PointClub website, is a highly reputable market research firm that conducts high quality surveys. PointClub has millions of users and has awarded millions of dollars in rewards to their members. Although users of the website may experience varying levels of success with the program (as per the PointClub reviews below), PointClub itself is legitimate.

Eligibility: Everyone worldwide, 18+, however, PointClub is primarily for USA residents.

Joining Bonus! PointClub is currently offering a $5 sign up bonus to new members.
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PointClub Reviews (220)

5 Star Reviews (48) 21.8
4 Star Reviews (18) 8.2
3 Star Reviews (13) 5.9
2 Star Reviews (22) 10.0
1 Star Reviews (119) 54.1

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Used to be a lot better

May 29, 2022 by Jim from United States

I joined Point Club a couple of years ago and was pleased at first. As of late, they have gone downhill, qualifying for very few surveys and the latest today having FINISHED a survey, had the website come back as completed and then given only the 12 point "consolation". I told them I would get the opinion of the BBB if they failed to give me the earned points. If this is resolved I will update this post. If it is not, to the best of my ability I will report how much Point Club is "enjoying" going back and forth explaining themselves to the BBB.....

PointClub reply logo

PointClub responded to this review on June 2, 2022

Hi Rose,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Besides completion, responses entered should also make it to acceptance standards of the survey requirements. Any deviations to the same, may result in disqualification.

However, we had a detailed investigation done for your concern and a solution was sent across in a reply to your email received at PointClub support.

Request you to please go through the same and may write to us in case of further doubts. Happy to help!

Best regards,

Team PointClub
Point Club Rock$$$$$

May 25, 2022 by William from United States

Pointclub.com is a great survey site! I've collected several $25.00 rewards. Great surveys, very profound, not the endless mind numbing chatter of other sites. Great site, not because i say so but because IT IS SO!

PointClub reply logo

PointClub responded to this review on May 26, 2022

Thank you for such an esteemed feedback 👍

We always keep striving hard to make things better as always, so that every PointClub member makes the best out of it.

Do stay around with us! You never know if there is a surprise headed for all.

-Team PointClub

May 6, 2022 by John from United States

Two months and I'm still waiting for my points to be approved. Put in a ticket with support, they never got back to me. I'm done.

UPDATE: 2 weeks and 2 emails later support finally got back to me, they said my points would be processed by the end of April, it's May 3rd now and they've taken no action. I'm starting to doubt I will ever see a dime from this site. The first time around they revoked some of my points and I was unable to cash out. Now they are giving me the run around. If by some miracle they pay me I won't be coming back as it takes over two months to get paid, that is if they pay you at all.

PointClub reply logo

PointClub responded to this review on May 9, 2022

Dear John,

Like as advised in previous posts and email replies, points awaiting approval were duly approved as per routine. As a result, you did manage to redeem for the first reward from PointClub that is now under process. We will have the same delivered to you at the earliest.

If you still got any doubts/concerns left unsorted, then may email us: sup[email protected] and will have our best guys allocated for it.

Thank you for your patience.

Team PointClub
The Worst

April 24, 2022 by Mary from United States

As a member of numerous survey sites, I can honestly say this is the WORST. It takes many, many attempts to qualify for surveys and then 4-6 weeks for your points to be awarded when you do successfully complete one. My first "cash-out" of $25 had to be sent by check for some reason and the check was for only $ 24.22 !! I would give this site a "No Star" if I could.

Paragraph 1 - IRRELEVANT. I never mentioned being disqualified or invalidated.
P 2 - With due respect as well, IRRELEVANT. I never mentioned having points taken away or any form of rejection.
P 3 - Defending their "model" with internal mumbo jumbo while admitting it's not what people want (or get from other sites for that matter).
P 4 - Promises, promises.
P 5 - Lastly, back to what probably contributes to a 52% one star rating: Ever thought to stop sending first redemptions by check ? Or to stop responding with irrelevant scripted replies to further prove and convey your lack of customer service?

PointClub reply logo

PointClub responded to this review on April 26, 2022

Dear Mary,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused, if any.

Previous response supplied was in due reference to you concerns associate with ‘too many attempts to qualify for surveys’, ‘survey approvals’ and the ‘postage & handling charge’.

In case of further doubts/concerns, I would surely like to double check it myself and is requested that you send us an email by giving a reference of this post and will ensure that all possible findings are supplied in exchange.

Thank you for your patience.

Team PointClub
greatly improved/ updated no longer

April 13, 2022 by barb from United States

A year ago there were a lot of excuses like "we had a large amount of cashouts so its taking longer".
However now what they claim is what you get. It takes 4-6 weeks to get approval for your points, and you get a cashed out e-card payment in another week.
Yes no one else takes 4-6 weeks to approve points, but I have to say that now their claims match what you can expect. And that is fair.
I like the surveys. Sometimes you try for 5-10 and get no match where you are not accepted, and sometimes I have hit on 5 in a row. I would give it 5 stars for faster approval...but I think 4.5 is fair.
Update: I have changed the rating because with people losing their jobs and needing money for simple things like food, the wait time to finally get a gift card after waiting 5 weeks for approval is dragging longer than they they claim it takes. I asked about it and got some answer about the world situation causing a delay. Meanwhile there are no delays with other survey companies I deal with. Its sad, they are the only ones that I know that make people wait and wait and wait without a care during these trying times. At least the people who work at point club has jobs and get a paycheck so what do they care. I wonder how they will feel if they were told to hold on and wait extra weeks to get paid.

""""update---The Survey police provides a great service to this community. My experience jives with the majority. Getting points "granted" and then getting the actual payment is a long arduous journey. Just look at the list of ratings for different sites. This place is near the bottom. There are great sites that have an above 70 percent rating. So although there is a reply to almost all reviews here..... giving the impression of great customer service.....I dont see many updating their rating to a higher one. I feel bad for people who do not come to this great site (surveypolice) first before spending their time on 1 and 2 star sites. Thank you survey police.

PointClub reply logo

PointClub responded to this review on April 21, 2022

Hi Barb,

Hope you’ve been doing great!

Your feedback for SurveyPolice is much appreciated. However, the message got uploaded under PointClub and should make use of the ‘Contact Us’ link from SurveyPolice website to relay your message to the SurveyPolice team.

Best regards,

Team PointClub